11. Hebrew Worship: The God of the Hidden Agenda

On the surface, it looks like a plain old fashioned legitimacy crutch and you know how I LOATH legitimacy crutches, no matter how pretty or now temporary they are.

Moses wasn’t man enough to do the job he was designed before the foundation of the world to do.   “No guts” in the vernacular.  “No faith” if you want to be pious about it.

So, God sent Aaron to be Moses’ crutch, to speak for him, to help him feel more confident when he tiptoed into Pharaoh’s palace and presented an outrageous request from an unknown God.

That is true.  He was a crutch for a little while until Moses grew into the job.  By the fourth plague, Moses was becoming confident.  By the seventh one he was on his own and Aaron was just along for the ride.

I think there is another story here though.  God knew that Aaron was destined to be High Priest some time in the future.  Moses probably had no idea the office would ever exist, since it never had for the Hebrews so far.  But God knows about a lot of things that have never existed before and He plans meticulously in preparation for those things without human understanding or permission.

So my hunch is God’s strategy was quite the opposite of what it appears.  Instead of Aaron helping Moses’ out with his insecure soul, Moses was unwittingly helping Aaron out with his underdeveloped spirit.  In this whole experience of meeting with Pharaoh repeatedly, doing miracles and watching the effect of the plagues on Egypt, Aaron was getting an education about the God he would one day represent before the nation.

Groomed for a job he did not know existed.  That is so like God.

Aaron was not the first and he was not the last.  I look back on my life and ponder the strange places God has stuck me in order to train me for something that would come 20 years later.  He was teaching me about fractals long before I knew what they were.  He was training me for land work long before I knew there was such a thing as spiritual dynamics for land.  He developed my spiritual discernment back when I didn’t even think there were demons.

On the job training is one of God’s specialties.  Let’s celebrate all the jobs He trained for, before the jobs existed on earth.

11. Hebrew Worship:  The God of the Hidden Agenda

Copyright September 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Megan Caldecourt says

    I so love this picture of a God who works on many layers. Yes, He gave Moses the legitimacy crutch that he needed for the time. But God doesn’t waste resources or opportunities! He developed and grew Aaron at the same time. Go God!!!


  2. Annette says

    Apart from the spiritual implications etc of the things your write Arthur, I just simply enjoy reading them. Because of the different, new and interesting angles you come up with in old stories… I love the fresh perspectives you bring. Just wanted to say it.


    • Susan Brooks says

      Hi Annette, I just wanted to put in a plug for the “A Hard Life” CD set. If you like the fresh and different perspectives on the Bible stories we all know, you would love, love, LOVE that teaching. 🙂


  3. Rosemary Williamson says

    I don’t know about everybody else, but since we’ve been praying these Egyptian curse prayers life has been a bit of a roller coaster, first of all things speeded up and we thought ‘yay!’. Then they ground to a halt, slow walking turned to standing still, then walking backwards! However, we have fallen over a few issues that needed resolving and have been able to work through ‘stuff’ like never before. So reading this latest post I find myself wondering what we are being trained up for now? Love this insight.