Invisible AHS

“Sally” has been in counseling for a while for a particular issue, but whenever she goes in for ministry, her bladder acts up.  The team she sees is somewhat adept at deliverance, and they felt sure that it was either demonic or an AHS because of the consistent nature of the flare up.

However, after doing everything they knew how with no success, they finally gave up and worked around the irritation.

It got so disruptive she pinged me to see if there was anything new we could suggest.  I had nothing for her, but I pinged the Holy Spirit who said there was a mantle of invisibility over the AHS (plural), and it was held in place by a covenant that was rooted in a specific piece of land from her childhood.

Her team worked with her beginning with the land.  They asked her which piece of land and her spirit immediately knew.  They cut off the trauma bonds to land and all other ties to the defilement there.  Then they asked God to annul all unrighteous covenants coming from that land protecting the AHS.

Then they spoke in the direction of the AHS in her bladder, like they had many times before, and this time it immediately answered (albeit with quite a surly tone).  Under pressure it conceded that there were a total of eight AHS that had been protected by that mantle of invisibility.

And now they are gone and she can do her normal counseling with one less disruptive tool from the enemy.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

From Belgrade, MT


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    I await a response defining AHS. *Terms are abbreviated but not spelled out for those of us unacquainted with the abbreviation.* This is the* third* time. Please honor my request with the answer to my question. Judith Grominger 😦


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      Judith, this stands for Alien Human Spirit. We have had teachings out on this for a couple of years. Next time go to the main website and do a search for a term you do not understand. Also on our Noble Subject blog, there are seventeen articles about it, going back a couple of years. There is a whole category of articles on AHS. After we have explained something many times, we start using abbreviations.


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    I too have had bladder problems for years. It acted up badly during the “Deliverance on the Brain” seminar in South Africa. It was terribly irritated and spontaneously evacuated while walking out of the hall. Weirdly I was not embarrassed and just quietly went home missing the practicals at the end. I discovered one AHS there that had been one of my babies forceably aborted when I was being sexually abused as a teenager. I found it curious that it should act up at that seminar. That has never happened to me before. I was never even a bed wetter. It all seems to be fine now.

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  3. Michelle Neely says

    Love to go deeper and learn as I have been with you………what hope and joy to know the Holy Spirit has all the effective answers and you are such a good teacher/guide to train us to ask and receive, if we can believe!.. Its blowing my mind, which is good! Expanding more and more.
    I love this group and learning so much from you.



  4. Tara says

    Wow this is super interesting. I long to be able to hear this specifically on solutions to problems for others


  5. Diane Eble says

    Interesting. If my testing is accurate now (I will keep testing to see if I get the same thing), there is a mantle of invisibility around AHS (I test there are 2, one on each side of the “curtain), and the trauma bond is to time, not land. And it has to do with when you were 2 months in the womb.

    So … I guess I need to review about trauma bonds to time, and how to break them. Have we ever done that before?

    I guess it’s worth a try…..

    Blessings, Diane


  6. Jerri Langlais says

    wow, I am thinking I sure would love to be able to hear from the Holy Spirit in this very distinctive and direct way as to spiritual strategy!


  7. Podehl, Dietrich says

    WOW, Arthur Thank for sharing! I always knew there is much more in the room of the invisible Realität, where OUR LORD will increasingly shine HIS light upon. THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT! The LORD HAS MADE THE WAY! KR DietrichP