Chemo and Prayer

My understanding of biology is pretty primitive, but I am going to float a model and see if I get piled on by the scientists and doctors in our midst.

Broadly speaking, each cell was made to participate in exchange.  A cell receives something of value from the surrounding ecosystem, converts it to something of greater value to the ecosystem.

Broadly speaking, cancer cells receive and consume.  They exploit the assets of the rest of the body to build their own empire at the expense of the health of the person.

I share that because it seems to fit the picture of an Egyptian Curse.  When the Hebrews were in the brickyards, they were building for the benefit of the Egyptians and were not permitted to participate much in the benefit of their labor.

If we embrace that picture, then chemo therapy becomes an interesting picture.   It is, at the end of the day, just a fancy word for poison.  You poison the body to try to kill more bad cells than good cells.  As one friend said, “Surviving cancer is no big deal.  Surviving cancer treatment is a real big deal!”

The dream treatment in oncology is to be able to target the cancer cells while doing the least damage to the rest of the body.  That is part of the premise of radiation – you can point at a specific spot and not have to make the whole body toxic.

So I wonder what would happen if someone invoked the ten plagues as a model for chemo.  For the final seven plagues, God targeted the Egyptians with ruthless death and destruction, while exempting the Hebrews from the death.  Science has not been able to focus the chemo on just the cancerous cells, but I know God can.

If any of your friends are enduring chemo at present, why don’t you call their spirit to attention, explain the concept and encourage their spirit to partner with the Holy Spirit to funnel the chemo to the areas where it is needed instead of the whole body.

Obviously we can’t watch the process while it is going on to see what the changes are after that prayer, but if a person is already in the middle of the treatment and has a baseline, I would expect that they would have far fewer side effects when the poison is being concentrated in the right place.

This is clearly just one of my half baked potatoes.  Listen to your spirit and the Holy Spirit to see if it is even a road you should go down, but if you do, let me know the results – even if there is no change at all.

Prayer Before Surgery

Copyright January 2016 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Gail says

    I have a friend who is going to have spine surgery in a few days. I would like to walk him through the three day spirit prep before surgery Is there a certain protocol to follow or we just create our own from scripture? I watched the utube video on Prayer before Surgery and was impressed.

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  2. Al Caldecourt says

    I was just recently diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer. This news was unexpected as I don’t have any of the normal habits or conditions that would lend toward this happening. God has been incredibly gracious in the fact that I can still swallow and feel good. I start chemo this coming Tuesday, 2/2/16. There are a number of people that have been praying for healing and for God to receive all the glory. I will put out the word to change the battle plan and to target the cancer cells with the chemo drugs and protect all the normal cells from damage. We will pray there to be a force field around the normal cells and no place the cancer cells can hide that will protect them from the chemo bullets. I will keep you all posted as we go down this path.

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  3. viviennehines says

    At this time I do not know anyone going through cancer treatment, well not true. I heard about someone who we bill call Joan who is having double Mastectomy at age of 30 years old. Just look at Father. So I will include her in this prayer and see what will happen.


  4. Sherry says

    Exciting that you’re looking into this thought, I think you will have awesome results. I was diagnosed 25 yrs ago with an incurable brain tumor, non-cancerous. Was given 3-4 yrs to live. But, we did speak to my brain daily, directing it to receive Gods’ word and applied the blood of Christ to my brain.

    One doctor wanted to remove the tumor but with drastic results. We chose the Dr. that wanted to do 6 weeks of radiation to see if it would do anything. I was told that my head would burn and I would loose all my hair and to get a wig. I chose not to get a wig and instead spoke to my brain to receive only what the radiation was supposed to do and not affect any other parts of my brain. Declared that my scalp would not burn and I wouldn’t loose all my hair.

    When the doctor would say negative things, or say my scalp would burn, (when he wasn’t’ looking) I would whisper that it’s not my tumor and my scalp wouldn’t burn. Basically declared what we wanted and expected it to work (sometimes through tears). After the radiation the doctor said that I breezed through it and my scalp didn’t burn at all. Even though they gave extra doses to both sides of my brain. I did loose hair on both sides of my scalp, but I did not go totally bald and did not need a wig. To this day I still have most of the 2 bald spots, but you can’t tell unless I would show you or the wind blows hard.

    The radiation did not do anything to the tumor. It did not shrink it and the doctor said ‘he didn’t want to hurt me’ by doing surgery, he just wanted to wait and see what would happen. He put me on some Dilantin but that is all the treatment he gave me after radiation.
    So, we continued with blessing my brain and declaring over it and the tumor began to shrink. The Dr. was thrilled. In 2001 he told me I didn’t have to see him anymore because the tumor was gone!
    There is a lot to my testimony, but I believe in what you are sending out to see what will happen when addressing your spirit. I wonder if it would have been faster if I would have known to do that.

    I think this is more than a half baked potato, more like a loaded bake potato! Blessings to all that will be joining you on this adventure! Expect big results.

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  5. Anja says

    Yes – I agree very much with your potato, it should work in deed!!! Thank you, Arthur!
    Once I remember that we prayed about 2-3 years ago for a patient who had to undergo chemo – that the chemo was not allowed to touch healthy cells, but should only kill bad cells without allowing any negative side effects. We didn’t speak specifically to her human spirit – we didn’t know about in that way.. But to my own surprise and joy – she didn’t have any side effects at all. Which was clearly supernatural!!

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    • says

      Awesome report. Thank you so much Anja. It looks like we have a small pool of people who are in the process right now, so we should get some reports in the coming weeks.

      The one that I love the most was light and darkness. In human terms, it takes sooooooo much effort to contain light and keep it in a specific place. But God calmly decreed complete light for the Hebrews and did not allow any of it to bleed over into the Egyptian neighborhood.

      In natural terms, the sun rising over a horizon a hundred miles away projects light into my bedroom with ease. It just tickles me to think of light being formatted by God into a vertical wall. You walk out of light and abruptly you are in darkness. No leakage of Hebrew light into the Egyptian zone.

      So that same God can contain the chemo so none of it leaks into any good tissue. We can’t. He is the God of staggeringly amazing boundaries.

      You know, that would be a wild study for someone who has discretionary time. “All the Boundaries God Established in Scripture.” I would sure buy that one!

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  6. says

    I am facing chemotherapy tomorrow morning. Number 6 of 6 for Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage three = aggressive diagnosis. I began October 1st with what felt like life threatening side effects that put the team on high alert and by October 22nd the 2nd the treatment all signs that were visible to the eye and to the touch=growths had disappeared
    ( I had been intensely in the Word for healing from day one in early August, and had an encounter September 15th in my home that I believe manifested my healing, I had a support team praying for treatment days and had prayer in August at the Bethel Healing Room via Skype). I KNOW what chemo=poison does to the body, to the immune system so I really didn’t want to do it but was advised by a naturopath who prefers not to do it and has had success for 25 years but due to the size and position of the growths near the heart and lungs he felt I should. I say all that to say I have had PEACE from day of diagnosis in August and all through – all tests during the protocol period have come back normal – all CTSCANS blood work and ultrasounds all along the way. I personally had a thermography exam of the entire body in October and some interesting shades of light show from my teeth to the chest where the growths were. Debating about doing something about removing amalgams. So facing tomorrow can I speak to my spirit myself? Or do I need someone to do so for me? After tomorrow I am facing two years of once every three months into the clinic for IVs for immunology becuase Non Hodkgins lymphoma is a blood cancer and can become leukemia.

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  7. susan chapman says

    Thank you for this article. I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. Had several low impact chemo treatments and was in remission until this month. I begin four more sets of treatment beginning next week. I will direct the prayers as you suggest. During former treatment I commanded my body to cooperate with the meds, for cancer cells to die, cancer assignments cancelled and all chaos within the cells and DNA to come into divine order and harmony with the Word of God and His divine purpose. I appreciate your insight and wisdom. Again, thank you.

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  8. Ronnellie says

    I have tried this with a friend who has cancer. I had to do the speaking to her spirit in a ‘working around’ way because it is still not part of what we do in our community. The chemo had minimal side effects. What made her nausious were the cortisones she had to drink to break down her immune system.. I did not have an opportunity to address that in prayer.


  9. Mary-Anne Simpson says

    I can relate I remember when my oncologist (not a phrase you want in your vocabulary) said no vitamins, no boosters we are trying to break your system down. That said, I survived!!! Praise God!!!

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