39. Speed Prayer: Change of Focus

We have warred for almost six weeks now.  There have been a lot of individual reports of measurable, verifiable, sustained change.

The first measurables were a rash of technical issues in equipment that suddenly vanished.  That caught us quite by surprise.

Then we saw a handful of government and medical institution paperwork suddenly come under the influence of the God-speed blessing.

We have reports of a few physical healings.

Some people have gotten jobs, or secured business deals or in other contexts had God-speed visit their finances.

Some people reported just an overall improvement in quality of life without being able to point to a specific item.  It is as though the Egyptian Curse is just fading away slowly under the assault of our prayers.

But by and large, the greatest amount of change we have heard so far is with restored relationships within family.  Some astounding lurches without any prior warning have taken place.  This is quite a surprise to me since I had not associated the Egyptian curse with devouring family relationships, but it is without a doubt one of the most welcome surprises I have had in a while.

Bring it on, Lord!

I felt a couple of weeks ago that we were nearing the end of this season of the war.  I have put out a lot of material on what breakthrough could look like, as well as a reasonable amount of war against the demonic forces.  We do not have anything like corporate breakthrough yet.

I still think this is an attainable vision.

There are other tribes that have had broad changes in their corporate spiritual climate.  Some are healing ministries where a high percentage of people who walk with them find renewed health.  Others are prosperity ministries with measurable fruit.  Still others are deliverance and inner healing movements.  Some are worship ministries.

In none is there 100% change in the followers, but in ministries that specialize and develop a tight focus on the theology of their choice, there is a system wide raising of the water table of the power of the Spirit.

I dream of seeing that in our tribe in terms of breaking the Egyptian curse and releasing the Blessing of Egypt.  People regularly comment on how much I get done with the time I have.  This is in some measure the result of the Blessing of Egypt beginning to manifest in my life, but it is nowhere near what it could be, I am sure, and it is not massively flowing downstream to all of the people God has given me a responsibility to bless.

I suspect it could be a few months or years before we are at that level, but I am sure that it will require tight focus, good language and relentless pounding on this issue.

That said, I have been pondering where to go next.  We have to stay on task, pounding the Egyptian Curse, but not with more of the same old, same old.  So what is on task, but different?

As I pondered that, the answer came back strongly:  worship.

After God gave me the answer, I went back and tried to reverse engineer it, and it was quite fascinating.  Remember the Hebrews wanted pain relief, but God had a different agenda.

The LORD said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.  So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey— the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites.  And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them.  So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”

But Moses said to God, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”  And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”  Exodus 3:7-12  NIV.

Notice three things.  Pain relief was prominent.  God clearly heard THEIR agenda and concurred that there was some validity to it.  God also had in mind a new place where they could experience the Blessing of Egypt.

BUT, notice that from the beginning, worship was on God’s agenda.  And when God introduced the subject to Pharaoh, He said nothing about the first two points on the agenda – it was all about worship.

And, although the land flowing with milk and honey became a prominent agenda for the Hebrews, God had a more pressing agenda which was for them to learn a lot about how to worship – since they clearly did not know much.

So I ponder what the story of the ten plagues and the Exodus would have been like if the Hebrews had the right agenda from the beginning.  What would it have been like if they had gathered around Moses on a weekly basis, begging for insight into how to worship this God they did not know, so that they were well prepared for the coming big event in the wilderness.

Bet that story line would have changed a bit.

So we are going to focus on lessons in worship for the next season of this warfare.  What are all the opportunities God gave the Hebrews to learn worship?  How many different kinds of worship are there?  Are we looking at an intrinsically Giver flavor of worship?  If so, can we extrapolate the other six kinds?  Is there a kind of worship that trashes the Egyptian Curse more savagely and more quickly than others (I sure hope so!!).

I know the answers to none of these questions.

This will be a classic Sapphire project.  No finely crafted potatoes au gratin here.  This will be half baked potatoes as I struggle to stay at least two days out in front of you with this learning curve.  Consider it manna so fresh it hasn’t even hit the ground yet!

In light of how long a reach it is for me, I am going to slow down the pace just a tad more.  We will be releasing new blogs on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for a while.  Look for the next one on Thursday of this week.

As with the past prayers, be extra alert for the ones that light up your spirit.  If there is a prayer that lands deeply, stay there for a week or a month or as long as there is fire in your spirit.  Don’t try to keep up with the new releases if there is grace to go deep in some spot.

That said, I am off to the races.  I leave tomorrow for Austria, Switzerland and South Africa.  Along the way I will be mining the book of Exodus, looking for insight into how to worship in ways we have never known before.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

From home, at the end of a long day



  1. says

    During our summer holiday I have been inspired by some awesome tall old trees that we have seen in various places around the UK.
    I have also been able to listen to various things including ‘What is God saying for 2015’ conference with Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce, Jane Hamond and others.
    One of the things that impacted me was Jane Hamond speaking about the topic of ‘power posturing’ using the ‘victory pose’ and the effect that can have on us. Secular research conducted by Anne Cutty, on salvia and blood, found the following:

    Standing in the ‘victory pose’ ( = hands held high in a position we would associate with worshipping God) for 2 minutes at the start of the day has the following effects:-

    1. Reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 25% for the whole day
    2. Increases testosterone, the ‘power hormone’.

    Psalm 134:2 exhorts us to “Lift your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord”.

    Jane Hammond went onto exhort us to adopt the ‘power posturing ‘Victory Pose’ and where possible to pray in tongues for that 2 minutes each morning.
    I have felt challenged to start each day this way in the ‘victory pose’ praying in tongues and worshiping for 2 minutes. I thought it would be easy to hold my arms in this position for 2 minutes, as I love worshiping, but when I timed myself, I have actually found it quite hard, but I was determined to build my stamina and that is happening.

    To help me I am starting each day playing the following track – Hallelujah, our God reigns, which lasts for 3:44 minutes

    I think you are spot on Arthur, with pressing forward with the whole dynamic of worship and that being a key to breaking the power of the Egptian curse. In a post I read you used the word
    fecundity (fɪˈkʌndɪtɪ) which I have not come across before, so I looked it up. I was thrilled to read the second definition, and pray for you Arthur, that in this season you will experience increased intellecutal fruitfullness and creativity like never before.
    1. fertility; fruitfulness
    2. intellectual fruitfulness; creativity
    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

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    • valynda says

      Thanks so much for this post Ruth as it has encouraged me to re-double my efforts and to be more disciplined in the “power posturing Victory pose” in the mornings. I too have listened to those teachings in the last couple of months and found Jane Hamond’s exhortation to be very interesting, plus Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about speaking in tongues more. You’re right, 2 minutes with your arms lifted up, does not seem like a long time and it’s really not, but it can sure feel like it. I will continue on and once again, thank you for posting.


  2. Thomas says

    I’ve been struggling to accomplish the things set before me for the last few months. Each task is a major thing in and of itself and should have much more time devoted to it than I’m able to give. As I’ve been praying about it God’s been telling me to be faithful in the small things, do what I can, treat it as worship to him and that He’s still behind each area. This change of focus that we are taking in the Egyptian Crusade lines up amazingly with my end of things. Looking forward to it.


  3. Sarah Torrington says

    I so celebrate the victories that the braking of the Egyptian curse has brought the SLG tribe, so wonderful to see Jesus receive what he paid for. Yet I am wondering if there is a re-occurrence of the Egyptian Depression that Arthur mentioned on March 14, 2014. This may be an isolated case or not, but it sure has been my experience and and the attack comes directly against the profound possibilities of worship that Yahweh has been inviting me into. So now I push back against the Egyptian curse of futility that has swept over me in the past few days and enter into a new kind of intimacy through worship for myself, my family and anyone else in the SLG tribe that could be struggling with this issue.
    Blessings to all


  4. says

    I think about how many times the Israelites lost faith in the wilderness and how different it may have been if they had gotten the message of worship that God wanted to communicate with them. Even though you are intentionally shifting the focus from war to worship now, the thread of worship has been all through the prayers. So many times I have been stirred to awe, thinking of the God you described from the various Scripture stories. Now it feels like God is going to take us somewhere even higher than we were before. Looking forward to what lies ahead and thank you for all you pour into us and into the future. God Speed!!


  5. Roxanna says

    Dig deeply, Arthur, as you always do. Yahwah is waiting to show you His hidden gems and celebrate w you.


  6. says

    YES!!! When I met Jesus in the midst of my “slavery” I had never seen worship except as the singing of hymns. Suddenly I was dancing and twirling, or on my face struggling because the English language did not have enough words to worship Him. I sang with the angels at dawn, and cried with joy over the beauty of a leaf. Nature seemed to shout with worship of the Creator.
    The Egyptian Curse followed me, and I have learned much here, and found more freedom. I will continue to study it and go thru the prayers. The response to freedom, even the promise of freedom is WORSHIP! Yes.

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  7. viviennehines says

    As a woman I have received a huge sustained doses of dishonor from other women especially women of color. I was classified by one community of women as a weak woman for honoring the leaders and women when they took great pleasure of shaming me with slander of my character. I have continued to work hard at honoring women, but I see dishonor as a huge issue within the
    Egyptian curses. Could not dishonor be considered a worship of Satan because it is so much against our Holy God?

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  8. viviennehines says

    Arthur, the issue of HONOR how big of a worship issue is honor? That is the issue that God has been bring to me over and over again. Honoring who I am in Him women honoring other women. He had me add the issue of women honoring themselves and each other at the JAIL this morning. This is a huge issue for women in our culture as we compete in jealousy, envy, and coveting over the treasures God has given each of us we dishonor the God who created us and designed us to be who He wanted. So I ponder whether or NOT honor is a form of worship and how big is honor as worship to God for the tribe?

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  9. Patricia Lawson. says

    Love it! Way back when you talked about the Israelites being given the wealth from the Egyptians like a back pay, the thought that came to me was that much of that wealth was used to build the Tabernacle in the wilderness – a place to worship, a place that taught them how to worship in various stages and a place to actually meet with God (at least for the High Priest), as well as to confess and get cleansing from sin.
    This is going to be good!

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  10. Rob Ruckert says

    Arthur, I am just so thankful that somebody in the Body of Christ is willing to take on so big a challenge as wiping out the Egyptian Curse over the SLG tribe. Thank you. Arthur, I bless your spirit with receiving great treasures from both the Word of God and the Holy Spirit as to the many favors of worship that will create a tribe whose worship of the King will totally decimate and obliterate the Egyptian curse, but even greater, will release the finest stream of Egyptian blessings the world has seen over the SLG tribe 🙂

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  11. Anonymous says

    Speed Prayer My heart just gave another leap! Diving back to Speed Prayer 14, also on worship, I’m recalling how spontaneously I erupted into rhyming wordsmithing, which I shared here! Worship… Synergy in worship! Something was triggered enormously …
    And is again!
    Each and every Speed Prayer has touched me to some degree or other, but I’m amazed at how this topic of worship has gone ‘Ping!’ My spirit is crying, ‘It’s time! It’s time!’ Now the question arises, where has spirit been buried all this time? Reckon it’s been cowering behind the stuff that has been swept away in all these recent tears as the Blessings are supplanting those old curses? See, there’s been such a silent hidden cry for the deeper level (or is it higher?) of communion with God!
    Heaven-scripted melody
    In tune with infinity
    Warring with ferocity
    Interceding jealously
    To be set free
    To be
    With you…
    Tippy-toes once again!
    ~ Joan Westaway ~

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  12. Jessica Pienaar says

    I am excited about the fresh manna that has not even hit the ground! What a way to say it! I am convinced this will be very exciting and encouraging to the tribe and I believe a great joy to our King when we start moving in worship.

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  13. Lee Ann Kelly says

    Yes, I feel like the key is worship as well!
    I was intrigued by your comments about worship that can be more male oriented or more female oriented. My small group and I have been warring in the Spirit using songs that are more battle oriented, and are sensing some things breaking. I’m so excited for this next step!

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  14. Lauri says

    My spirit lept when I saw the word, “worship.” I’m excited to see what gets unpacked in this next bit and am continuing to pray for you and the tribe as we move into this next season.

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  15. seedtrees says

    God speed Arthur.

    Just after starting this class action suit with the tribe, I had a dream about it. We, the SLG tribe where with you all the way in this fight, but you were absolutely and undeniably the General. Your approach and wisdom got us out of tight spots all the time, and while we where often stumped and at a loss what to do, you were like Moses, receiving the most astounding, never before seen, answers from God, and then you were right there, fearlessly spearheading the rebuttal of the enemy.

    So again: God Speed Arthur. As a former SANDF Militarily officer, I salute you with all the respect and acknowledgement a salute entails, because following God and you in this fight is truly an honour and an astounding experience.


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  16. Nicolette says

    YAY!!! Looking forward with much delight to the next level of warfare!! Going to ace this Egyptian drama – one way or another!! God speed on your travels!

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