New Twist on Leviathan

I had an unexpected altercation with Leviathan today.  We had an odd wobble in one of my peeps, and I went in expecting an AHS and instead, when we stripped away the camouflage, it was Leviathan.

(Insert hard left turn at 65 MPH with mild whiplash).

I launched into an ear banging session and these are always interesting.  I never know when I am going to ouch the critters nor what the Holy Spirit will give me to use for ammo.

Today, out of the blue, the Spirit led me to John 17 and told me to talk about the glory.  So I went into hard core theology lesson pointing out how much glory Jesus had before He came and how He asked for it to be restored and Father did indeed, and today Jesus is luxuriant in restored glory.

And I gratuitously pointed out that Leviathan once had glory and had lost it massively, and would never, ever get it back.

That was a body blow and he wilted and quit talking smack.

However, he was still there.  The person in question looked inside and saw that he was chained to her brain.

That was odd to me.  I have had a whole lot of parts and AHS that have been caged, or chained or otherwise restrained, but how could an unholy creature be locked into place?  A new one for sure.

The Holy Spirit was all over it and took me to Revelation where Satan is chained by an angel for 1000 years, in the bottomless pit.  He explained to me that this was a counterfeit of that.  Some higher level spirit had assigned Leviathan to her brain but had chained Leviathan there so he could not leave even though he was hurting from the deliverance prayers.

I had never heard of that, but figured I would run with the Biblical imagery.  In Revelation it was an angel with the chain, so I asked God to send a Chain Specialist Angel to remove this chain and extract the critter.  He did, and it was all over quickly.

I have no idea whether the chain deal is a one-off stunt, or whether it exists in other applications. Thought I would just throw it out there for hoots.  If you get a critter that is clearly beaten but not gone, see if it is chained and is there involuntarily.

BUT . . . the other piece about the glory of Jesus being restored is spectacular!  That one shouts and dances and will be a permanent feature of my warfare arsenal.  You better believe a few other spirits that don’t bend the knee to Jesus’ kingship are going to get an earful of John 17 and Revelation 1!

Love new toys!!!!

Thank you Holy Spirit.  I can do anything when you are slipping me a cheat sheet in the midst of the ruckus.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Regina Sanchez says

    Wow very powerful. Just prayed a pray and sought deliverance for my brain also. ASked the Lord to sen His Chain Specialist Angel to severe and remove that chain. But the Holy Spirit also directed me to pray that where the chain was connected to my brain, that God’s healing balm would come and 100% heal that area so there no vulnerability to that area of my brain for another demonic spirit to attach itself. Thank you.


  2. Deborah Brouwer says

    Thankyou for the teachings on Liviathan. I am believing that I may have such a spirit and need direction as to what to do. Would you help?


  3. says

    In such a Woohoo mood as I read this, I just couldn’t resist!

    Woohoo! What can you do
    When Leviathan gets in the way
    Blast ‘im with Glory so ‘e gets the true story
    See ‘im wilt, come what may…
    But then ‘is chain to the brain
    Was such a strain
    So God’s angel was sent to the fray
    To remove that old chain
    Flush it down the drain
    And Yay! Glory wins the day!

    Love it when new tools are discovered in God’s amazingly endless armoury. I can still feel those Scriptures in my hand! Woot! Woot!

    Joan Westaway from Brisbane Q Australia


  4. says

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. I was in a tricky situation since yesterday and used only the glory and victory of Jesus in my situation this morning. About an hour later the Lord resolved the issue. This tribe has given me so much hope to step into victory in every challenge I face. No more long faces and troubled heart. Be blessed and highly favored.


  5. Samantha says

    6:34am here in Cape Town, so starting my day off relishing the cleverness and wisdom of our God, who has no problem reminding the enemy that the battle has already been won!
    Thank you and bless you

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  6. Michelle Neely says

    Thank you Arthur, its been such an education to be associated with you and your deep and high revelations of greater freedoms!!!
    Very gratefully yours,

    Michelle of Eugene, Oregon

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  7. Ann says

    Greay stuff. About a month ago I was led to the text in John 17 and the Holy Spirit began to impress on me that not only did Jesus have glory before he came to earth but that we did also.
    Since then I have been praying for my DNA to come into alignment with that glory. There has been definite shifting In some areas. Not sure about theology of it all but have seen results.

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