40. Speed Prayer: Legitimization

We have recently been focusing on learning how to worship in the face of the Egyptian Curse, but something new has emerged on the warfare side of the table that merits adding another warfare prayer to our original series.

I have been tracking with a man who has an interesting dynamic in his economic life.  He has the usual – job, home, car and some toys.  He is not facing financial hardship nor is he at risk of that.  However, there is a glass ceiling over his income.

He has a day job, and he also moonlights occasionally.  Whenever he makes some extra money moonlighting, there is some glitch at work that cuts into that stream of income.  He doesn’t lose money overall, it just nets out.  If he doesn’t moonlight, the income at work is steady.

We looked at this for quite some time, trying to figure out what the spiritual dynamic is.  Clearly, in the spiritual (demonic) realm, it was “legal” for him to have the lifestyle he does.  There was none of the familiar devouring most people are accustomed to.  It was just an issue of income limits.  If he went over a particular level of income, it would be promptly devoured before it got to him.  There were astounding ways it happened.

Eventually we found what we think is the problem.  His extended family has come to an agreement that it is not “right” for him to prosper – only survive.

You see, he grew up in a proper middle class Christian family, but his calling led him to differentiate from them in his faith and his practice (in other words, he became a Noble Subject in Sapphire!).  That led to a very strong negative reaction from his extended family.

The issue is legitimacy.  If “Fred” should prosper financially, then it would be tantamount to God blessing him because his theology is right, and they cannot accept that this could be.  If his theology is right, then theirs must be wrong, and they are militant about not losing their legitimacy.

So we have the power of agreement among his extended family that he should live respectably, but absolutely must not rise above the basic lifestyle lest anyone attribute his thriving to the God he serves.

It seems to me that this is a tight parallel to the God of the Hebrews vs. the gods of the Egyptians.   It wasn’t really about economic power although that was the visible flash point.  God made it very clear from the beginning that it was about who was legitimate:  Him or their gods.

And economic status became the playing field for demonstrating the pleasure of God upon one people group or the other.

With this background, Fred began to war against the demons who were maintaining the glass ceiling.  He asked God to destroy the agreements that were empowering the demonic, to destroy the devouring device and to restore to him the income devoured in the past as well as the income due to him from his good work in the future.

AND the day he did that, his base income got devoured in the most unlikely way!

Looks to me as though he is on target.  The first attempt to break free from Pharaoh resulted in a mighty step backwards for the Hebrews.  And Pharaoh’s decision was based on his absolute refusal to legitimize the God of the Hebrews.

So God had to legitimize Himself, which He did with gusto.

I am fully aware of the dangers of too much money.  I can tell you a multitude of stories of greed and disgusting consumerism.  However, having said that, I am not afraid of money either.  I don’t think that removing the glass ceiling from Fred’s income is going to put him at risk of becoming carnal.

And I think there are a goodly number of “Freds” in the Sapphire tribe who can be trusted with more income, who are Noble Subjects who would use more income for advancing the Kingdom and who would not waste it all on pointless consumption.

Hence today’s prayer.

Fred’s family is a few dozen people.  Their agreement in the name of God has built a stronghold the enemy is using.  Our tribe is tens of thousands, of which hundreds are tracking with this blog.  In the prayer that follows, I will carefully acknowledge that there are some people who God knows should not have extra assets at this moment.  I have no problem with God’s wisdom in that regard.  He sees the big picture, and I don’t feel all Christians are supposed to be wealthy all the time.

However, having made that one nuanced exception, I am absolutely opposed to the devil or any of his minions deciding for us that we cannot be trusted with finances for any reason, and doubly opposed to a demon seeking to delegitimize our God through what it does to us.

Let’s war vigorously for all the Freds out there who are blocked economically, or socially or in health matters because some group of people violently objects to God legitimizing them.

God has the right to legitimize anyone He wants, any time He wants, and He has done so many times.  Think of how He legitimized Moses, David, Peter and sundry others who were vigorously delegitimized by their cultures.

AND God quite overtly legitimized His relationship with Job through abundant resources.  Hence, if He wants to do it for Fred, that is His prerogative, and the devil will need to stand down or get run over.

40. Speed Prayer: Legitimization

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Regina Sanchez says

    Powerful and it 100% touched my spirit with an issue I feel I deal with also. Thank you Jesus and thank yous SLG.


  2. Louise says

    Wow. So my story is that I have been struggling with sleep for a very long time for the reason that I had some emotional abuse growing up which no one had a grid for.
    Last night I managed to feel tired early in the evening. The thing is usually I stay awake for about 20 hours a day working at different things and getting through the day.
    After listening to this one suddenly my “sleep mechanism” kicked in MUCH earlier than usual (I do catch up on sleep some days but usually can’t sleep or even have that kick in most days or nights for a very, very long time now) So I noticed that last night for the first time in ages that I was actually feeling tired. Really tired. Tired enough that I had to go to bed and sleep for 4 hours BEFORE midnight which has not happened in years…

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  3. Jerri Langlais says

    I wonder if anyone else is getting “network error” each time they try to download the prayers? I have only been able to download one or 2 so far. I try at different times of the day. Thanks for any help you can give 🙂



  4. says

    Just praying (again) about a friend’s Glass Ceiling only this afternoon. Awesome timing! Had been dealing with stray bits of stinkin’ thinkin’ about the perpetrators, present and generational, with wild judgements even against God being flushed out. Interesting that I had a heap of ouches too! During the breathing space, I was scratching my head about ‘So where to from here?’… Then I saw a little crack appearing in that old impenetrable glass! Woohoo! Just an itty-bitty crack…but it was there. So…???
    That battle of all of us Sallys and Freds, who have been delegitimized, dishonoured and degraded in a myriad of ways, is in your hands now Father, with this fresh understanding! So many of us holding hands together… Tribal strength!
    Expectation is high, as never before!
    Blessings from us in Australia…
    ~Joan Westaway~


  5. Debbie G. says

    Oh wow! Does this ever resonate!! I am gob-smacked as the Brits would say!! I have never felt legitimate in my mother’s eyes, ever. I will gleefully keep warring, and praying for myself, and my fellow Noble Subjects.