AHS and Clothes

Sally needed a coat.

The process was familiar — multiple shopping trips; significant verbalization with her friends about not finding anything right; finally settling for something that was good enough.

And . . . shortly after she got home, she decided she didn’t like it.

She wrote me saying that when she put it on, she felt like a little girl, and she just could not wear it.  She was a grown woman after all and this was not suitable for her.

I intercepted her before she could return it.  Since she is somewhat comfortable with my abruptness, and since she had listened to the teaching about alien human spirits when it first came out, I simply said, “I would like to speak to the AHS that does not like the new coat.”

Immediately this adult woman was crying and the voice of a child responded saying, “I want my mommy.”

I comforted the spirit for a bit, assured her that Father knew where her mommy was and suggested that her best move would be to go to Father.

She was sort of willing, but afraid so I asked if she would like an angel to help her go, so she didn’t get lost.  She immediately acquiesced, I opened the silver channel and she left.

And now the coat is just as good as it was in the store, but Sally is still thinking wistfully of that extraordinary Italian winter coat she will own some day, that will perfectly set off her sparkling personality.

One wonders how many billions of dollars of clothing has been purchased by an adult in the store and vetoed by an AHS when they got home, and then returned to the merchant.

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  1. Marilyn says

    Could it work the other way too? The AHS chooses it in the store and when you get home and try to wear it you realize, this isn’t me.

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    • says

      Marilyn, that is possible but doesn’t seem probable. Parts are intermittent, but AHS tend to be more consistent in their values. But at this time there is more that we don’t know than that we do, so I would be hesitant to take a position.


  2. peter ffrench says

    Yep..and what about the head guy at work who comandeers the boom box playing all the stuff that he and some ahs’ seem to agree is motivational on the site….


  3. maggie says

    I am wanting to find out more about AHS. I am aware of “alters” in the Theophostic ministry , and have some understanding of ‘parts’, and astral human spirit projection, but an alien human spirit is ‘alien’ to me so to speak. I realise I need to order or download your material on this, and am not wanting to be unbelieving but I am wondering how AHS fits with the scripture ” It is appointed for man once to die”? Obviously I need to study more of your material Arthur. I am not an SRA victim so have no desire to take away from what God has shown you and am in awe that people are being set free as you testify here.


  4. says

    Arthur, could you comment on the number of AHS that we would typically encounter in a day? Are you on the front-line, so to speak, so AHS are a common part of your work? Or is this what we can each expect to encounter regularly as well, whether we are aware of them or not?

    As you mentioned, speaking to a spirit is not normal practice in society. But when you talk about this subject I feel like I should be on the lookout for them everywhere and running through the day in auto-fire prayer mode. But it seems all spirits are slippery subjects, and that without a bulls-eye, they remain anonymous and hidden.

    There is a uniqueness to each of our assignments, no doubt. This concern of mine will probably need to go on the shelf until Him and I are able to get my spirit to a more functional level. Is the key word discernment? And if I don’t have it yet, don’t bother with AHS as there are more productive areas of this life to grapple with?

    Praying your week is exciting and peaceful at the same time…


    • says

      We don’t have a good answer for you, Thomas. On AHS Part 2 I described some of the ways an AHS comes in, however, I doubt that is a comprehensive list. We do know that hospital visits are a great place to pick up AHS. Lots waiting around, looking to hitchhike.

      The real question is why some people seem to be relatively immune to them. We have looked at that a lot and have no answer.



  5. Rosa says

    Thats an interesting take. I have brought home articles of clothing, and never worn them, and end up donating them. And I am looking for that fantabulous coat as well.. classy, with a touch of Moto sassy/edgy. Perhaps I should design my own.