21. Hebrew Worship: Unambiguous Humiliation

The magicians of Egypt were a source of solace for Pharaoh.  Even though they had thrown in the towel during the third plague and conceded that they could not compete with this new God of the Hebrews, much less do one-upmanship, they still showed up for each audience with that pesky Hebrew prophet because they were on Pharaoh’s payroll and that was proper palace protocol.

On the 6th plague, which parallels the Teacher gift in the fractal of ten, God released a plague of boils on the Egyptians, and it was so severe that even the magicians had to stay home from work.  Not only could they not compete with the Hebrew God, they could not even protect themselves from His anger.  Pharaoh was deprived of their “help” for a season.

This was also a splendid divine slam on their goddess Sekhmet.  She was a complex character who was primarily the goddess of war, but also, on the side, their goddess of healing.  Go figure.  She sounds a bit bipolar to me.

The God of the Hebrews was utterly unconcerned about offending their goddess of war, and their goddess of healing was not even able to protect the upper crust of her worshippers.

So in addition to the surface battle of wills with Pharaoh, God continued His branding project, demonstrating why His brand was superior to all the Egyptian gods’ brands.

Unequivocally better.

We usually wish God to move quickly on our issues so as to relieve our pain.  Sometimes God has a more complex agenda – He wants to humiliate the enemy and invites us (or compels us) to be part of the process.

Join me in worshipping His majesty.

21. Hebrew Worship: Unambiguous Humiliation

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Abby says

    This hit my heart and head like an airbag escaping! As the white dust settles, I am left in fear and total and utter awe of our God, my God! Thank you!


  2. Michelle Neely says

    Wow, another life affirming lesson that is so pertinent and personal for now,Wow… it explains a lot however I might ask you:” How many plaques were there before their freedom came about?”..I want to say 12 or 15 but could be more……..right?…..coming out of Egypt has been a long haul,but certain one’s like you make it easier by far!
    Thank you again,
    Michelle …….

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