3. Hebrew Worship: THE Sanctifying God

When Moses approached the burning bush, God stopped him with the comment about the land being holy.

The energy in the verse points to Moses and his need to remove his sandals.  Throughout the relationship between Israel and Yahweh, there is an abundance of focus on humanity’s responsibility to prepare themselves with highly specialized sanctification processes before approaching God.  We will deal with that detail later.

The point in today’s blog is that the land became holy just because God was on it.  Man has to expend effort to sanctify himself.  God is so intensely holy that the environment around Him became holy simply because of His presence.

When the Tabernacle and Temple were complete, God simply came.  He did not have to say anything or perform any ceremonial action.  There was no prolonged process of marinating the building materials in His glory.  There was no debate or discussion over whether His glory was effective.

His glory filling the building sanctifying it with finality.

This is the God whom we serve.

Join me in a celebration of His sanctifying power through the pages of Scripture.

3. Hebrew Worship: THE Sanctifying God

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

From Madiswil, Bern



  1. Lee Ann Kelly says

    These are resounding with me. I have seen my daughters, who have had some difficulties in their relationship for a few years, just in the past few weeks able to enjoy one another’s company again. It is such a joy to see! I have been praying for their relationship for some time. But when you asked the question if we have seen healing in relationships that we might attribute to praying these prayers, a light went on. So I continue to pray for my brothers and sisters in the SLG tribe, that He will heal relationships and break off the Egyptian curses. He is incredibly good!


  2. says

    Just wanted to say that this piece landed deeply and I am camping here for a while. I so relate to your comments about our having to recharge and sanctify and cleanse ourselves again and be watchful of all the stuff coming in. What a worship experience to see God through the grid of His being utterly untouchable by defilement. Not only untouchable, but absolutely transformational with His own holiness. Joining with you to push back the Egyptian curse with our worship.


  3. nita7932014 says

    I love this.
    I love to be reminded that God does show up in the most unexpected ways and in the most unexpected places. When He shows up He often invites us to do something tangible that is within our ability to do. Moses met God at a burning bush when he was out working with his animals, and was told that he was standing on Holy Ground. That was awesome!
    Moses was invited to take off his sandals and be in God’s presence. What does preparation for Worship look like? What does Sanctification look like? God’s presence can be intimidating, but in this case He was gentle. He got Moses’ attention with the fire and with the invitation to join Him in conversation. He then explained to Moses just what His plan was for liberating Israel. Moses needed to take off his sandals and listen to God. God then prepared Moses to do something very significant for His people. That was awesome!
    Does the Lord always give us an assignment when we are invited to worship in His presence? I have taken your invitation to pray for the SLG Tribe as an invitation to be in God’s presence. I have intentionally taken this time to Worship and to explore broader ways to do so.
    The Lord is showing up in unexpected places and opening doors to serve as well.
    Thanks for the invitation.


  4. says

    This is landing very, very deeply and there is so much included in it. I find no words to describe.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, out of a deep place in you, to join in the celebration.