Leviathan’s Lair

We are all very aware of the many things we don’t know how to do.  None of us can build a nuclear submarine in our backyard, or cure the common cold or negotiate peace in the Middle East.

Big deficiencies.

The bigger deficiencies are the things we do not know that we do not know!  And since we don’t know they exist, we are not looking for them, and since we are not looking for them, we can only learn about them if God reveals them to us.

I would like to share the process of a recent revelation in addition to the punch line.

On August 13th I posted an article about a lady who got slimed.  She has been through a lot of deliverance and inner healing in her history, but went to a patch of land that is quite defiled and while she was there, a critter attached.

She contacted her prayer team and they detached the critter, but then she contacted me and asked why it could attach.  My answer was that I didn’t know but suggested that her spirit go look at the brain and see if she could find the spot where it attached to see if we could do anything about it.

Her spirit found the spot, looked it up on the web and reported that it was called the sulcus centralis.  A sulcus is basically a valley between folds of the brain. There are about 30 of them that are significant enough that they are named and a bazillion small fry.

I wrote a blog about that asking the medical community to throw ideas my way.  A number of things surfaced (including a Wikipedia link on the subject.  Really guys, I am not that inept as a researcher that I need you to send me there as though I don’t know about it.  Really not).

I poked around in the various sources of information.  Everything seemed vaguely possible, but my spirit felt no draw at all to explore anything.  I decided to not follow up on any of those, nor did I call the lady back and do anything more with her spirit and that spot.

Then I got an email from a medical person who had a theory about Leviathan being in the sulci (plural of sulcus) of the brain.  I read her logic and it was awful.  It was one of those moments where her spirit absolutely knew something by direct revelation from the Holy Spirit, but her soul tried to justify and legitimize what her spirit had heard – and did a lousy job.

But my spirit jumped up and took notice that this idea sparkled.  My soul gratuitously tried to help out my spirit just like the other person’s soul did by pointing out that the sulci would be full of cerebral-spinal fluid and Leviathan functions in the water.

I patted my soul on the head in a patronizing manner and told it to go relax somewhere.

My spirit was adamant that the other lady had nailed it.  My soul came back from break and pointed out how devilishly clever it was to position Leviathan there.  The original lady had cleansed her frontal lobe some time after she got the teaching on Doing Deliverance on Your Brain and she had cleansed the parietal lobe, but we had never thought of cleansing the spaces between the lobes – the sulci!

So . . . I wrote the lady, told her I had a half baked potato and it was weird.

She scheduled a slot, and I tentatively took a swipe at the first head of Leviathan in the sulcus centralis.  The critter responded with a serious temper tantrum, and I shared some pretty pointed observations about who she belonged to and all those other relevant truths.

It only took a few minutes until he slowly detached himself and went on his way.

The lady was pretty shocked when it was over.  I was a little less shocked but certainly had mixed feelings.  Glad she was free.  Not excited about the fact that we now apparently have a whole new level of deliverance that needs to be done.

In time, we did each of the other seven heads with her, without bothering to identify which sulcus they called home.  Some were pretty tame – like the second head of Leviathan – and others were downright cantankerous.  All went.  In the end, it was just a battle of wills – a straight forward power encounter, not a truth encounter.

This lady came from a pretty gnarly background.  You would never know it today because the redemptive, restorative work of Christ has been exceptionally glorious.  But, at the end of the day, it did not surprise me to find critters in her brain.

The question on the table is whether the average guy in the church has any such junk calmly inhabiting his sulci, and secondly, to what degree is the presence of Leviathan affecting his brain if it is there?

For the lady, a lot changed.  She is in a white collar professional job with no apparent limitations.  But when her squatters left, her brain had a whole lot more bandwidth than ever before.  She is quite aggressively exploiting her new found RAM.

Since then I have worked with four other people, all of whom have a checkered background.  So far, we have found each head there when we called it out.  For some, the manifestation was pretty intense and for others not so much.

That is as far as we have gotten as of this time.  I still have not had the time to check any ordinary people to see if they have Leviathan in the cerebral-spinal fluid in the sulci.  I will probably leave that to you all.

I offer this to those of you practitioners who are more intrepid.  Take it and try it.  Give us some reports as to what you find, how uniform or uneven the results are.

I am pondering the possibility of doing an album on this subject later on this year when my spurt of trips is over.

Oh!  By the way, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the medical practitioner who heard about this in her spirit.  She is a courageous woman, doing some cutting edge stuff, blending traditional medical practice with the power of the Spirit partnering with the human spirit.

Would each of you stop and bless her with additional revelation and a double portion of the power of God in her hands?

Thanks.  She deserves it.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Joyful says

    This topic continues to percolate in my thoughts as I collect more puzzle pieces along the way.

    On the concept of Lev. skulking around in the folds or sulcus, this makes sense from the point of view of it wanting to be as far down and away from the fresh flow of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). Areas with less flow can be trashed more conveniently without having to deal with the cleansing, vital forces within the CSF.

    Apparently nerve stem cells can be maintained in good health in a petri dish with CSF as it’s only nourishment. CSF is reported to contain hundreds of different proteins that are involved in a variety of tasks, including cell growth, transport, support, and signaling. http://www.regenerativemedicine.net/NewsletterArchives.asp?qEmpID=4493&qCat=USN

    It is not well know that the entire surface of the cortex of the brain secretes cerebral spinal fluid, not just the choroid plexus (which is have recently been redefined as a “blood filtration system”).

    The mechanism that motivates the cycle of flow up and down the spinal column of the CSF has never been identified. Older models suggested a hydrological mechanism. However, when surgeons open the dural tube to access the spinal nerves, the CSF flow is observed to continue it’s normal periodic movement of upwards and then downwards flow, bathing all of the nerves within both the spinal cord and cranium. I have watched a film of this and the CSF looks like a glistening, living substance as it flows over the nerves.

    This is beautiful to me and fills me with awe.

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  2. Sue Taylor says

    As I am newish to this blog is there somewhere I can go to read a summary of the various heads of leviathan. This all makes so much sense and is indeed a key for freedom. Love the revelation.


  3. carolclemance says

    It has been speculated that people with dementia have too much spinal fluid going to the brain. This is usually such a gradual happening. Can leviathan’s entry be gradual?


  4. Anonymous says

    Found the Leviathan in my fragrance portal. I was soo excited to get it out. Short version: he is gone. All started on June 10 with the reconciliation of the land. Thank you Father, thank you Arthur, thank you SLG and thanks to Lois Walker.


  5. Roxanne says

    Father God thank you for Arthur and for the lady doctor psalms 115:16 says that you’ve given the earth to mankind, bless her Lord with supersized revelation that has glorious impact over the whole earth. Blessed blessed blessed.


  6. seedtrees says

    When I read the first post I heard the words: “oceanic trenches”. My mind went : “whaat?”, and I left it there. Now it all makes sense, and I realise it was my spirit speaking.

    Thank you to the courageous doctor and Arthur, and blessings to all tribe members.


  7. Joyful says

    I’m very interested in this! Was recently thinking about the flow of CSF around the spaces in the cranium with a special interest in the fluid dynamics as CSF flows around things that are round, (i.e., the mammary bodies, pituitary gland, pineal gland, the culiculus, and even arachnoid granulations in the superior sagittal sinus). I’ve been thinking about this because fluid flowing over round objects seems to be enhanced in it’s qualities (e.g., creeks flowing over rock of various sizes have a cleansing quality to them).

    In osteopathic work CSF is referred to as “liquid light” and is understood to permeate all the tissues of the body as a carrier of the very essence of Life.

    Blessings to the one who found this key and to the SLG tribe for pressing in for additional revelation!


    • Joyful says

      Sorry, my cranial anatomy vocabulary and understanding is a work in progress.

      In my comment above, it was “mammillary bodies” not “mammary bodies”.
      Also, it appears that the cerebral spinal fluid flows in and through the arachnoid granulations, not around them.

      This page has an animation to try and illustrate this flow: http://cerebromente.org.br/n02/fundamentos/circulation_i.htm

      It looks like the brain is floating in light!


  8. says

    Last year God showed me about the pigs that Jesus allowed the demons to enter at Gadarenes, they perished! Where did the demons go then? Into the water. This was given to me in relation to blessing the earth, that we should bless the water also, it comes down fresh as rain but as it is stored it picks things up.
    So this makes real sense to me Arthur.

    Mark 5
    And forthwith Jesus gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand;) and were choked in the sea.

    Jesus walked on the water and in Revelation ‘the harlot sits on many waters’.

    Its no half baked potato!


  9. C Rhodes-OBrien says

    Greetings Arthur, My husband had three cysts removed from his spinal cord 2009-2010. Since then he has lived in excruciating pain. They say his body replaced all the space the cysts and nerve tissue took up with excess spinal fluid. That could explain his horrendous headaches he gets when he stands up, or is upright for any length if time. We’ve struggled to get him relief, but they say there is too much nerve damage and eventually he will be unable to walk. We’ve been praying all the Egyptian Curse prayers, have listened to a number of your CD’s and messages on Utube. We’ve also been thru extensive inner healing, and have invested years in our pursuit of God, That said, this teaching made me think there may be some connection to his problems. His life is virtually spent in bed, trying to not go crazy with pain, or fall into the pit of depression. Is there any insight, or direction you could give to us in relationship to this? How might we start to pray about this? Blessings, Carol


    • says

      Carol, that sounds really grim. Spinal pain is brutal. I am just two weeks into this, so can’t even begin to make definitive statements. My sense is that everything is fair play so dig in, experiment with anything you can think of. You have nothing to lose. If there is nothing spiritual there, you will do no damage, and if there is and you can move it, you win.


  10. says

    When my spirit searched my brain for signs of an AHS, I found an item in the upper left parietal lobe that looked like the head of a tack. I found the point of the tack in the temporal lobe. With this concept of Leviathan, the tack would go thru the lateral suculus. I do not understand the connections at this point, but wanted to present this as part of your picture. I will pursue this with my mentor (someone you know) when she becomes available again, and continue to research for now.

    Thank you for all of your research into this and all you share with us. It is a constant source of hope. I bless you for all you do to help others.

    For the Doctor: I bless you for pursuing this revelation and ask that God would continue to bring you additional revelation. I ask God, in agreement with those here, that God would give you a double portion of the power of God in your hands.

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  11. Lynn Reeb says

    The Spirit of Revelation and freedom is all over this. Thank you! I declare that many who have been locked down for a long time will be healed and set free. Destiny released and fulfilled dreams…..yeah God!


  12. Trish Smith says

    To the doctor: Thank you for your courage to step out of the boat in the medical field. Wishing for a multiplication in every area of your life and especially in your practice.

    To Arthur: Thank you for your work and all you pour out in His service. May I have an appointment?

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