The Savior Mentality and Land

Guest blog by Megan Caldecourt:

Not too long ago I was doing ministry with a friend who owned a real estate business with her husband.  They had one property where the manager was a real troublemaker.  The bigger problem, however, was that they couldn’t make him leave.  The process had dragged on for various reason and they just needed to get him out of there and on his way.

We explored the situation for a while and ended up looking at the issue of a savior mentality.  The thing that is tricky about this spiritual dynamic is that it is so easy to do.  We want to be life giving.  We want to help people.  But we have to be careful not to put ourselves in the role of savior or we open up a whole different can of worms.  By taking a role we were never made to have, we can expose our spirits to the whole world as a free source of life.  People can plug in and just drain the life right out of you.  Jesus has life everlasting.  You and I, not so much.

The idea of people plugging in and drawing out life was not a new concept to my friend.  This is something that we had already explored in a general sense, and is; in fact, available in the teaching I recorded called “The Flow of Life and the Structure of Your Spirit”.  The new piece in our discussion was the role of the land.

What we discovered is that her savior mentality towards the manager created a tie that involved the land.  So, it wasn’t just that the manager could take life from them as individuals; he had also created a defiled tie to the land itself.  So, even though they tried every which way they could think of, they simply could not make him leave.

So, I encouraged my friend to address the history of trying to be a savior to him and then to ask the Lord to disconnect any and all ties between them and the manager and the manager and the land.  She asked the Lord to establish His timing and will in the situation.

The manager was gone within a week.

More recently I had another friend who had some real staff problems with jealousy.  Again, there was at least one person who needed to go and they could not make it happen.  I shared the same strategy with her and two of the problem staff members were gone within a couple of weeks.  The savior mentality had been present for the owner as it had been with the previous story, and when she addressed it and cut the ties between the people and the land, things could move forward the way they needed to.

I don’t know yet whether the people were the root cause and the land was defiled by them or if the land itself was already defiled and attracted the behavior to it.  Perhaps a little bit of both.  But what is emerging as a pattern is that the land CAN be a factor in the mix.  Somehow the unhealthy ties of the people on the land causes the land to become tied as well and all three players need to be addressed before full release can happen.  I spoke with another person recently who had a different scenario, but we still wondered if the land was involved.  In this case, she had a savior mentality towards her husband and we explored whether his progress forward was blocked because of a tie between her, him, and the land.  In this case, the issue was not to get the person, her husband, to leave.  The issue was that the defilement on the land and the tie may have been holding him back from embracing the new season of their marriage.

This is not to say that the land automatically factors into all situations where we need to disconnect from people.  But I am definitely seeing a pattern emerge, and it is worth considering the land, especially if you are stuck like my two friends were.  It certainly doesn’t harm anything if you ask God to disconnect ties to the land that don’t belong there.  In the stories I shared above, the situation was land owners who had staff that needed to leave.  It may be that you have a renter who needs to leave, or someone who has stayed with you and their season has ended.  Or maybe it is a relationship that is stuck and needs some help progressing by releasing it from the ties that were created by a savior mentality.

This is an area where we are definitely still experimenting, but there is enough of a pattern to put it out there for you to try.  I would certainly love any feedback you wish to share on what worked and what kinds of results you saw.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at

If you have not listened to “The Flow of Life” before, you might start there since it gives the background to the whole concept of people drawing life from our spirits.  You can order it from my website as a CD album or audio download by clicking here.

Megan Caldecourt  Flow of Life SLG Coaching blog
July 2016






  1. says

    Hello. This message worked for me perfectly. What happened is I was praying and I kept asking the Universe why it is that my relationship with my fiance seems to be in a standstill. I complained at the lack of change in the dynamic of the relationship despite us both acknowledging that we want this change and we want to move forward. Then I heard the holy spirit say to me “Master slave complex” I was like what is that? Then I got the urge to go through the slg website of which I saw the savior complex post and I skipped it at first I didn’t think it would be relevant per say . But then I scrolled back up and tada! The universe then proceeded to tell me that I had a savior mentality that I needed to repent for and that this was holding my fiance back! After prayer I have to tell you the relationship has transformed . It didn’t take longer than 4 days. It turns out as well that he had a savior complex with regards to certain aspects of my fragmented soul as well ..and I had to revisit the prayer 2 days later to do further cleansing. After which I was able to also pick myself up and move onto some healing I had been struggling to receive for months.


  2. Lorraine Espach says

    I have read this message yesterday, and was praying over this to understand what it means and what must be done. This morning while just continue reading the Bible, I read “No longer will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; for the Lord will take delight in you, and your land will be married.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭62:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    Thank you for sharing. I have stuck relationships around me. Ordered the recommended audio “flow od life”. Looking forward to see what the Lord does.


  3. Frieda De winter says

    just reading this , and after the two cases you told, I was thinking of my marriage …and ..when I read further …you mentioned a case of marriage !!! so ..I really will work with this !!!! and listen to your flow of life and the structure of your spirit ! thank you for sharing !!!!!


  4. Angie says

    This is good! I am wondering about people whose primary redemptive gift is servant? I know that a savior mentality can be the Achilles heel of the servant. And those with this gift have authority over land. So I’m wondering if this situation may be amplified for those who have a servant redemptive gift? Just felt like the Lord was connecting some dots for me.


    • says

      Hello Angie, this is Megan: That is a good question for which I don’t have an answer based on observation. So far the people I have worked with directly have been other Redemptive Gifts. You are right that the Servant has a tendency to get their legitimacy from being a savior, so there may be an increased likelihood of this happening. Perhaps the Servant walking in right legitimacy and dominion over the land has the authority to cause the relationship between the people and the land to enter positive numbers instead of just getting to neutral. So, if you are going to experiment and have some results to share, I would love to hear!


  5. jane62 says

    This matches a situation I have very well. I’m going to try it and let you know. I considered the jealousy in the land, but never thought to actually disconnect it. Thank you!!


  6. Janis Leal says

    Megan, this is fascinating, and undoubtedly a very helpful tool, along with your other resources. Thank you very much!


  7. Sonia says

    Thank you Megan! I have learned so much from this album. I will revisit this and ask the Lord where land is involved in any ungodly ties and the savior mentality.


  8. Andrew says

    Hi Megan – that’s very interesting. The link to the download doesn’t seem to work, would you mind posting it again?