Below the Seat of Dominion

Full Disclosure Notification:  This is a half-baked potato.  Experiment at your own risk.

One of the problems with a long-term relationship with a survivor is that the placebo effect eventually kicks in.

Initially, a survivor is defined by massive, all-encompassing distrust.  Everyone and everything is improbable and the counselor spends a whole lot of time explaining that the weird things are not so weird and that the processes might work if the client will risk just a tad bit.  Clients tend to be hugely risk adverse.

After some months, there is no such thing as weird anymore, the counselor has developed a trust relationship with most of the parts and systems, and things move forward rapidly.  In that place, danger awaits.  The counselor has been right so many times about so many procedures and symbols and situations, that the parts and the client tend to believe deeply in the wisdom of the counselor.

The counselor in effect becomes a mini-god to the survivor:  wise and powerful.

When this happens, the client may immediately “see” in their inner being some dynamic that the counselor is asking about, when it doesn’t really exist.  It can be challenging for the counselor to lead the client in the healing process, without creating a non-reality in their mind, based on the vast, past credibility which the counselor has accrued.

This is where I found myself with one particular “Sally.”  We have worked intermittently for a few years, and she has a huge guinea pig anointing.  From time to time I have tried some wacky ideas out to see if they would work.  She is no stranger to weird.

She recently got in touch with me over some issue.  I can’t remember how it began, but the Holy Spirit led me to deal with the space in her brain below the Seat of Dominion.  This would be right behind the top of her nose, between the eyebrows.

I had no idea what it meant to “deal with it” but I threw out a probe and was immediately met by a defiant demon.  The Holy Spirit nudged me with the inside information that it was a guard.  I challenged it.  We found three very small parts.

After some altercations, the demon left and I had access to the parts.  Holy Spirit said they came from the point of conception.  We took them back there in time, did some clean up over a day or two and then integrated them.  All of that went quite routinely, without drama.

However, Sally’s life was massively destabilized from that time on.  It seemed with that work, she completely lost her grounding.  We spent about three weeks exploring stuff and found a variety of problems which we worked through, slowly getting her back to stability, but there was still something vague that was “off.”

Today I decided to go back to that spot below the Seat of Dominion.  There are a number of verses in Scripture that refer to “the deep.”  Overall there are 18 different Hebrew and Greek terms translated by the same English word, and there is a wide spectrum of meanings.  I wondered if something in that sector of theology had any implications.

I started with Psalm 95:4, AV.  “In his hand are the deep places of the earth:  the strength of the hills is his also.”

We proclaimed the importance of the deep places in the brain and the King’s ownership of all of her brain.  I asked The Almighty to repair and restore the physical brain in that location and all of the spiritual structures of “the deep” that belong there.

This produced a bunch of feeling in her brain and that makes me wonder.  Was God actually doing something, or was this simply the placebo effect of her trusting me because we have done weird things in the past?  I don’t know.

While we were both silent for a while and she was feeling what she was feeling, the Holy Spirit nudged me with the story of Ezekiel’s ordination.  The four living creatures prepared the way for God to come, then positioned themselves below the crystal vault as their ongoing provision for the sanctity of the throne of God which came down from above.

I cautiously played that card, asking God to establish whatever was right and appropriate for her in that space under the Seat of Dominion, to secure the well-being of her spirit and the Seat of Dominion in an ongoing way.  Again, there was a swarm of feeling in her brain.

In the time that passed, she reported a lot of vague, good feelings.  Since this happened within the last month, we don’t have enough perspective to tell whether there is measurable, verifiable, sustained change.  If it was the placebo effect, then she just manufactured the feelings in her brain because she wanted something to be happening.  If this was God, one would expect some substantive changes, on a sustained basis, but we have no idea what to look for.

And I don’t know whether this was a piece of repair work specific to her, based on what they did to her in the cult, or whether this is a principle that could be portable to a few others, or to many others.

So there you have it.  There was an experience.  That is all we know for sure.  How valid the experience was is the question.

I am tossing this card into the middle of the table for anyone who wishes to experiment with it and give us feedback here as to validity and portability.

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Sherry says

    Have had trauma to the brain before, an AHS evicted as well and this sounds like a great proclamation to have done. Will definitely work on this.
    If there is an issue with D.I.D. I wonder if that would matter.

    Thanks for trying new things and being bold enough to share them with us.


  2. says

    Just a thought…
    Under the Seat of Dominion- a convenient place to sweep stuff ‘under the mat’
    Read this with interest and look forward to the outcome for Sally! Love thes way you have these guinea pigs. Could put up my hand here!
    The word ‘Deep’ stirred something. Has since I first read- Deep calleth unto deep! Coincidence?
    Blessings ~ Joan


  3. viviennehines says


    I don’t really know. I have prayed for the healing of my brain, and have seen great improvements, but I am not sure about the issue of dominion as it is a new place for me. However I will read again and ponder, yet I want to deal with my issues of intense jealousy before I take this new issue of the seat of dominion on. I feel wobbly when it come to dominion issues in my life sometimes.

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