Missing Parts in a D.I.D. System

In D.I.D. that does not involve SRA, parts are usually individualized.  There is the two year old, or the angry part, or the one carrying the pain of molestation.

For reasons that I cannot explain, when the dissociation is the result of SRA, we often have systems of parts that are all of a kind and all interrelated.

I ran into this recently.  The client had been dealing with panic for years which is pretty common for a survivor.  We went looking, found a group of six parts carrying panic.  Got them to Original Self, cleaned them up and eventually integrated.

A couple of days later the client was still in distress.  The integration was holding but the assimilation was not happening.   I asked the Holy Spirit and He said that the parts inside were still connected outside.

I tried to do a trauma-bonds-to-time clean up, but that didn’t work at all.  Turns out they were connected to parts from the system that were still outside and still in panic.

I queried the human spirit, and it said that the parts were not in the place where I found the other ones.  So I floated the options:  outer darkness, Sheol, Death.  Answer, “Kind of, but not really.”

Hmm . . .

Sometimes working with survivors is like playing Twenty Questions with my sister in my youth.  The spirit can tell me when I am right, but can’t volunteer the information I need.  So I chewed and listened for the Spirit.

I asked their spirit if the missing parts were in another dimension, not outer darkness.

Spirit chewed on that and came back with, “They are scattered all over in a way that they can’t be found or gathered up.”

Talk about waving red meat in front of a wild dog!  That fired me up.  You don’t use the word “can’t” when talking about MY King.

I dove for my computer concordance, plugged in “scattered” and came up with this gem.  “Then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you.”  Deuteronomy 30:3 NIV

Love it.  Nothing ambiguous about who my God is and what He can do!

(I think a quarter of all the verses in Scripture have direct application to some facet of SRA/DID healing.  I love the process of discovery.)

I tweaked the verse and made clear in my request to Jesus that it was not He who had scattered the parts, but His enemy.  However, Jesus is still The Regatherer of Scattered Parts.  So I asked Him to be Himself, to make a public spectacle of the enemy and to gather the supposedly ungatherable parts to the staging area where Original Self was.

Huge turmoil inside and no movement.  Shortly there was fresh panic on top of the old panic because Jesus had not come and some parts were sure He never would and they were doomed to their scattered existence of perpetual panic.

Client was losing it.

I asked the Holy Spirit, “What’s up?”

He said the parts chose to leave time because the horrors they were facing were unfathomable.  They do want to get away from panic now, but they will have to choose to trust Jesus to bring them into time in a place that is good.

I shared that with the parts.  There was more horror at the thought of being in time, but somewhere, someone decided to trust Jesus that there might possibly be some place in time that was less horrible than where they were.  As that one made a decision of faith in Jesus’ skill and judgment, there was a domino effect and the whole system, all over undefinable somewhere of the dimensions, came into agreement.

Jesus began gathering them in.  This was a bit of a process but eventually they were all in and settled in the staging area.  I let this process run for a while, then checked back with Original Self to see how things were and the assimilation of the first batch had started by now.

So we will give it overnight for Original Self to finish assimilating.  The regathered parts need to experience time and peace together, since they have not known that.  In a day or two, we will look at the process of integrating them.  I think there are far too many for a single process.  Usually Original Self only absorbs two or three at a time, then needs time to assimilate.

But, she is more at peace than she has been for decades.  The fear of panic is now dissipating.  This is huge because even when she was not in panic, she was on edge, wondering when it would pop up and destabilize her at the most inopportune time.  Panic was occasional.  Fear of panic was her constant companion so that she never felt safe in life.

AND, most important, we have discovered a new color of the poly-variegated wisdom of God:  The Regatherer of Scattered Parts.

So much for “. . . scattered all over in a way that they can’t be found or gathered up!”  Don’t even say stuff like that about MY King.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Nancy says

    Years ago I saw nothing in scripture regarding DID so I asked the LORD to reveal where he talks about it. I was given John 10:16 the good shepherd who has another flock not of the fold who will be brought into one fold with one shepherd. I believe its because the sheep received the gift of scattering to keep them safe so they can be brought back into the fold one day. Thank you Arthur for gathering the sheep from the gift of the other flock.

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  2. says

    Please indicate what abbreviations D.I.D. and SRA stand for for those of us who are not aware, then I will comment accordingly. Otherwise, it looks like you are talking in code. Thank you. God bless you. Judith Grominger ☺


    • says

      Judith, both of those are very available terms if you were to look them up on Google. SRA is Satanic Ritual Abuse. D.I.D. is Dissociative Identity Disorder. Since we have used them hundreds of times in our various products we don’t write it all out every time.


  3. Dorinda Kaylor says

    God bless you, Arthur! I so appreciate your stability during times of distress on the patient’s part.
    You remind me of a dream I had of a healing technician years ago, which is the desire of my heart. No emotion, just KNOWING healing is going to happen and when it does, to God be the glory!
    You are an inspiration to me and a group of us gathering for prayer to see more and more clearly how to more effectively bring healing to others.

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  4. Chris says

    Glory! “Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be wasted and lost” (John 6:12b)
    You wrote, “I think a quarter of all the verses in Scripture have direct application to some facet of SRA/DID healing. I love the process of discovery.” Enlightening and confirming.
    Love to hear you extolling “MY King” and honoring the “Regatherer of Scattered Parts” in contagious ways.

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  5. Sam says

    I resonate with this, yet I have not any evidence of SRA in my past, rather my dysthymia & PTSD diagnoses is likely abusr trauma from very early (2 years old) treatment for nephrosis in a hospital in early 1950s (Harriet Lane Home at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.


  6. jewestaway says

    Cheering that ‘win’ with the Word!
    “. . . scattered all over in a way that they can’t be found or gathered up!”
    His truth is so liberating! It trumps the enemy! Every time!
    I admit, the process itself seems quite involved, so I will have to digest that part… But … and I love that ‘But’ ! But… the devices of the enemy are being royally whopped!
    Cheering you on to full sweet integration! Sweet healing for her!
    Love the ‘new color of the poly-variegated wisdom of God: The Regatherer of Scattered Parts’… Woohoo!

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  7. Noeleen says

    Wow! This is amazing – an increasingly peaceful anticipation of healing and restored wholeness. Our King who has gone before us. Thank you for sharing this report.

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  8. Michelle Neely says

    How wonderful is this? Yet another Key to set the captive free! Thank you so very much for this blessed revelation. Thank you Jesus!
    Ok, now I will share with you how I gave this very same scripture to a person who dealt with D.I.D/SRA professionally.. She sent it back stating that it did not fit.
    Thank you Lord, is I was right on this, although I waited a few years for a confirmation, and to receive it from you means a lot. and again, so grateful to have found you and all of your ministry, thank you…….
    .Lord send your glory and strength to fortify all of Sapphire to keep the great stuff coming as “Your truth is marching on……..glory glory Hallelujah!”
    Remember that song “Battle Hymn of the Republic?




  9. Audrey P says

    Rejoicing! Blessing the peace. Here is one of the verses I have held onto for so long: Isaiah 40:26b “Praise You, Lord God! You bring out the starry host one by one, and call them each by name. Because of your great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.”


  10. Podehl, Dietrich says

    Dear Arthur! What a great way of sharing, teaching, and encouraging at the same time! What a great LORD and KING WE serve! YES HE CAN Do all things bring scattered parts together again for reunion Love Dietrich