33. Hebrew Worship: Concession Speech

When I was a kid, the peer fighting culture demanded that the loser yell “Uncle” to concede defeat.

Often it was easier to get a victory than a concession speech.  The winner would be on top pounding the loser while yelling, “Say Uncle.”

Meanwhile, the loser would be yelling, “Let me go!”

Or commonly, “Mooooooooooother!”

To lose a fight AND have to admit it was simply harsh.

I love the way God pushes for concession speeches.  It is a form of worship of His Majesty, sagacity and omnipotence.

During the ten plagues, the mumbo jumbo crowd kept pace for the first three plagues, then they conceded quite completely, “This is the finger of God!”

And in the Red Sea, even though the Angel of the Lord moved around from in front of the Hebrews to between them and the Egyptians, and even though the pillar of fire moved to the back and morphed into darkness on one side and light on the other, the Egyptians, sturdy warriors that they were, pressed on.

God, undisturbed, unleashed such a simple little tool – a spirit of confusion – into their midst, and the concession speech emerged!  “Let’s get away from the Israelites.  The LORD is fighting for them against Egypt.”  Exodus 14:25  NIV.

As concession speeches go, that one covers all the bases.

Join me on a celebratory romp through Scripture as we explore a collection of concession speeches in the King’s Trophy Cupboard.

33. Hebrew Worship: Concession Speech

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  1. Trish Smith says

    Hello there Arthur, Thank you for your offering of worship in the celebration of people recognizing His supremacy.

    One part that caught my attention at 12:05 minutes was when you mentioned the demise of the Hebrew curse. Please would you elaborate on what the Hebrew curse is?


    • says

      The Hebrew Curse is a misspeak, Trish. I was just rolling along so fast I said that when I meant Egyptian Curse. I will see if Serina can whack it out for me.

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      • Trish Smith says

        Thank you, I though ti might have been in error, however wanted to check whether or not it was something to do with the Birkat ha-Minim prayer from the Talmud.