Prophetic Words and Time

There are three kinds of prophetic words.

-True words that carry the life of God in them, waiting to be unpacked.

-Hot air that is nothing more than someone’s elastic imagination.

-Demonic deceptions that carry a wide assortment of viruses that will devour you.

While the third class is known to be toxic, the second class can become toxic when enough people come into agreement with it.  I see this a lot in what I call copycat prophecies.  One person in a community of faith prophecies (from their imagination) that X is going to happen to Person Y, and over the course of the next year a number of other people have supplementary prophecies (also from their imagination).

When you or people around you come into agreement with a prophecy that is non-reality, it gains some demonic power to define the course of your life, even though it did not originate with the same toxicity as the third category.

Imagine this picture now.  God builds your time line for you before the foundation of the world.  See it as a freeway.  When false prophetic words are spoken over you, they become off ramps from God’s time line.  In some cases, they take you to an existing road that leads you to a dangerous ghetto or a wasteland, and in other cases the off ramp suddenly ends at a solid wall and you have no way to go forward and it seems impossible to go back.  You are stuck, stopped, blocked, done.

In our work with the Seat of Dominion, we have found that it has 12 foundations, like the New Jerusalem does.  Following the pattern of the fractal of 12, the eighth slot is for time.  We have found it valuable to ask God to do a number of things to cleanse that spot and that foundation stone from the perils of false prophetic words.  Attached is a sample prayer for you to adapt to your own situation.

The Eighth Foundation Stone Trauma Bonds to Time SLG Coaching blog

Copyright April 2016 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, with huge joy over being back in the Lab


  1. says

    The imagery of the freeway and the off ramps is great. It seems like we could also include other kinds of statements people have made over us about what we will or will not become. Looking forward to implementing this.

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  2. Michelle Neely says

    Lord, am I amazed and grateful and how timely this prayer is, for this exact night. Thank you so much …..I needed this and it is powerful and cleansing.
    Yes I agree, Arthur , welcome back and I pray that your joy continues and even magnifies!.


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  3. Sonia says

    Thank you Arthur!! This is the first time Inhave heard of a list for the seat of dominion. Is it Ina teaching? What are the others that make up the twelve?


    • says

      No Sonia. No teaching yet. Still experimenting. The fractal of 12 is always the seven redemptive gifts and the five levels of holiness.