16. Hebrew Worship: The God of PSYOPS

ISIS has embraced psychological operations – psyops – as central to their whole strategy.  Their tools are crude and primitive.  North Korea is equally loud but unsophisticated with their attempts to manipulate the world into fearing them.

By contrast, the governments of most of the heavily militarized countries of the world have official psyops departments using much more subtle and complex tools to influence governments, military units or civilians in contested territories.

God is the master of psyops.  The entire ten plagues were partially designed to devastate Egypt’s economy, but more significantly, He was dishonoring their gods and discrediting the spiritual foundations of Pharaoh’s claim to greatness.

The first round was for the benefit of Pharaoh and the wise men and magicians.  Aaron’s staff toggled back and forth between a staff and a snake.  Pharaoh was a big boy and wasn’t about to be impressed by anything the so called LORD of the Hebrews could do, so he coolly called in his power team and they were able to replicate the miracle with their own staffs.

Pharaoh leaned back in his throne, smugly reassured that his A Team could take on the Hebrew’s LORD at any time.  Suddenly, in a brilliant psyops moment, he watched with horror as Aaron’s snake chased down every single one of the Egyptian snakes and ate them one at a time.  This, by the way, for you science buffs, is the first recorded instance of successful A.I.  The staff was brilliant on assignment.

Suddenly not only Pharaoh but his entire A Team were embarrassed in a big way, and God called it a wrap for the day and left the wise men and magicians slinking off to their elegant research labs trying to figure out what happened to their incantation.

God knew just the right amount of time for this story to circulate through the buzz-feed in Egypt.  When the maximum amount of psychological damage had been done, He rolled out psyop number two.

Moses met Pharaoh at the Nile River which was symbolic of Osiris, their god of death, life and resurrection.  Aaron turned the water from the river into blood which was an in your face assault on one of the most important gods of the Egyptians.  No subtle psychological games here.  This was a power encounter and God humiliated the Egyptian demon in charge of the river.

While the power play was still resonating through the land, The God of PSYOPS was stealthily setting up the surprise stinger.

The Master Psychologist was precise.  Moses was to confront Pharaoh on the WAY TO the Nile.  Pharaoh was going there for a bath.  Obviously after the blood incident, Pharaoh decided to skip his bath and return to the palace.

Remember, he was Pharaoh after all, and had an abundance of slaves to buffer him from the consequences of Moses and Aaron and their staff.  There was water in abundance back at the palace, and he would shower there and let the slaves worry about where to get fresh water in time for his next bath.  This was not going to mess with him.



Oh, so wrong!

Can you imagine the psychological jolt that went through the entire nation, INCLUDING the palace when they found out that ALL stored water, everywhere in the nation, in every pot or other container had been simultaneously turned into blood!  Exodus 7:19.

There was no reserve.  The Hebrew God had in a single moment turned all of the fresh water in the entire nation into blood.

The river incident hurt.  This one rocked the nation savagely.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all crashed in the first 15 minutes.

Talk about a psyops triumph!  It wasn’t the water.  It was the powerlessness.  This is the ultimate goal of psyops.  Leave the citizenry and the military demoralized, disoriented and hugely impressed with the power of the enemy to surprise them in areas that were assumed to be secure.

The Hebrew Lord:  The God of PSYOPS!

16. Hebrew Worship: The God of PSYOPS

Copyright October 2015, by Arthur Burk

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  1. Anonymous says

    The insight is encouraging. I want to always remember how the God of the universe is always
    steps and miles ahead of the enemy’s plans. I want to trust Him even when I can’t see how
    He is preparing me and the world around me.

    Thank you Author for seeing between the lines and sharing. Colleen


  2. yvonne green says


    You are a compelling and masterful story teller.

    Thanks for opening so many doors of revelation for me through this gift.

    Blessings to our God who has no equal!

    Blessings to His beloved people as well.



  3. Sonia says

    Can I say I LOVE it!! Yes I can dance and sing and whoop to this one Arthur 🙂 I love your BV 🙂 I watched the EXODUS recently and this was immensely magnified in the movie:)


  4. viviennehines says

    The God of PSYOPS! I have experienced the magnificent interventions of this God of PSYOPS in my life alongside the enemy and those in partnership with him try to destroy my life. I celebrate the prayer today for other, BUT I am celebrating my own personal journey of watching “My God of PSYOPS in my personal life.


  5. Podehl, Dietrich says

    Arthur: as a military guy I Know of PsyOps
    Love this one, great insight! Keep running strong great stuff!! Love Dietrich


  6. says

    Wow, wow, wow!!! This is a big one!!!

    It shows to me the immensity of God, His greatness, but also His calmness because He knows His strategy works out. The God who plans ahead.

    Arthur, I am fascinated in how many different ways you share Bible stories, to see them from different angles. Those again, I haven’t seen them in that way before. Amazing! Thank you!