Leviathan’s Lair Follow Up

Gotta love our tribe.  There are some blazing fast implementers out there who don’t wait for the ink to dry on the page before converting the abstract into the concrete.  Rock on, Team SLG.

I have a very good friend who has been part of our tribe for years who took a whack to the head sometime back.  She had been in traditional therapy for a while when she got our blog on Leviathan occasionally being in the cerebral-spinal fluid and the sulci.

Here is an edited version of her report, used with permission.


Your blog post on Leviathan being in the CSF of the brain was so timely for me.  It came right on the day when I was just so fed up of recovery that I was ready to do something drastic, anything to try and speed up the process.  Both myself and my prayer partner felt it was something we could attack.  So we wasted no time in doing so.

It just so happened that the next time we were able to Skype was exactly nine months to the day and time that I received a head injury.  After a few minor technical issues courtesy of Leviathan, we got down to tackling the seven heads in the CSF of the brain and spinal cord.

It was a wonderfully messy time as we coached each other through the deliverance.  Coming from different backgrounds we both had different pieces to add.  We managed to get through all seven, getting stuck on a few where there were legal rights and sin issues to deal with.  But overall it was a success with each head being removed.

It’s only been a few days – early signs are encouraging, with a significant reduction in headaches, a greater tolerance for noise, and a more stable emotional base – the three main areas affected by my head injury.  It’s too early to say if there is “measurable, verifiable, sustained change” but so far so good.


It had never occurred to me that Leviathan in the CSF could be causing biological problems.  In the few people I worked with, we were focusing on spiritual issues and mental clarity, both of which produced results.

But this is spectacular.  It raises the question of what other biological problems could be affected.  My mind immediately races to migraines.

If we have any SLG guinea pigs with chronic migraines, I sure would recommend having some fairly unambiguous conversations with Leviathan in the brain to see what happens next.

Copyright August 2015 by Arthur Burk

In Salzburg

Where I should be burnishing my notes for “Tools for Freedom Part 3” on Wednesday, but I got quite captivated by this email.


  1. John Seaman says

    We prayed through the Leviathan in our spinal fluid last weekend. A couple of things we were led to do:
    cleanse all the various bodies of water – oceans, rivers, lakes, etc where we’ve been in a similar fashion to cleansing time and land. Also, in addition to removing the heads of Leviathan from our spinal fluid, we also evicted him from all of our body fluids while we were at it.

    We noticed a fair amount of struggle with the second head and a really interesting phenomenon in our weather as a result (I think). Here in North Idaho we have had record heat and drought this summer, with all the resultant forest fires. We have had no rain for 3 months except for 1 brief shower (right after some identificational repentance for the land in our area) in July. We tried more prayer / repentance, etc with no result. I watched the weather radar whenever a small storm would approach and could watch it divert away from us as it approached – every time. Within hours of completing our prayer re Leviathan, it started to rain – not just brief showers this time. When I look at the weather map / radar this week, the showers are no longer being diverted. Today is day 5 of rain. I suppose this could all be coincidence, but I suspect it is related.


    • says

      John, the question on the table now is whether that is a fairly universal principle or whether this pertains to you. God moved you there with intentionality. Is it because He needed your anointing for weather there, and now that you have gotten rid of Leviathan in the second head, your anointing is free to function? Just wondering.


      • John Seaman says

        Arthur – I have been quizzing my spirit about this. I think the way this instance worked out pertains to us. It is actually pretty awe inspiring to think how God managed to orchestrate the whole thing. Not only did He move us here to Idaho at just the right time, but He timed the discussion about Leviathan, the input of people to trigger the prayer over spinal fluid and Leviathan – just to coincide with the drought we are experiencing here. In addition, I wonder how many other people’s prayers and interventions were a part of the picture to see the change in the weather patterns? It’s possible that we just happened to be among the last pieces of the puzzle that God was putting together to defeat the enemy in this situation.

        Thinking of this really encourages me for all the times we’ve prayed, at God’s direction, but haven’t seen any obvious results. We often don’t see the whole picture of what is going on and how many other things God is putting together to advance His kingdom. It’s also rather sobering to think, that when we aren’t really listening to our spirit and the Holy Spirit, how often we miss out on the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing, and therefore impede His plan until He can find someone else to fill in. I also wonder how often we fail to recognize what He is doing and how we and others have played a part.

        We were completely surprised by the outcome of our prayer. We weren’t looking to change weather patterns, we were just looking for personal victory over Leviathan. God seemed to have a much bigger agenda. I’m just glad we were able to recognize His hand. So, for others praying over their spinal fluid, who knows? I imagine there are times when it is about victory over Leviathan and that’s all there is to it. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. But it wouldn’t surprise me if you hear of other people where God uses what He’s doing in them as a piece of the bigger picture of His Kingdom purposes.

        Therefore, to answer your question – I think that the principle involved is that what God is doing in us individually may sometimes be part of a much bigger picture that He is orchestrating.

        John. (After 7 days of rain in North Idaho the sun is shining. But more rain comes tonight!)


        • says

          Excellent logic trail in your summary, John. I agree that we are on the front end of a discovery journey that is much more than cleansing CSF.


  2. Ina says

    As a physiotherapist there are a lot say about cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from a purely biological side.
    CSF flows with a regular “pulse” around your brain and spinal cord. As a rough indicator you can “monitor” the flow by closing your eyes while standing upright. If the flow is fine you would sway forward and backward about 10 times a minute. If there is any blockages you would stand dead still without swaying or the sway would stutter or you would go side to side.
    A normal CSF flow will also help to keep your autonomic nervous system in a more parasympathetic state which is a rest and digest state. If there is abnormal flow you might be in sympathetic state which is fight and flight which could set you up for disease.
    Normal CSF flow would also help with a healthy electrical charge in your body.
    Any abnormal “pull” from a musculo sceletal system can block CSF flow for instance a longer leg, abdominal scar tissue and sometimes dental work.
    I would then try and figure out what causes the abnormal pull and rectify it. It usually starts with some physical trauma. The trauma could be as far off as a bunion operation on your foot. Physical birth trauma (forceps, ventous) could also influence it. We need a normal birth process to first compress our scull bones through the birth canal and decompress as we get out – this helps with a normal CSF flow. With Caesarian births and instrument assisted births we miss out on that which can set off an autonomic fight and flight response. There is a lot more to say about CSF, but I think this is enough to digest at first. Dont worry if you dont sway with the test – it is not dangerous not to have it. Your body might just not be functioning optimally, but no danger signs. If you are stressed it could also influence your CSF rythm.

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  3. Jenny Roux says

    Dear Arthur

    I have just read the blog about Leviathan’s Lair follow up. I went cold when you mentioned migraines.

    I know zip about Leviathan (haven’t got that album yet:-) but I sure know about migraines. I’ve had them regularly since age 10 – the year I became a Christian.

    I am 42 and had kind of accepted the migraines as an unwanted part of my life for now. I knew that God was bigger, but I realised I just hadn’t found His answer yet.

    Can I be a guinea pig somehow from New Zealand?

    I’ll be in South Africa from 19th Sept – 3 Nov, but I think I just miss your seminars there 😦

    Thank you