15. Hebrew Worship: The Poly-Variegated God

Our company was founded on Ephesians 3:10.

“His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms . . .”  NIV

-His intent:  God’s will, not something we are trying to persuade Him to do.

-Was that now:  This is a church age mandate – not something for some other season.

-Through the church:  This is our job, not something God wants to do unilaterally.

-The manifold wisdom of God:  Manifold actually is “poly-variegated.”  God’s wisdom has more shades of colors than the 16,800,000 our computers are able to generate.

-Should be made known:  In other words, only a fraction of who God is has been revealed so far.

-To the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms:  The good guys and bad guys.

So our paraphrase of this is that God wants us to take on new kinds of problems that have never been embraced before, so that through us, He can show the big guys facets of His wisdom they don’t even know exist.

That is the backdrop in my mind to God’s response to Moses when he whined about the mess God had made in the brickyards.

His answer was, “Son, the bigger the tree, the harder it falls.”  Exodus 6:1-8  Burk’s Vernacular Version.

Moses reported that to the Hebrew elders.  Their response was “Take a hike, Trouble Maker.”  Exodus 6:9  BVV

Once that necessary piece of nonsense was out of the way, God told Moses, “Time for you to have another chummy little chat with Pharaoh.  Same song, second verse.”  Exodus 6:10  BVV

Moses was less than impressed with God’s enthusiasm about the situation because he hadn’t read Ephesians 3:10.  Moses was focused on the brickyard and the pain in the people.  Most of all, Moses was focused on the fact that he, as the resident Exhorter, was now the most unpopular man in Egypt.  The Hebrews and the Egyptians hadn’t just unfriended him on Facebook – they had blocked him.

And in that place where the Hebrews were trashed and Moses was traumatize, God was just beginning.  It was Back to School week in Egypt, and the “rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms” over Egypt were about to be involuntarily enrolled in some graduate level courses on the poly-variegated wisdom of God!

The LORD of the Hebrews was not feeling any stress – just excitement over being back in the classroom with a whole new syllabus for this class full of hard core attitudes needing an adjustment.

15. Hebrew Worship: The Poly-Variegated God

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Nichols Web Management says

    Feels like the Egyptians have taken away the water along with the straw these days! The battle is intense and these articles are bringing a most needed clarity to all the parties involved.. THANK YOU!


    • says

      Absolutely right, Nichols. I have a new theory to try here. I will be publishing a special edition of the Egyptian battle today or tomorrow. Keep an eye out for it.


  2. Anna-Marie de Beer says

    Arthur, I learn so much from you everyday! I did enjoy reading this because BVV is so spot on!
    I pray for you and the SLG tribe.