Chemo and Authority

Greetings and Salutations to the SLG Tribe!  🙂  This is Megan from the California office.

I read Arthur’s first blog about chemotherapy and the idea of involving the spirit in the process of keeping the poison of the chemicals out of the rest of the body.  Several people commented that they had done something similar and saw positive results.  Then Arthur took it up a notch and said we could pray that the chemo would be a surgical strike against the cancer in a way similar to several stories in Scripture, beginning with the Hebrews and the Exodus.  This sent my mind and spirit whirring.  I was especially drawn to the plague on the firstborn sons.  Humanly speaking, it wouldn’t be that hard to track the firstborn in every family, though in an entire nation, it would be a lot of work.  Not impossible.  But God didn’t stop with the humans.  The plague extended to the cattle as well.   The Egyptians had already suffered from two plagues that killed their livestock, and who knows how many animals they bought off the Hebrews to replenish their herds.  Who could possibly have kept track of all of that?

God did.  In herds of hundreds, only the firstborn died.  That is some serious precision.

So, if our God knows that level of detail, would He not also know every cancer cell in a person’s body?  Could He not strike as precisely in the microcosm of a human body as He could in the macrocosm of a nationwide plague on the firstborn cattle?

This is our God!

Friends, as I pondered this facet of God’s nature and all of the people in our lives who are fighting cancer, I thought about how far we have already come in our war against the Egyptian Curse.  When Arthur introduced the concept months ago, it was for us to join together as a tribe and push against this spiritual dynamic that devours our lives.  We have warred and worshipped together with endurance, so why not turn that earned authority in the direction of people who are fighting this grim battle?

We have momentum already because of our prayers.  I invite you to extend that momentum towards those who need this precision strategy against cancer.   What new colors of God’s wisdom could we see through this?  What might God want to reveal about Himself when an entire tribe of people unites to bring God Speed to the healing of cancer and to make a spectacle of the enemy?

I look forward to celebrating Him with you!



  1. Abby says

    Agreed! Hospice is 3 houses down from me. I will be more than happy to work with those that are willing and try out any prayer strategy!


  2. says

    I’m in total agreement with you! It is time that we start living as though we are the people of God, called by His Name, and able to appropriate His power at His direction. I will join in agreement to this! I will link arms with this vision – which has all the earmarks of amazing strategy from heaven for NOW. His Kingdom come – now! On earth as it is in heaven!
    Unified, targeted prayer to refuse to bow to evil – whether in our bodies – or in our world.

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  3. Julia Smith says

    The curse of cancer has had its way for far too long.Lets get into it.How great is our God! I celebrate His goodness to every God given cell in each and every body.

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  4. Sonia says

    Yes He could strike with precision in the human body! I would love to read more stories and celebrations along this journey. I don’t’ know anybody personally receiving chemo but willing to pray with this tribe.

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