1. Invisibility: Defining the Source

“Lauren” wrote me about work.  She has not been able to get a good job for a long time.  She is well qualified, but simply gets no traction in the marketplace beyond survival jobs.

That was a fairly unwelcome problem to solve because the root could be so many places, but she agreed to do several rounds of emails as I floated possible rocks for her to look under.  She was mercifully concise in her answers, so we got through the process reasonably unscathed.

I eliminated the seven curses, generational curses, birth order curses, curses on time, trauma bond to land and a few other things.  In the end, it turned out to be a mantle of invisibility.  In her childhood there were some contexts where she was not physically or emotionally safe.  Her survival mechanism was to become as still and invisible as possible.

When that happens early on, it causes a disruption in spirit, soul and brain, which means that all three have to be addressed in order to restore her right place in the business culture.  She can’t just break a curse or remove a mantle.

I said it would probably take a year of work on her part, I would coach her, but she needed to let you look over her shoulder so we get maximum mileage out of the time I spend flogging the keyboard.

She bought in.  So you will be seeing irregularly sporadic blogs on this topic as she trudges through the restructuring process.

I decided to start with her soul.  The Office of Personhood will serve as a good tool for expanding the dynamics of her soul.  I choose this because it should give some quick results.  She assures me she has the discretionary time to invest in the project, so working through the exercises in the offices of personhood and daughter should come quickly and produce measurable, verifiable results.

Then we will work on rewiring the brain.  And finally dig into the spirit.  Along the way, each of these will be developed in the context of her being seen naturally and generically in the community.

Each person’s journey is unique, but I think there are a whole lot of Laurens out there who could tag along and transform your own lives.

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. viviennehines says

    Hello Arthur, I am in on this one for myself and my sons. for me invisibility began in the womb when my father sent my mother away to hide the fact that she was pregnant with me from his then pregnant wife. My mother had no idea he was married. I will be paying close attention to this one also. Blessings and revelation as you trugge along with Lauren. I am trugging away with my project of the jealousy issue. First I had to take my two intercessors through the process of their own deliverance because they had not bought into the issue of Jealousy being a principality until they read the blog. But we are making progress and Father is giving us strategy which we are celebrating. Will keep you posted. More blessings and revelations Arthur.

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    • kirstenalice says

      Sign me up! I’m another Lauren! Have struggled with invisibility for as long as I can remember.
      I am a first born girl, with a brother 22 months younger than I and into our adult life he openly says, that he is the oldest. I have tried to stand in who I know that I am but have drive bys of invisibility often. Can’t wait to learn more. Want to order the materials on office of personhood.
      Ready to dive in.

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  2. Louise says

    This is definitely what I would like to explore. I have felt invisible at work and in personal life for being single so long. Maybe it relates to all areas?

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  3. says

    Have some questions about NOT being first-born (was really, but not first-conceived following an abortion), and a memory of not wanting to be discovered..All sorts of stuff! Became aware if this with regards to birthright just this week. Pattern here too! Suspecting AHS… Been the overlooked-one-in-the-prayer-line scenario… .Hmmm This has me with my ears pricked!. Fun ahead!
    PS. Office of Personhood is on its way! More fun!


    • says

      Sure. The most common is curses on first born sons.

      One of the ugliest I saw, was on the baby of the family. The firstborn was a monster until the second child was born. Then the first born mellowed out and had a good life. Second born was a monster until the third born came along, then the second born was no longer the baby of the family and he settled out. The third born remained the baby of the family and was horribly messed up by the curse. When he was 30, his parents broke it without his knowledge and from one day to the next, he changed his whole personality. He was institutionalize for a long time, and the caretakers certainly had a baseline to compare to.

      The kicker was that this was generational. We could look back and see it before the generation I worked with.

      Needless to say, the parents cleaned it off their kids so that the grandkids didn’t have to deal with this rubbish.

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  4. Gail McClure says

    Just started working on Office of Personhood.
    I will be following Lauren’s journey as well.
    Thank you for letting us in on this.


  5. Jerri Langlais says

    I can identify with being ‘invisible’ Used to make the comment that I was an “island” that could not be injured and “everything was always okay” which was not the truth. I felt hidden in this. Will be joining in on this adventure, for sure.


  6. Nichols Web Management says

    I’m in, been chewing on this since I watched your related video earlier this year and sensed some personal applications. Can’t wait to ‘see’ this unfold!


  7. Sue says

    This is amazing. I have been questioning this exact issue over the last few months in certain areas and asking the Lord for answers and resolve. What you have written makes sense and fits with my story. Looking forward to more. I don’t have a chance to read the blog everyday so if you keep it titled invisibility then it will headline it for me.


    • Nichols Web Management says

      Hi Sue, these will all be in the ‘Mantle of Invisibility’ category. All of the Categories are listed alphabetically in the upper right column. Just click on the category you want to select and all of those blogs will display. ‘Mantle of Invisibility’ is right under ‘Leviathan’ (which seems to stick out, at least for me?!)

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  8. Sam says

    I will be tracking this with great interest. Birth order can have curses attached?? That’s a first for me. Office of Personhood is on my Christmas wish list 🙂