Demon, Part or AHS?

Jenny came to me with a “will of God” question.  She had sought God about taking some training and enrolled, then ended up in a strong push/pull.  She wanted to learn the material, but was doing very poorly and could hardly bring herself to go.

She wanted my advice on how to determine if it was God’s will that she quit.

Knowing the story, I was pretty sure she was supposed to finish, but I don’t like White Knuckle Christianity.  When she signed up, she was so sure it was part of her design, and so was I.

As I listened to her story, the push/pull stood out.  There was internal conflict.  So that means there was shame, fear, curse, demon, part or an alien human spirit.

Scrolling through the options, I felt I should try for an AHS.  With all my discernment tools, I could not reason confidently to one particular problem, so whatever I tried would be a guess at best.

Turned out to be a good guess.  I said, “I would like to speak to the AHS that does not like Jenny going to class.”

It immediately responded.  I asked politely why it objected to her taking the class, and it said she was no good, would never be any good in that subject and that there was no benefit or future in it for her.

The language and logic used by the AHS indicated that this was an older spirit, not a young, one dimensional child.  I carried on a small amount of conversation, querying what the AHS thought she would be good at.  It had no particular idea.

So I explored arranging for it to return to eternity, and it agreed and left.

Jenny didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but as glad as she was to get it gone, she still had no desire to go back to class, so she sadly told me.

I opted for demon next and spoke directly to the demon commanding it to respond to me.  They don’t always respond immediately, but the client can usually feel fear or defiance inside in the middle of the silence.  She listened closely inside and felt absolutely nothing.

It was possible that this was just a very determined, clever demon, but then Jenny shared that it had been difficult to go to the training for some time, but after the last time when the instructor had scolded her, it was just utterly impossible to think of it.

That was my clue that it was a part.  I said, “May I speak to the little one who was so offended by the scolding Jenny got last week?”

There was an immediate response of a five year old who was scared that I was going to scold and be harsh.  I reassured the part, got it to Original Self and in a few moments, integrated it.

Since most people have discernment they don’t pay attention to, I also asked Jenny if there were any areas of the building that she did not like.  She was swift to identify them, so I encouraged her to cleanse the land or clear out the demons, so that she was not pushing against that too.

I don’t know if she will finish the training or not, but it will be more within her reach now.

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  1. peter ffrench says

    Two years ago,after 5 years in and out of AA I experienced “switching” of a level of terror i had not felt since i was on drugs a long,long time back…so i left and began this journey in inner healing.Someone in the tribe here started blessing my spirit. i saw a light like a firefly moving around some beautiful heavenly atmosphere for the entire first “sozo”.i have not reurned to drink nor been that horified since….however parts seem way bewildering to me than ahs,but yea DO we discern all these things! One thing ive noticed about AHS’ is that they have an almost cartoonish feel sometimes.
    And we get to just ask God to send ’em out of here.Blessings to slg tribe!


    • says

      Peter, you might want to explore the three albums of “Tools for Freedom” from Sapphire Austria to get a handle on parts. I agree, they are a lot more complicated than AHS.


  2. says

    Thank you for an answer to a question I had, but hadn’t yet asked. It gives a clear approach by example of how to start figuring it out! Celebrating my King and Arthur and God Speed in our tribe. Wonder-ful!


  3. says

    I have stepped into a mine of gold. It is brilliant and beautiful. Thank you. This is priceless and very timely. More fuel for the engine! “All aboard!”


  4. says

    Thank you for releasing this today! I had just been ploughing through AHS 2 and a few questions came up in discussion with another Noble subject! Another bit of clarity!
    Love it that you are with the King, Arthur! … and your team covers! Bless you all!
    Joan from DownUnder!


  5. viviennehines says

    Arthur, I had been pondering the part vs AHS on the clothes issue. This helps to clarify for me. Thanks.


    • viviennehines says

      I have been experiencing some serious push pull on a continued career issue and your dialogue gives me a place to go moving forward. Blessings


  6. peter ffrench says

    Awesome.i was wonderi g how you knew the lady with the clothes problem had an ahs and not a part. P.s. why are you still blogging Arthur? You are supposed to be on lockdown alone with the King!lol. blessing and much thanks w love and laughter!


    • says

      Peter, if you notice the date at the bottom of the article, you will see it was written in November, when Arthur was still at his desk. At any given time there are a number of articles in the pipeline. Also, he has a team that is available to cover the comments when he is on the road or otherwise unavailable.

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  7. Juliane says

    Thank you so much for having released this today. This was exactly my question that came up yesterday. The example helps a lot. For weeks I worked with myself on a strong inner conflict, similar to this in the example, always shifting between part or AHS. Yesterday I had a first little breakthrough. Todays message confirms that I’m on the right path and helps me go on.