Chemo and Freedom

I have been very excited about the replies to the previous blog about controlling the chemo so it does not destroy the body.  Obviously others have been way out ahead of us.  We have two stories in the comments indicating that they did exactly that and it worked.


I realized that while that is good, it completely misses the main point which is to kill the cancer.  Some of the plagues were carpet bombing like the way we use chemo today.  There were frogs and locust everywhere.  Others were precise and limited.

Here we are talking about the tenth plague which was the targeted killing of only the firstborn, from the king to the slave to the animals, to any Hebrews who did not cover their door posts with blood.

You see, going through seven plagues with protection did not set them free.  What brought freedom for the Hebrews was some very targeted death all over Egypt.

THIS is what we need to focus on.  Yes to protecting the good cells.  But let’s speak to the human spirit and ask the Holy Spirit to supernaturally concentrate the chemo in ways no human doctor can, precisely and specifically on every single cancer cell.  Invoke the fact that no firstborns in Egypt escaped.  It was targeted in that no second born kids died, but it was also targeted in that EVERY firstborn was accurately identified – all the way down to the cattle.

Another picture is the Battle of the Valley of Aijalon in Joshua 10:10ff.  The Canaanites were running away faster than the Israelites could kill them, so God got out His slingshot and began potting the retreating soldiers with hailstones.  In the end, He scored endless direct hits and accomplished more than the Israelite army did.

Another one is in 2 Kings 7 where there was a stampede and just one officer was killed – the one who sassed the prophet and The Almighty the day before.  Who ever heard of a stampede where only one person was killed?  A targeted killing, by God, who was angry at the man.

Another is Ahab.  He went into battle disguised as an ordinary officer so he would not get targeted by the Arameans.  However, God targeted him.  An enemy soldier drew his bow at random and God directed the arrow to kill the king who was under a death sentence.  2 Chronicles 18:33ff.

So God does surgical strikes better than any remote controlled drone can.  Let’s bless the chemo in the hands of God (not according to the doctors’ pronouncements and opinions) to be a fantasticaly deadly weapon, targeting the cells that are defying God’s order for life.

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NOT a half baked potato.  A deadly, Biblical prayer.


  1. John Seaman says

    Just thinking out loud a bit. One of the models for how cancer comes into being is that it is a failure on the part of our immune system’s vigilance in removing what you might call “rogue” cells. One of the treatments for cancer still in the early stages of development involves taking immune system cells and sensitizing them to the cancer cells in our body so that our own immune system will take them out. A variation on that theme is building antibodies that target cancer cells by using the protein / immunologic “markers” on the cell membranes and synthesizing antibodies against those markers.

    So, what comes against our immune system? I realize that the list is long – just in the natural. Many of these are addressed in scripture / God’s principles for healthy living – things like diet, rest, etc. What spiritual things effect our immune system? AHS’s, demonic devices, Leviathan? Seems like a lot here to consider not just from a treatment perspective, but also a preventative perspective.


    • says

      John, I would look at the thymus. The current medical theory says that this is the place where the T cells get programmed with what is body vs. foreign matter. My understanding is that the thymus is Teacher. I wonder if there is a key there?


  2. Cynthia Lothian says

    Thank you Arthur for this timely insight. In the two nations where we live we are in a huge concerted battle for special people suffering from cancer, some undergoing cancer treatment, some suffering from severe side effects.
    Is the Lord doing something across the world?


  3. viviennehines says

    Arthur, in my therapeutic tool kit I call this a “TARGETED INTERVENTION.” The point of the intervention is to deal with one and only one specific issue, even though there are many other issues that require our attention with this targeted intervention we lay the other issues aside and totally focus on this one area in crisis seeing it through to the end. When we pull away from the targeted intervention we lose ground and and the client loses their stability in other areas of their life as well because the crisis is so overwhelming it splatters all over the place. We will refocus once the crisis is stabilized however with a plan that maintains the stability that was gained in the area where there was a crisis. Cancer or any other issue there is no difference.


  4. Jerri Langlais says

    My thought after reading about all the plagues was that God did indeed decide at the perfect time that enough was enough, and I love thinking about His perfect aim. 🙂 I began praying the targeted prayer 2 days ago and interestingly enough I woke up repeating a phrase with Jesus name in it, knowing my spirit was praying this protection over me. It was very exciting 🙂 Something is up in the Kingdom and God’s aim is what I am going to meditate on today!!


  5. Nico says

    My Mother has gone for her first chemo in December and the second one is upcoming. After reading these blogs, I felt it worth a shot to be more strategic and compiled a blessing looking for 3 primary themes – Light, Strategy and ‘new’ Life (design) – John 1:3-5, 1 John 2:27 and Psalm 139:13-14

    This is the 4th person whose spirit I have blessed, so not sure whether I am doing this right, but anything is better than nothing.

    Anyhow, tears were quite audible since I read the blogs to her (she is on the other side of the country, so did this over the phone) and I had to work hard to just keep talking and not break down into tears myself. But got through it and she said this was exactly what she needed to hear and was what she were battling last night as well.The doctor has asked her whether she has seen any results from the first chemo and honestly she thinks it’s gotten worse…

    She said she now has peace.

    My aunt has undergone a double mastectomy and has a few more chemo sessions to go. I’ve asked my Mom to take this blessing and adjust it for her sister. So will see what comes of this, but have a good feeling

    Thanks SLG


  6. Joanne Meeks says

    I love your revelation on this! When my mother was battling, we prayed that the poison they were injecting into her would only target the cancer cells and do no damage to the healthy ones. I wish I had been more strategic and had this revelation way back then.
    However, God answered our prayers prayed with the wisdom and faith I possessed at that time, and the doctors could not understand why this elderly woman was not throwing up, and becoming more ill with each treatment. I pray a little more like what you are saying these days.

    Bless you Arthur for the depths of wisdom and revelation you impart to us!

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  7. Michelle Neely says

    I will be keeping this info. in the Important file, and in my heart. Thank you for another wonderful blessing from heaven for my arsenal.

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