Strategy about Lack of Community

Here is the profile that attracted my attention.  Rob and Louise are in wildly different professions, different parts of the world and different stages of life.  But they had a common problem.

Both had difficulties sustaining the kind of communication that builds relationships.  Both are in public venues where they offer customer service, so there is an above average visibility factor.  People would come in the normal business context, have a dialog about a product they carry or a problem they want to solve with the company’s product.

The conversation seemed good and friendly, but it would stop there.  Whether the customer bought the product or not, there was none of the normal relationship building that should go on with a maturing customer base.

The same was true with their social media.  Some people would connect, but it was always short and focused, never having the tone of desire to build relationship.

Over the last eight years, we have talked endlessly about communication skills, curses, Leviathan, generational issues and anything else I could imagine, but we never cracked the code.  Both of them – and many others – were simply not getting back from the community the level of connectedness that would be expected.  Meanwhile a lot of people with dismal social skills had a reasonable number of friends and relationships.

I finally got tired of the battle and backed off, which was a mistake.  The devil promptly kicked it up a notch until Louise was nearly disconnected from the general public.  Emails, Facebook, SMS, IM and phone calls ground to an almost total halt.  We knew it was demonic when she went 36 hours without a single piece of spam email!

I am not a big fan of talking with demons to get information.  They tell the truth a lot and lie just a little, but you waste a lot of time trying to figure out which is which.  But in this case, I went against my preferences and called the demon involved to attention and cross examined him.

I specifically asked which part of nature he was manipulating to cause potential relationships to never emerge from the generic conversations and social contacts that both Rob and Louise have in abundance.  I asked about sound and fragrance.

His grudging response was that he messed with the structures in the air.

Now, on the one hand, it was a demon speaking and they often lie.  On the other hand, sound is the movement of air.  So it seemed plausible.

Here is my theory.  If there are bad structures, there have to be good structures.  If the structures of air can cause communication to diminish relationships then the structures of air, in theory, could contribute to rich relationships emerging from communication.

Rob and Louise are far from unique.  There are a lot of people with respectable social skills who cannot generate the flow of communication that serves as the foundation for normal relationships.  People know they are there and people respect their competence enough to ask for help occasionally, but there is not an ordinary cluster of friends that emerges in their lives.

If the demon told the truth – which I think is plausible enough that I am writing this blog – then asking God to establish the right structures in the air around people should product widespread results.  We will always get some placebo effect from these prayers, but if this is real, there should be widespread, “measurable, verifiable, sustained change.”

In other words, people who are in their forties and don’t have a community around them, will suddenly find community happening as people move toward them valuing their presence.

Let’s bring a good, hard global thrust to this problem.  Please specifically name Rob and Louise, along with anyone else you wish to include.  Ask for four things.

-Ask God to remove the demons that are manipulating structures on the air.

-Ask God to remove all of the distorted structures on air that the enemy has established.

-Ask for God’s Kingdom to come on earth, by His establishing the structures that He desires to have on the air around Rob and Louise.

-Ask God to reveal a new color of His wisdom to the spiritual realm as He does something to the structures of air that they don’t even know about.

This last one is huge to me.  We don’t just want to reverse what the devil does.  We want to go over the top, expressing some facet of the wisdom of God that they have never even imagined.

We will watch what happens to Rob and Louise and all the others like them in the world.

One reason I think there is merit to this strategy is that Paul called the devil the “prince of the power of the air.”  I have always loosely considered him the prince of the air, not the ground, but possibly there is a deeper meaning here.

So we are off on another grand adventure, compliments of the SLG think tank and its intrepid experimenter.

Copyright November 2015 by Arthur Burk     A Hard Life

From a bird sanctuary with some lovely sound in the early mornings


  1. says

    Wow, so I have been wrestling with the “invisibility” piece and breaking agreements where I have partnered with it in my pass (for saftey) and have a small measure of breakthrough. Recently realizing I may need to buy the Office of Personhood teaching for further freedom. But, THIS piece is another layer for me and I long for more insight. I am “on it” and will be praying for Rob, Louise, ME/Kirsten and others! Let’s go after this! thank you Arthur!


  2. alexa says

    This hit home and deeply. I have last few years had struggle with build community around me and at times felt very cut off from everyone. I will be praying for everyone , rob, louise and myself as this happening more and more.
    Thank you


  3. Maggie says

    I decided to fast from my PC yesterday and could feel Holy Spirit was telling me more about angels .
    1.They outnumber demons.
    2, They sound beautiful and sing so well, even though I cant hear them yet.
    3. Even though I feel so unconnected , there is hope for my future even in a city, because I imagine angels surrounding me! ( I grew up in a country town)

    Thank you Arthur….I am a worshipper that’s all I know…. now a new life kind of worshipper of the true God o the air. Thanking God for the birds here and the trees that are left;kookaburras always come when I am in despair, its uncanny…and the myriads of parrots sound so raucous but strangely glorious.
    Other days the crows creep in to my atmosphere and I know something is wrong out there.
    The unseen world of the air is full of dissonance and destruction in this 21st century kind of zeitgeist.
    He has triumphed over Death and Hell, I know that much.


    • Joanne Meeks says

      This post really caught my attention! I pour myself out to counsel and minister to others, but the friendship is never reciprocated. I am praying the prayers you suggested. I have done all I know to do to have community. People call on me for my giftings and authority in Kingdom issues, but never stay around for friendship. Thank you for being you. Hope more revelation will come forth.


  4. SandyBassie says

    Wow! Tuesday and Wednesday were very tough for me to the point I got through them, but could not do more than look at the topic of Tuesdays post and leave it for when I was ready to process it. There was a distinct flow to these days for me and this morning 3:30-4:00 a.m. I woke up processing them again, then heading to the computer to see if I could listen to Tuesday’s prayer (doing that as soon as I’m done this note). The timing of both posts is so fitting to each day’s ‘focus’ of struggle (for me at least, some overlap of issues and how they play out). I am still processing what Father is saying to me through the past two days, including this morning’s comment to Him that I love being our mornings together, and being awake to watch the sky move from black to blue as the light increases.

    Thanks for this strategy and opportunity to join in praying for Rob and Louise.


  5. Margaret says

    This hit home. My husband and I moved into this community 19 years ago and have not been able to establish “community”. I had blamed the region and I finally began to think it was me—that I don’t know how to build relationships. And yet, I have always had “community” in every other time of my life and in every area that I have lived in.

    Thank you for expanding the horizon again. Blessings to Rob and Louise, and to you.


    • Sherry says

      As I read this several times, it totally makes sense. Awesome, strategy and prayer to wake up to onThanksgiving. Praying this for my family, your SLG tribe as well as Rob and Louise.


  6. Louisa says

    Thank you very much for sharing with us! I am also experiencing some of the same symptoms and would like to pray this prayer for Rob and Louise too! Because of the disconnect with people I sometimes just feel to shut myself from the world altogether. I am going to keep on praying till there is a breakthrough. This prayer is very encouraging! Thank you very much!

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  7. says

    I was in self help groups for 13 years. Left there with no friends. I was in a church for 17 years. Left there a year ago with no friends. Today I will be eating with the homeless and the poor because I was tired of having no family on Thanksgiving. At the end of my church membership, I was so distraught because I thought I was defiling the community. I am a gatekeeper so I left because all I could feel and sense was cognitive dissonance all around me and finally a stench. The dissonance would drive me out of church and the stench would drive me away in shame. This week this is what we dealt with–the demonic system that was in place to twist sound that people would hear things and tweak the fragrance all around me. I look forward to Thanksgiving where I will not be driving any more people away from me. This gatekeeper is no longer defiled But Sanctified, Harmonic and Highly Fragrant!!! Take that, demonic realm!!!! Tears of joy to all the prayers that will be going forth from this being removed from the rest of you that have been suffering under this dynamic.


  8. Pete says

    Yes and amen.will pray these for Rob ,Louise and some dear others.Maybe also bless the portion of their spirit that can “clear the air”out loud. Here is the thought. At the construction site on Monday nite about 9pm the foreman,the helper carpenter and me(painter)are all on edge cause we are late and pushing like the hebrews after the straw experiencing utter misery at hour 14 when an angel comes w peace and im just plain ready to cry.i stand by the boss on hypervihilant mode as we press on with the never ending remodel.THEN i SEE a demonic duo that has assignment to my i pray a bit silently..let them know i know..then my foreman makes a directive to our helper(Fred)that seems emotionally innocuous but also ambiguous.Im bracing myself for another fight to occur between my two fellows again when Fred just says the right thing the right way to deal w the jeporady in the air w out dishonoring the foreman!the air actually Moved around Fred ‘s head before he opened his mouth. Fred is a former believer so i guess his spirit is saved,but that’s another conversation! One question tho..did you talk out loud with this demon?i thought we are not to do so.(and i do understand that your protocol for Ahs’s is another matter and i have proceeded that way in that scheme with peculiar success).

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