2. Hebrew Worship: God of Nature

God’s ancient enemy is always in His crosshairs, but we can learn much by watching the changing seasons.  God does not always focus on the same issues although sin, rebellion and iniquity are always an offense to Him.

In the case of the Exodus, the core issue was nature.  Pharaoh was portrayed as the mediator between the gods of nature and man.  When he was effective, the gods of nature were beneficent and the crops flourished, as did the economy.

Therefore God engaged Pharaoh on the issue of nature.  I love how it began:  The God Who Is Above the Laws of Science.  The burning bush did not burn up. Then the stick became a snake and then a stick again.  And the healthy hand became leprous and then healthy again.

The laws of science are God’s resources for great fun.  They are not realities that limit Him in any way.

Then came the hoedown with the magicians of Egypt.  They kept pace with The Almighty for a short while, then had to admit to Pharaoh that they were out of their league.  Only problem was, God isn’t much into good sportsmanship.  He didn’t graciously accept their concession speech.  He ran the score up.  And up.  And uuuuuuuup!

Study the Word, and you will see that the sins of mankind were rather consistent throughout the ages.  Yet God moved strategically from one focus to another as the situations demanded.

Look at the two kingdoms.  Most of the time, God’s focus on the north had to do with the occult support of the throne – “Jeroboam the son of Nebat who made Israel to sin.”  God exterminated one dynasty after another for that one issue.  That throne was designed by HIM to be supported by HIM.

But in the south, God mostly fussed at free form worship.  He had established a protocol for the Temple, and all the people who were worshipping out in nature, expressing themselves toward God in their own way, drew His condemnation.

Or take the life of Christ.  He went to Capernaum because they were under a suffocating cloud of powerlessness.  So, He held healing crusades where every single person got healed and delivered.  Powerlessness had a short life expectancy when Jesus was in town.

But when He went to Jerusalem, He went to the Pool of Bethesda in stealth mode, healed one guy without revealing who He was, then slipped out the back door.  His objective in Jerusalem was to confront the religious spirit.  He healed primarily on the Sabbath, with premeditated intention to pick a fight with the religious leaders.

When we arrive at the Tribulation, the devil will try to embrace every imaginable iniquity that would offend God.  But the central offense to God will be his robot with artificial intelligence and the resurrection of the Antichrist.  In other words, when the devil seeks to position himself as the creator, able to rise above the limitations of the laws of science, THE Creator says, “Bring it on!”

In the end, God will smash every facet of the Antichrist’s arrogance, but the bulk of the assault will be on the ecology.  Again and again, God will trash some part of creation as though to say, “OK, Mister Mini-creator, step right up to the plate and show all your adoring constituents how awesome you are at restoring a third of the earth’s vegetation that got burned up in a single incident!”

The two witnesses will also specifically attack nature, not religion, government or politics.  They will be unkillable until their time is up, then they will die, be left on display in Jerusalem, unburied for three days while the Antichrist milks the situation with continuous, global TV coverage.

His Master of Nature Including Life and Death brand takes a big hit when the two are suddenly raised from the dead by the hand of God and ascend to heaven with the whole world watching.

(Can you imagine how some poor editor is going to get savaged for not being quick enough to “bleep” out that section of the video when it started to happen?  Pretty tough to retrieve it from the entire cyberspace after the fact, when billions of people have seen it, using every imaginable form of social media!)

Anyway, the God Who Is Above the Laws of Science will be front and center during the confrontation with the Antichrist.

This facet of God has massive implications for us today since that battle is already ramping up.  The New Age movement is deeply vested in using supernatural power to bend the principles of science.  At present, they tend to be far more effective in their healing techniques than those who acknowledge THE Creator and seek to weave His power together with science for the glory of God.

While the God of Theology is the bastion of institutional religion, those who worship and intimately know the God Who Is Above the Laws of Science will be able to partner with Him in this season in a big way.

Join me in a celebration of the ways He is revealing Himself to His people.

2. Hebrew Worship: God of Nature

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

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