9. Hebrew Worship: The God of the Crux of the Matter

“Go talk to Pharaoh,” God said to Moses.

Simple words.  Mind boggling concept.

Put yourself in that situation.

God says to you, “Hey, you!  Noble Subject of mine, go talk to the head of ISIS and let him know I said to stop it right now.”

Uh, right!

This is the difference between us and God.  We look at an opponent and typically identify a battle we can win.  God looks at an opponent and identifies the core issue that needs to be dealt with.  He does not evaluate whether it is a winnable battle because they all are.

From the Hebrews’ later perspective, it may well have seemed that God bit off more than He could chew when He tackled Pharaoh.  Time after time, God won a battle but showed no signs of winning the war.  Humans with a limited perspective did not grasp that God wasn’t just focusing on getting the Hebrews out of Egypt – He was hammering the credibility of the Egyptian “gods.”  The long drawn out battle was deliberate and beneficial.

Throughout history, God has allowed the enemy a very long leash, but when the time comes for the King to move, there is nothing even remotely like effective resistance from the devil.

Think through these pictures.

-The devil setting up a defensive mechanism to divert or at least minimize the damage to Sodom, Gomorrah and the other three communities.

Uh, no.

There was not even a shred of a chance of the devil saving one person or building from the wrath of The Almighty.

-Try this.  Jericho is quite important to the devil, so he sets up a strong defense to save one section of the wall from collapse and manages to keep his key worshipers alive by hiding them in some building where they escape notice.

Uh, no.  Not even a whisper of a chance to succeed.

-Let’s take a simple one.  Mount Carmel.  The devil calmly arranges for some dry lightening on that day to set afire the altar to Baal.  Clean, simple, highly effective in keeping the whole nation serving him.

Uh, no.  The devil could not have lit a safety match that day with four Eagle Scouts to help him.  He was utterly powerless in the face of God’s man of the hour.

-Then we move to comedy hour.  The Christ is dead and in a tomb.  The devil gets a government official to put a wax seal on the stone, and has four top notch soldiers guarding the rock so that the God who created all the galaxies with a simple sentence would be utterly stymied in resurrecting Him!

Really, truly.

With millennia to prepare, that is the very best the devil could do.  Wax and four soldiers to stop God.

You know, the Simpson’s screen writer never stooped to a story line that patently absurd.  God intimidated by a Roman official’s wax seal.  If God violated the law and broke the seal, the Roman governor might be really, really mad at God and haul Him into court or something scary like that.

So there you have the difference of perspective.  Moses had a clear view of the earthly powers of Pharaoh.  Seeing everything that God allowed Pharaoh to do caused Moses to be intimidated.

God was scrolling through the videos of history not yet lived, seeing every time the devil utterly failed to save a single scrap of anything from the wrath of God, so He is utterly unimpressed with Pharaoh’s power and intransigence.

Today we will worship the God of the Crux of the Matter.  He doesn’t focus on getting the bare minimum job done with the least amount of opposition.  He looks as the various obstacles in the way, identifies the most formidable one and destroys it – or him.


9. Hebrew Worship: The God of the Crux of the Matter

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

From Pretoria, Gauteng




  1. Beth says

    “With millennia to prepare, that is the very best the devil could do. Wax and four soldiers to stop God.”

    I keep coming back to this thought as I face resistance…it’s life-changing, knowing how powerless the enemy really is, after all. We give it the only power it has.


  2. Charles Irina says

    We found ourselves under a pressure almost suddenly and could not identify the problem clearly. When i read those words: “With millennia to prepare, that is the very best the devil could do. Wax and four soldiers to stop God.” it clicked in my spirit.
    I did not laugh so hard for a long, long time. I absolutely love it! I believe that that oppression what ever it was got loosed.
    Thank you again.


  3. yvonne green says

    I am falling in love with my Omnipotent God all over again!
    Thanks for this big picture perspective Arthur.


  4. says

    “Slow bleeding the enemy as you teach and build Your children.” What an awesome picture of the absolute mastery of God, patient and methodical in battle, Master Strategist and Certain Victor. Thank you for this Big Picture post. It reminds me, so clearly, that God is Large and In Charge and I am simply small and beautiful in His Sight. We serve and war with the most Magnificent King.


  5. Nicolette says

    CELEBRATING the One Who is STILL on the throne!!! You ALONE are worthy! GREAT OMNIPOTENT WARRIOR GOD!!! Awesome one, Arthur!!!