39. Hebrew Worship: Whole Brain Worship

Moses wrote a long, theologically complex, deep song.  It is recorded for all of history.  Good stuff.

However, not everyone is a theologian and not everyone relates to theologically deep stuff.  Think of all the times people have stopped reading in the middle of one of my blogs or never finished listening to one of my albums!

In contrast to Moses’ profound perspective, Miriam models whole brain worship.  There were lyrics, music, rhythm, motion and group dynamics.

“Then Miriam the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine in her hand, and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing.  Miriam sang to them: “Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted.  The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea.”  Exodus 15:20-21  NIV

One of the things we have found over the years while doing EEGs and tracking the movement of the human spirit through the brain is that the spirit uses more regions of the brain to think about an issue than the soul does.  So the soul can calmly agree with Moses’ song, but Miriam and her friends needed so much more than just the soul.  They worshipped big!

This is captured by the command to love the Lord our God with all our heart and mind and soul and strength.  We need to move beyond cognitive assent that God is great and engage more of ourselves in worship.

I am not a dancer like Miriam.  But I do know how to engage more of myself than my brain.

My best worship is usually alone.  I like to start with food followed by some time with a fragrant candle.  My motion is slow, and more focused on upper body cadences.  I talk or shout.  Clothing color and fabric can add another layer.  Other times I will drive to a remote place and hike intensely for a while, making proclamations.

The point is, each of us was made to worship with more than our mind.  The more we can discover our personal style, the more we will bring pleasure to God.

Join me in exploring some familiar Bible stories through the different grid of which areas of their brain and body were used.

39. Hebrew Worship: Whole Brain Worship  PTSD SLG Coaching blog

Copyright January 2016 by Arthur Burk

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  1. colleen Killian says

    Dear Arthur, thank you for being open about your worship with the Lord. I had gotten away from that. Only recently have I begun to move and more is coming. I have missed the Lord this way. Colleen Killian


  2. says

    I have listened to the audio several times on this one and it has been a joy to see worship through the eyes of the different gifts and niche anointings. The thing that so amazes me about God is that HE rejoices in all these different forms of worship. He is THAT complex. As humans, we definitely have limits to what moves us or what we can really enter into. He does not have those limitations. It defines “infinite” in a whole new way for me!


  3. Karen Christian says

    I came to know the Lord in my early 20’s and He asked me to give Him my talents of movement and dance, sewing and design, and called me to worship Him in the beauty of holiness. I was a part of a sacred dance Group for many years and we were carefully taught by the Holy Spirit. We received choreography frpm the Holy Spirit and within it was and still is, profound revelation. We traveled a great deal presenting the Work of the Lord.
    Today, I am 71 and worshipping the Lord in free, childlike movement, entering into the music as the Lord’s communication and direction to my spirit. It is such JOY , I enter into another, wordless dimension when I worship..it is precious and a very sensitive place with the Lord.
    I teach movement classes, and just of late, the Holy Spirit has asked me to teach the women how to waltz, and the end of each class I put on very special French music and we all individually waltz with our Bridegroom.
    I am at present in Denmark (I live in Colorado) dancing and teaching and the first week in February I will be in Iceland for the first time to set up classes for women WHO have been sexually abused WHO want to live in their bodies Again. I taught this class initally i Copenhagen and the Holy Spirit gave me childlike movement to unlock Deep bondages and heal grievious wounds.
    The freedom of worshipping in a childlike manner ..forgetting ourselver and lavishing worship and praise upon the Lord is an enormous Joy and I feel immensely priveledged to have been given this Tool, structure, gift in my life.
    Thank you Arthur for sharing your manner of worship..it is a grand and glorious place, this worship for the Lord, and is as rich and varied and remarkable as each one of us as individuals, body, soul and spirit..
    Thank you, kindly Your Work and your Words are the feast on my table…delicious!!!!!!!
    Sincerely, Karen Christian

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  4. says

    This fries my socks!

    I’ve been among the rest in following the cultural norm of worship not even thinking there COULD be other ways the King might prefer that aren’t necessarily followed by the culture. I never considered the thought nor possibility that my religious and cultural obligation/legitimacy reaches weren’t what He was looking for from me. You mentioned it once to me early on in our communications and it took me a long time to even grasp what you meant. Oh that I understood the ways of my Creator! He is too great for me but I remain in hot pursuit because He draws me.

    Much of the time I thought He was rejecting my worship….turns out that He was and I was severely kicking against the new paradigms of worship He was trying to teach me. Ugh!

    THANKS for knocking me in the head with truth so I could begin to see whaz up!


  5. says

    For years worship entailed standing, clapping and/or raising hands (sometimes at the same time) or laying prostate so my forehead resembled the carpet texture. No longer do I subject myself to external cues from those who don’t know my spirit. I was even accuse of not taking God seriously because I was sitting while everyone was standing. Sitting, for some reason, makes my spirit come alive. I get most touched while driving my car listening to your albums or worship.


  6. Rosa Miller says

    Profound. This stirred a deep place. Now I know why I’ve been so longing to hike the Blue Wall Preserve this week.


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