New Wrinkle on Sleep Difficulties

Over the years I have worked with a lot of people who have had difficulty sleeping.  Long term sleep deprivation is a brutal problem which complicates every other aspect of the healing journey.

I have coached people on building a toolkit with a wide variety of tools, since different things work differently for different people.  It is an art form to sleep well, not a simple one-size-fits-all formula.

Against this backdrop, “Sally” has been struggling for about ten years with a wide variety of dynamics.  She has vigorously implemented my ideas, scoured the web for everyone else’s ideas and had some wonderful successes along the way, but has never solved the problem.

One of the intransigent sore spots for years has been getting to bed at night.  She misses glaringly obvious on-ramps to sleep and pays the price for the next 24 hours, because she can’t bring herself to go to bed.  But when she does go to bed, she has been known to lie there for hours, unable to sleep, while desperately needing to sleep.

She spent some time with her counselor rounding up a handful of parts who did not like night time for a bunch of valid reasons.  And she had her deliverance partner scour her whole body looking for Leviathan, and finding/evicting some.  She changed beds, bedrooms and did every sort of land cleansing she could think of.

At the end of the months of focused, excellent work, there was no change.  She pinged me and I agreed to give it a shot, and we got on the phone.

When I asked God to show me what He wanted me to see, the immediate picture was of a four poster bed and a demon in the post by her left shoulder.

I queried her and she had no four poster bed now or that she could remember in childhood.

I queried the demon and he admitted that the bed was from someone else’s house where Sally slept briefly as a child.

The short version was, the demon created this “virtual reality” bed which has followed her around for decades, since childhood.

For starters, we give high honor to Sally’s spirit.  It had very good reasons for not wanting to go to bed at night!

We dispatched the demon who admitted his job was to mess with her sleep.  We asked God to destroy the bed and to disconnect the device in Sally that the demon was using.

This is a new idea to me.  I am not quite sure what the whole dynamic is.  I am guessing that the “virtual reality bed” was designed to be exempt from the house cleansing work Sally did.  In the future, we will amend our land cleansing prayers to extend to all realities, not only ours, but all spiritual realities and dimensions and structures.  See if that works better.

Anyway, I am tossing this very new manna out there, in case it helps someone else on their journey.

Prayers to Break Egyptian Curse

Copyright June 2016 by Arthur Burk

From the Hub, in a rush, on a busy day

Shared with permission from Sally




  1. priscillaword888 says

    Hi Arthur… you said:
    We dispatched the demon who admitted his job was to mess with her sleep. We asked God to destroy the bed and to disconnect the device in Sally that the demon was using.

    But… you DIDN’T say if what you did actually worked. (((?))) Please let us know.

    Looking forward to hearing about the outcome. THANKS!!!


    • says

      Priscilla, it did work. It did not resolve the entire problem since sleep issues are often multilayered, but there was a significant, sustained shift for her.


  2. Mary E.L. says

    From just the purely natural, physical standpoint, people should get checked to make sure they do not have sleep apnea. It not only ruins sleep, it is bad for your heart, b.p., kidneys,etc.


  3. says

    Every one of my long-term DID clients have a terrible time with sleep! I have applied all the many prayers to “every dimension” and do not see a big difference. I will try to be more specific. Thanks!


  4. nita7932014 says

    Thanks. This is truly revealing. Will be on it.
    I bless you everyday as you diligently and faithfully lead us in the Spirit Walk.
    Thanks and Blessings on you.


  5. says

    God has given me the words “cleanse the connections.” I don’t know exactly what it means, but putting it together with your idea about Contracts, and perhaps this post, I am wondering if there are all kinds of “connections” that cause problems, especially now in our virtually-connected world. For instance, thousands visit your and my websites, and those visitors have all their connections. It’s mind-boggling, really.

    I’m glad I don’t have to understand it. I just ask God to “cleanse all the connections with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ” every day when I put on my spiritual armor (Ephesians 6), and trust that will take care of things. At least until He gives me more light on the matter.


    • Rodrigo T says

      Maybe God is telling you to clean the electrical connections. My 4 year experience on checking faulty electrical connections showed me that when these are clean from electromagnetic interference people sleep a lot better. Electrical cables behind the bed can disturb sleep when connections on the house to other equipment are not well done. You can search more on this if you search for Dirty Electricity or Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization book.

      In our everyday language, our bedroom connections will most probably mean electrical connections. I think God sometimes talks to us in a straightforward language. This could be that case.

      I hope this post helps you.


      • Mary Anne says

        From my personal perspective, I did not grow up in a home with electricy. We were on a farm and had had lighting, parafin fridge/freezer and everything else was manual…


  6. Mary-Anne says

    Gosh as an almost 54 yo who can never even once remember going to bed and going to sleep without lying awaake for ever or chemical assistance this makes my ears perk up.

    if anyone asked what the greatest source of anxiety is for me I would tell them it’s trying to fall asleep…and when eventually I do fall into an exhausted heap, I need loads 10 to 12 hours.

    The very thought of trying to get to sleep just stresses me …my whole life it’s been like this…and i don’t get immune to the chemicals , I just can’t get to sleep without them. And when I’ve tried, after a couple of sleep-deprived says I give up again…

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