19. Hebrew Worship: The God Who Needs No Trade-offs

I live in a world of trade-offs.

Last weekend I was in Calgary.  I had a lot of people wanting my time.  I had a lot of tasks wanting my time.  I opted to invest in the people who were present.  That means I did not write my normal Giver blog for Sunday and I did not write a Hebrew Worship blog for Tuesday.

So I have already gotten emails from people who were expecting the blogs and they didn’t get them.  They are disappointed.  I have gotten emails from people who I spent time with instead.  They were happy.

I was not able to make both groups happy.

Not enough hours in the day.  Not enough gas in the tank.

Trade-offs.  I can’t have it all.

I continually worship God for the fact that He never has to make trade-offs.  He can embrace dozens of different agendas all at the same time and carry them off without any signs of stress.

So on the surface this is yet another spanking for Pharaoh.  By now the story line elicits a big yawn.  Most of us have heard it rehearsed for decades.  Flies everywhere.  OK.

And just below the surface is that fact that this time and every other time thereafter, God exempted the Hebrews from the consequences of the plagues just to drive home the branding project that Yahweh was the God of the HEBREWS, which is why He wanted them to go worship Him.

They now had worshipping motives after seeing the power of God on their behalf.  Kind of a first.

Again, old stuff.

BUT, hidden below the surface is the breakdown of the fractal of ten.  In the spiritual dynamics of the fractal of ten, it is always three + seven.  The first three represent the Trinity and the last seven represent the redemptive gifts.

And what absolutely amazes me is that whether we look at ten plagues or the Ten Commandments or ten biological systems or ten of any other system God created, they still divide comfortably at three + seven.

We couldn’t possibly do all that.  To run a branding campaign in Egypt, to educate God’s people on His nature, AND to meticulously remember to craft the project around the structures of the fractals is simply amazing.

Only God can maintain that much complexity without any stress at all.  But He does.

19. Hebrew Worship: The God Who Needs No Trade-offs

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, still in the afterglow of a good trip to Calgary



  1. says

    No cost of lost opportunity with God! And no “whoops, I was distracted and didn’t do the fractal of 10 right on that one.” He can be fully engaged all over the universe and nothing, not even the little bugs on the trees, suffer because of His attention being focused elsewhere. What a mighty God we serve. And thank you, Arthur, for your perseverance and wisdom in the decisions you make.


  2. colleen says

    Whow! God is soo sooo good. God is light years ahead of us.
    I want to remember to ask for HIs help more often. Colleen


  3. viviennehines says

    I am experiencing some breakthroughs in working business relationships from the Egyptian Brickyard curse.