6. Hebrew Worship: The God of Progress

So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey . . . Exodus 3:8  NIV

Let’s reword this in a couple of alternative ways.

-I have come down to kill Pharaoh and get them out of the brickyards so they can enjoy the dignity in Goshen they had when Joseph was Prime Minister and they were free.

Not bad at all.  They knew Egypt.  They knew the language and the culture and the economy.  They had houses already.  They remembered the stories of what it was like before things changed.  All told, a pretty fantastic upgrade.

Or how about this one.

-I have come down to rescue them from the bondage of Egypt and return them to Canaan where they came from.

Wow.  No one was really hoping for this.  Getting out of slavery was the primary focus.  Out of Egypt sounds remarkable, albeit a little bit scary.  Going back to a place where your forefathers did pretty good for themselves is on the outer edges of believability.

But that is not what God said.  He was not going to take them back to Canaan because they had some warm fuzzy history there.  God never mentioned their past history.  It had nothing to do at all with why He was taking them back there.  He was taking them to a highly supportive context where they could magnificently unpack their design.  

It is hard for those who are in survival mode to envision thriving.  Getting out of bondage is a dream almost beyond reach.  The old dreams of being able to creatively express the best of the treasures within you died long ago in the daily drudgery of the brickyard.


They died for you, but not for the Creator who designed you before the foundation of the world to be an exquisitely expressive person, and He has never forgotten the environment needed for you to express your design.

So even though God was taking them back to the place their forefathers came from, it was incidental to the story line, not central.  Even though God tightly controlled their exit from Egypt, rigidly forced forms of worship upon them and micromanaged their entry into Canaan, He wanted them to know Him first as the God of their design.  He was taking them where they could convert the treasures He had given them into an expression of their design.

Today’s warfare blessing is for all those who have lost their dreams in the brickyard, but who have a God who is still dreaming of their fulfillment.

6. Hebrew Worship:  The God of Progress

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

Written at 2:15 a.m. when sleep is far




  1. Sonia says

    So thankful for this one and praying this from a place of recent reconciliation with him in this area 🙂 Superb timing Arthur both corporately and deeply for me personally! Indeed He has shown me that fulfilment of my dreams live in Him!
    Blessings to you Arthur for battling here!


  2. says

    I just wanted to say a personal “THANK YOU!!!” for this message. I was literally just talking to the Lord before going to sleep and apologizing because I feel like I am not fulfilling everything He created me to do. I was so grieved (yet still thankful for the amount of freedom heretofore). I just know there is more than what I am doing and living and was feeling so discouraged.

    Normally my phone is off at night, but was not for some reason on Monday. Your email interrupted me as I was emotionally pouring my heart out to the Lord about this…and was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and pressing in and also for putting this stuff out there. It made me love Him more. He knows us so well.

    In Him,



  3. Judi Viglianti says

    returning before bed to reread this post…yes…still dropping me to my knees.
    “The old dreams of being able to creatively express the best of the treasures within you died long ago in the drudgery of the brickyard…Correction!!…they died for you but not for the Creator”
    Thankyou. It’s such a stretch, but every fiber of my being believes it, with the exception of my mind.
    In His steadfast Love I will wait.


  4. Kevin May says

    Thanks Arthur!

    Landing deep, esp in this Recon with God season of September.
    Pushing in with all the SLG Tribe!

    Blessing your body to be energized despite the sleep deprivation.



  5. Noeleen says

    Thank you Arthur. I also want to acknowledge that it’s God’s intention that we do more than just survive and that he is kind and good in his provision of opportunity to convert raw material into beautiful treasure. I agree with you.