Dignity for Parts

A core component of SRA is to strip people and their parts of anything resembling dignity.  Therefore, when I am working with parts, I am much more interested in restoring dignity than I am in processing pain.  First things first.

With the very small and very young parts, they do not have a big enough worldview to receive dignity.  These are the little ones who wouldn’t know a Porsche from a PBJ.  They are only looking for comfort and safety.

However, most of the time, there are a bunch of parts who are a little older and have a task to do.  If they are old enough to have any defining characteristic such as being angry or liking to cook, they are old enough to comprehend design and essence and to receive dignity.

Recently I oversaw an integration with a part that knew it liked to sing.  Below is an audio clip that generally approximated what I told him before the integration as a means of giving dignity.  Each identity requires a customized dignity gift, but this is a sample of the kind of thing I do.

Dignity Gift to the One Who Sings

Copyright October 2015 by Arthur Burk


  1. says

    Thank you so much for sharing the clip. I listened and savoured it, and will probably listen to it several more times 🙂

    I am fully integrated now, but am still struggling to reconcile myself to singing. One of my parts’ (Ouvrou) enjoyed walking and singing children’s songs. I had a part (Sproetjies) who’s only purpose was to go visit a lady and her daughter every Saturday (while I lived in the children’s home) and act as though life was wonderful and spend the whole day singing old Rina Hugo and Carike Keusenkamp songs. Two of my parts (Cath and Ann) wrote songs while I was in Ywam and also sang while walking in nature (Ywam was on a farm). I remember being on several worship teams over the years, but also have some bad memories from it, which is why I’ve been shying away from joining the worship team during my healing journey.

    On the downside, when I started decompensating 4 years ago and ‘woke’ all my parts, several of them took up smoking again and this has made it difficult for me to sing like I used to. I stopped smoking last year, but after a setback on my health I started smoking again for pain-management. Struggling to give up again.


  2. Anna-Marie de Beer says

    This is a totally new field for me. I have followed your blog from September. Which teaching can I buy to get to know more about the parts etc? I want to know if all of us have parts separated from original self?


    • says

      Hi Anna-Marie. Welcome to our wild and wacky tribe. You will want to go to SapphireAustria.com. That branch carries my material on DID. We have a series called Tools for Freedom. Parts 1 and 2 are on the shelf and on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, we will release Part 3 that deals with integration of parts of the soul. Those three will be available either as a download or as albums to ship and will give you a big overview of the strategy we use of having the human spirit lead the way in ministry to the soul.


  3. Sonia says

    Thank you for sharing this clip with us. I am enriched in my spirit for having heard it…able to savour an integration that took place 7 years ago and the journey of singing since then.


  4. Louise says

    This prayer is one of the most beautiful “sounds” I have ever had to listen to. Thank you very much for sharing!


  5. viviennehines says

    Good Morning Arthur,

    Thank you for this clip on giving dignity to parts while being integrated. This is so essential and profound to the process of becoming whole. Blessings and Revelation Holy Spirit, for Arthur.