Time with The King

For reasons I cannot explain, my spiritual year begins in December.  Thus, I disconnect from the office every December 1st and spend some time with the King.

I start by spending a lot of time disconnecting from the rest of the world and the ongoing pressures of life, and I decompress physically as well.  I do not rush into His presence.

Second, I explore everything I have learned about God in the last year and worship.  This is an exciting time.

Then I listen to His analysis of my Kingdom work over the last year, and finally, we segue to my marching orders for the coming year.

It is a precious time, and this year my spirit is beside itself with anticipation.  I get the sense it has gone ahead and peeked at some of the gifts that are awaiting.

This is a several day process.  Because of that, there will be no Hebrew Worship blogs or Giver blog this week.  We have a couple of non-time sensitive blogs that are in the pipeline, and they will be released by my staff some time during the week.  All email traffic will be handled by Megan until I am back in the office.

I have invested significantly in you this year.  Would you please reciprocate by setting aside some time to pray for my time with the King every day until I emerge again?

I would appreciate that.   Shame to DignitySLG Coaching blog

Arthur Burk

Monday, November 30, 2015


  1. Debbie C. says

    I knew this was coming up for you, and looking at all the travelling that you do, as well as ministering to people, I was looking forward to seeing you go off to meet with the King. I will continue praying for you brother!


  2. says

    Yes, will hold you up before the Lord with joy and anticipation as you spend time with the King.
    Through your encouragement and direction to lay my questions before our King, I have learned to listen more carefully, and pray more effectively. My life has been blessed by your commitment to share your spiritual walk and knowledge with us.


  3. viviennehines says

    Arthur, I pray for Our Father to bless you and your family in more ways than your life has blessed me and my family. I pray that your time with your King this year will net you uncommon wisdom and abundant fruits in Jesus name amen.


  4. Louisa says

    Yes we will pray for you Arthur! Thank you so much for always sharing your beautiful gift with us! May your Godly tank be refilled during this time of rest!


  5. Alta Holtzhausen says

    Dear Auther, thank you so much for all the input in my life!! I appreciate it deeply!! You have made changes in my life that that are so significant! I worship and praise Father Yahweh for letting me meet with all your teachings and what He has done threw it!!

    I pray that you will have a blessed time more than before and receive a deeper level of intimacy and much much more!!

    Greetings Alta Holtzhausen

    Sent from my ASUS


  6. Sara Jane L. says

    Praying for you now. I’ve been so blessed by your work and ministry. Rest well and enjoy His Presence!


  7. Bev Hill says

    Father, Lord, and King, would you meet Arthur in ways that are new, that he has never thought of before? As he honors you, refreshing, regeneration, and revelation are the things I pray for him, In Jesus’ powerful name by your Holy Spirit. Amen.
    I will continue to pray for you and thank you so much for helping me this year!


  8. Anonymous says

    I will be honored and happy to pray for you Arthur Burk. You are such an interesting person with a precious heart for the Father & for His people.
    Thank you.
    Debra Exum


  9. Joanne Meeks says

    Yes, Arthur. I will pray for you to receive much from your set-apart time. May you get an abundance of LIFE and WISDOM – which you pour out so generously to each of us. May the wind of the Spirit blow through the mulberry trees and carry you into the new season.


  10. Joanne Meeks says

    I will pray for you . . . to receive open channels of revelation – an abundance of LIFE and WISDOM which you pour out so freely to each of us. Your words have ministered to me greatly when the chaos and religiousity of the world have tried to overwhelm. May the wind rustle mightily through the mulberry trees as God;s breath blows you into the next season. (I hope that last didn’t sound ‘religious’. I ‘saw’ a wind propel you into the new.)


  11. Sherry says

    Indeed we will pray. Thank you for the time you’ve invested into my life and I ask the Lord to bless you with downloads of his glory and grace. Enjoy December!


  12. Jerri Langlais says

    Up early this morning at 3, checking email and beginning to pray, again, for you Arthur, a great honor and joy 🙂


  13. Deborah Foster says

    Arthur, it is an honor to pray for your time with our King! Thank you for investing as heavily as you do in The Kingdom.


  14. Sonia says

    Indeed you did invest deeply in me this year to which I am truly thankful and I respond by saying yes and honour and praise are going to the King for you 🙂


  15. Rosemary Williamson says

    Absolutely Arthur! We will be praying for you more than usual throughout this week. Excited to hear what Father has to share with you.