37. Speed Prayer: Specialty Blessings

What do you give to the man who has everything?  You think you have it bad!  Think about the Queen of Sheba trying to impress King Solomon.

First she had to show her wealth in a blunt way.  She brought 120 talents of gold which computes to roughly $165 million at today’s gold prices.  She knew that Solomon did not need gold, but she had to show that she could play with the big boys.

But after the power play came the nuances.  In order to demonstrate that in some small way he might need her, she turned to exotic, specialty, expensive spices, seeking to give him something he did not already have, but might value.

This has been my experience with God again and again.  There is the power play where the enemy is crushed, but then God with infinite creativity gives an additional gift that touches my emotions very deeply.

Even though we are still in the Egyptian brickyard in many ways, let’s defiantly war out ahead for the gifts that the King will bring us above and beyond the essential freedom.

37. Speed Prayer: Specialty Blessings

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Rebekah says

    I love the fact that in the end, it wasn’t the gold or spices that endeared the Queen to Solomon, but it was the camaraderie born through hours of dialogue in which she became the stage on which he could showcase the treasuries of Devine wisdom. It speaks to me deeply of how God’s specialty gifts are an invitation to intimacy and exhibition.

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  2. viviennehines says

    Arthur, I planned to do something of this kind on a smaller scale when I positively cannot afford to do so. I kept wondering why I should because It is above my means, but I knew Father is pushing me to do. Thank you for this example, it confirms for me I am following hard after God to bring an end and to have a total roll back of the Egyptian demonic curses. Joshua 5:9. I know that we have already prayed this but the Egyptian curses are so pandemic in my life and so entrenched in my family dynamic and the churches in the New York area that I am digging in deeper even though the enemy has been holding his ground against me. There are some churches in the New York area when whenever an individual attempts to walk in excellence some leaders will make serious attempts to bring about the utter demise of those individuals. I wonder if I should not leave this area sometimes.