34. Hebrew Worship: Solving Silence

The silences of God are the devil’s playing field.

Today I am face to face with a painful silence from God over an issue I have been struggling against for over 20 years.  On top of that, there is the accusation of betrayal by someone I trusted.  Why didn’t God give me a heads up before I got entangled with him?  It is not a happy day.

God could intervene.  He didn’t.

It is hardly an original problem.

The Israelites had to wrap their minds around a God who clearly could and simply wouldn’t.  He showed His power in all sorts of ways, crushing the Egyptians.  With all that display of power, He simply refused to do anything about the crushing brickyard dynamic nor did He speed up their exit from Egypt to accommodate their pain.

Clearly He could have addressed either of those issues.  And just as clearly He did not.  And more to the point, even though Moses had some pretty impressive access to God, God declined to explain Himself on either of those issues.

The silences of God.

In that place the devil studies our theology and depending on our worldview, comes at us with one of two standardized accusations.  On one side is an attack on our worth.  We are assured that because we don’t measure up to God’s will, He is doing this to us.  We are simply not worthy of God’s intervention.

On the other hand is an attack on God’s worth.  He still uses the same suggestion he made to Eve that God is not deeply vested in your well being.  He has things to do and tosses some crumbs your way occasionally, but in essence, He is not a go-to source for life and goodness.

The silences of God are the devil’s playing field.

God is fully aware of this.  The capacity of His followers to adhere to a single command without deviating from it or second guessing it over long periods of time is a source of vast pleasure to Him and honor for Him.

He is also fully aware that this is the exception, not the norm.  So, The Almighty spends vast amounts of time playing brinkmanship with our sorry little souls.  He refuses to stoop to the level of answering each of our whiny demands for perspective or intervention.  He stretches the silences far beyond anything we ever thought we could – or should have to – endure.

Then, when we are beyond frayed, getting close to being shattered, He plays His restoration card which is some grand intervention.

For the Hebrews, it was the death of every single Egyptian soldier and officer.  The Hebrews watched their bodies wash up at the edge of the Red Sea while they stood in uncontested freedom on the safe side of the Sea.

“When the Israelites saw the great power the LORD displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the LORD and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant.”  Exodus 14:31  NIV

Such an irony.  Fear breeding trust.  Yet that is what God does.

In the face of long silence, He suddenly does something so huge it produces reverent fear in His people.  And once we have personally experienced the fact that God can and does intervene, the spirit of distrust is pushed away for a brief season.

Until God becomes silent again.

God well knows that His silences are the devil’s playing field.  That is why He commands us to remember, remember, remember.  If we are not relentless in remembering His faithfulness, the devil will be relentless in reminding us of all the times we wanted Him to intervene and He was silent, distant, detached.

The non-silence from the enemy about the painful silences of God is a wicked virus that will worm its way into the core of our faith.

I don’t know why God’s silence on my big pain point hurts so deeply today.  It is an old issue.  I have asked about it many times.  He has ignored my question every time.  I have tried all the tools in my tool box and none of them has broken through.

Most of the time, I just focus on moving the ball and blocking the pain.  Today, blocking is not working.  So, I grudgingly turn my soul toward the possible reasons for the silence of God.

-Sometimes it is simply a matter of time.  God noted with satisfaction that He had executed His master plan with utmost precision.  The Israelites left Egypt 430 years to the day from when they came in.  That mattered to God.  Did anyone figure that out ahead of time?  I doubt it.  Is there a special date for my big breakthrough that God is waiting for?  Could be.  He has not told me yet.  And I sure have not figured it out if there is.

-Sometimes it is a matter of purity.  But we have looked under so many rocks in the last 20 years, and I have gone to so many ministry teams and prophets that my repenter had to go in for service.  It was out of warranty because of excessive harsh usage.  Could there be a whopping big blind spot that is holding me hostage?  Sure.  Of course.  Considering the mess I came from, that is certainly possible.  All I can say is that I have given God every opportunity I know how to tell me nicely or harshly if there is an offense between us, and He has been silent.

-Sometimes it is just a matter of fighting harder.  And longer.  And smarter.

For me is it #1, #2 or #3?  Who knows.  For now, even if it is #1, doing #3 is the smart move.

So I will war some more.  Harder.

I have asked a prayer partner to join me daily for remembering the faithfulness of God, to share in Holy Communion as we vehemently celebrate His faithfulness, and then for warfare against the enemy of God’s reputation and of my peace.

Today’s audio clip is my personal rage against the accuser of my God.

34. Hebrew Worship: Solving Silence   Joy Unstoppable SLG Coaching blog

Copyright December 2015 by Arthur Burk

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  1. ckillian@kc.rr.com says

    Dear Arthur, you are probably off somewhere getting in touch with God. I want to tell you about your DID cd that I have been listening to. You are the only other person besides myself who has spoken of different handwritings as an indicator of parts in existence. When I first moved to KC in 1993 my nurse friend who knew much about psychology told me that that was not probable. Also at the age of 8 or 9 I saw myself outside of my body while my mom beat me about the face for the hundredth time. I was done I was out of there. With no warning I was suddenly back inside of my body. I was so disappointed and tired of living . I have lived with that deep despair until 2 months ago. I have been through a ton of healing and with different ministries and still the despair remained. Then, 2 months ago I visited Harvest Home in Holden, MO. and without anyone praying for me I came home feeling better. I was so much lighter that I could not hold still. I kept running around the foyer of their meeting building. My energy level had increased. The next day the despair did not show up. And it has not shown up since. I am 67 it has been a long haul and though I’m glad to no longer be in despair I was really lost for the next week. I’m not sure what part your cd played in that healing but it was also starting to have an effect on me prior to going to Harvest Home. To hear you speak of depression and suicide was interesting to say the least. Thank you for your honesty and for being transparent. You never know where that will go or how it will affect another such as myself. Thanks. Sincerely, Colleen Killian

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  2. viviennehines says

    Celebrating Merry Christmas with the SLG Tribe. Blessings to all today as we reflect on all our Father has done for us. Let us celebrate the revelations that we have shared with each other as we continue to journey through to victory from the Egyptian and other curses to a life of more JOY and abundant blessings. Blessing Tribe!

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  3. maggie says

    Isaiah 59….in the end the silence is filled with a new heaven dreaming….the desolation of this land may have some similar characteristics with the other side of the Pacific…is it something in the ocean maybe….sunken galleys ,sailing ships, injustices, multiplications of iniquities …..unpaid wages for indigenous peoples in so many places ….so much to pray about here anyway…so many who pray , yet the desolation remains on some of us, and on the land they cry out for rain….may it come very soon to you Arthur…..the rains are coming here….we are not ‘down under’… that’s only from the perspective of the northern hemisphere…the earth has an axis, it rotates, it has seasons here and another season there ; the universe is above and below and around us….and He sees and hears it all….He is the God who hears………( Ishmael was named for this) …..He hears the cry of the afflicted ….He is the God of the whole earth …he reveals Himself to whomever whenever…..


  4. Mike says

    Arthur, Your comment “repenter in for service” had me laughing through my tears. A friend recently preached a truly anointed sermon. He was inundated with positive feedback but kept on trying to pass off the affirmation by saying ‘it was God. All glory to Him’ – I felt to rebuke him for ‘false humility’ and remind him “a la Burk” of the importance of identity and legitimacy in The Kingdom and how such affirmation is needed by us to sustain our committment. Now I have been an SLG tribe member for over 10 years and I know better than to try and rebuke Arthur 🙂 So instead I wish to encourage you: Arthur, your ministry in obedience to our King is so significant and has a Kingdom impact way beyond what you (or I) can identify as ‘sustainable and measurable’. Please keep it up! We really love and appreciate you!

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  5. Tara says

    I read this email while grappling with a similar issue of my own….. its been there for over a decade and I have no idea when its going to end. Unlike you I’m beginning to lose hope and trust in the father. I’m tired of fighting.
    Thanks for penning this encouraging message.


  6. Louisa says

    This prayer is so beautiful and deep felt. Thank you for honouring God this way, He has so many layers, I am in awe of Him! You mentioned death curses Arthur, where could I find these prayers please?


  7. says

    Honored to join you in defiantly choosing to look at God’s faithfulness and the evidence of His character instead of the “unexplainable” gaps. The enemy is good at pointing out a small part of reality and twisting it into an accusation. It will be a joy to push back!


  8. says

    We are on the land in one of the most mystifying droughts ever seen -rain goes around us, below us but not on us, the grasshoppers have moved in to polish off the little grass left and the spring that has watered three families for years is not able to water one family at present.I asked, ” Father what is this all about?” – I’m an intercessor in the prophetic realm. His reply -“It is sufficient that you know that I know”! I usually get an answer that connects to an activation in the spirit or the natural. “Know that I know dear Arthur!”


    • Andrew R says

      Deborah, your issue sounds familiar and can be defeated. I had a patch of turf in central Uganda with the same problem. Here the term we use is ‘rain-shadow’, rain would go around us, pass right by us and go on to the neighboring village and pour bucket loads.
      We established that the land was defiled and together with several intercessors initiated what Arthur had modeled for us as ‘Land Prayers’.
      1. ‘Approach the bench’, your right to go to Court before the Righteous Judge of the Universe.
      2. List the Devils legal right.
      3. List your legal claim.
      4. Commit to righteous action
      5. Ask God for Justice and annul any covenant and destroy the forces of darkness.
      It worked. We have rain when the all area has rain.
      Happy warring…

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  9. Sherry says

    Very Interesting. I had a dream this morning that brought up an old pain that happened to me 20 some yrs ago. One that I thought I had dealt with, but He brought it up this morning again. I’ve done the forgiveness, repenting etc. over the years as well, but the pain felt so fresh. I gave the pain etc. to Him this morning and did a little soul searching, and then came your prayer. Thank you. I just listened to it and then a song called ‘The Bridge’ came on and I was able to walk across the bridge with Jesus and leave the pain and that which I saw as injustice behind be.
    Your prayer also showed me a Spirit of Silence that I
    must deal with. Thank you.


  10. Sonia says

    Arthur, I love your prophet’s defiance. You have mentored me in this same defiance. I wield it much differently now. I am thankful for you. I will speak of you in the courts and courtyards. I will tell your stories to whoever will listen. This is how I know to honour you. I honour your courage and vulnerability. I honour your transparency of this piece of your journey. I too can lift my head after praying with you this morning. Blessings and much love!

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  11. Nichols Web Management says

    After having our 3 boys (all less than 2 years apart) I was sitting at the piano lamenting about a sustained silence by God in my life.. then it struck me.. I was also longing for the silence which had been in abundance in our household before our 3 very intelligent and energetic children had ‘taken over’ our lives! …and now I was writing a song entitled “Sometimes I hate the quiet”… hmmm.. Jehovah Ironic

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  12. lila1jpw says

    A few years ago I wrote a lamenting poem about the rainbow. In it I questioned why the light is behind you when you see the rainbow in front of you.
    In these last few days, I’ve wondered if it’s looking back on the storms that have passed I see the rainbow, the sign of God’s faithfulness and if I turn around I will see the Sun/Son of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings. I’m reminded that Isaiah said that in turning around and resting we will be delivered and in quietness and trust we will have strength (my paraphrase of Isa 30:15)
    Arthur, as I was reading about your struggles with God’s silences I was immediately reminded of John the Baptist’s questions from prison but also of Jacob’s wrestling with the Angel–he grappled until he received his blessing.
    Hold fast!


  13. Cherie says

    I want to share these words I heard recently to encourage you and the SLG Tribe.

    I want to tell you just how proud I am of you Dear one. When others say they couldn’t minister to other people if they were going through your situation… it is True.
    It’s been hard for them to walk with you. You are My bright and shining star. Many of your friends…. and others have gained strength and hope from being with you…..watching you on this hard road.
    You have been a good ambassador for Me. There’s nothing the enemy can send your way that can thwart your expected end. Trust me. I don’t Lose.Dear one…. Neither do you!!!


  14. viviennehines says

    Timely, our God is simply timely. for me God has been silent for over 22 years on the same issue in my life. I cannot find any more curses to break or sins to repent from and confess, but no significant breakthroughs, YET.


  15. Soo Fee says

    God has been silent in my life recently. And I am not coping very well with it today.
    Today happen to be Winter Solstice too. I wonder if the pain has anything to do with it.
    Thank you for sharing with us your struggles and how to stand firm on God’s faithfulness amidst His long silence.
    May our celebration of God’s faithfulness diminishes all the enemy accusations and build up our faith and trust in Him.


  16. Rosa says

    I appreciate your authenticity. I am sorry about your pain of being accused of betrayal. That hurts. Humans are fickle, and yet we continue to risk. Thank you for sharing. Grace and courage to you as you press on, and joining you in the prayer of rage against the accuser of our God.


  17. Deborah says

    What if sometimes it’s Him wanting us to just be with Him in the middle of our pain? Fellowshipping in sufferings with Him?


  18. Nicci says

    Sobbing untill my throat hurts. I “see” you. Had come to the same deductions after 25 years of fighting and subsequent silence. And all I hear the past couple of days is: ” Let go”. Every time the issue arises, I just “let it go”. I don’t fight or repent anymore. I relent. Praying for your peace, dearest Arthur. “Hugs”..


  19. Deborah Foster says

    Arthur, thank you for being authentic and raw while still maintaining your privacy. I so appreciate that about you. I also deeply appreciate your prophet’s defiance. The last few days I have been revisiting Lamentations 3:19-26. As I listened to the prayer, verses 25-26 kept coming to my heart. “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him; it is good to wait quietly for the Salvation of The Lord.”

    You so encourage the Body of Christ when your joy flows and when the pain flows.


  20. Juliane Mueller says

    Thank you for sharing this personal issue. I understand you so well. It is not a single experience at all at the moment. Had the same experience the last weeks. God’s silence over a long period of time is the cruelest thing I ever faced, it felt like hell. And as you said meanwhile the enemy hammered this two accusations into my heart. But I think, at least hope, my spirit grew through the warfare against all the lies.
    Because of your teaching I believe that, because God is good, always, there must be a plan behind it. All things work together for our good. And I believe that Father is proudly saying in this moment “Look at my beloved children”, showing through us His manifold wisdom to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms.
    I stand with you in rage against the enemy. Hold on!


  21. peter ffrench says

    When you used my spine as a live demo in sacramento(2014 male worship seminar)i didn’t hear a word you said to the audience because your hand on my shoulder reminded me so much of my father Peter Joseph.He was a gentleman.same touch.Thank you again.

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  22. Rosemary Williamson says

    Thank you Arthur! You always seem to have it all together while the rest of us, mere mortals, launch from one crisis to the next! So while I truly do bless you with God speaking in the silence, it is reassuring to know we are not alone in the silence. I bless you with protection from the enemy’s schemes and with greater revelation as we move into the new year. Thank you for all your teaching, encouragement and prayers throughout 2015. They and you have been greatly appreciated and we pray healing for your pain point so that you can move into the next phase effortlessly and unburdened.