38. Speed Prayer: Strategic Planning

As we celebrate our King again today, my focus is on His capacity to weave together strategy that is seen as incredibly profound in retrospect, but that is not understood at the moment.

Take the idea of the Hebrews marching into the cul-de-sac at the Red Sea.  At the time, it seemed like a deadly mistake on the part of Moses and God.  However, in retrospect we see God baiting a trap with the Hebrews, then springing the trap in such a way that the Egyptian government and military leadership were utterly crushed.  After that incident, the Israelites did not have to look over their shoulder anymore, worrying about a surprise attack.

In the moment – terrifying.  In retrospect – brilliant.

Join me in celebrating several other aspects of God’s strategy which are only seen in retrospect.

38. Speed Prayer: Strategic Planning

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

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    In retrospect: I suffered from severe Fibromyalgia Pain and Chronic Fatigue for 15 years. Last January God healed the Fibromyalgia and I no longer live with the pain. But the fatigue stayed. Not as often, but frequently fighting for every moment of clear focus, and pushing to accomplish even the little things. I thank God every day to be free from that pain. But I was looking forward to an active life and that did not come and I kept asking God why.
    I discovered your blog only about a month ago. I have been following it faithfully and going back and catching up. Yesterday I asked a friend to pray for relief after a week of fatigue. I woke up today energized. I realize now that it is part of the Egyptian Curse. Now I have the why. Now I know what to do.
    Thank you.