Dealing with Old Demons

I did a little five minute deliverance this morning for a friend.  There was an AHS in his foot guarded by a demon in his cerebellum.

I told the demon to leave.  It didn’t budge.  I asked why not.  He assured me he had been there a very long time and had an OLD right to be there therefore didn’t need to leave.

I get this excuse every once in a while and find it very amusing.

I explained in a slightly condescending tone that Fred was a descendant of Adam, and that according to Luke, Adam was the son of God, and that God was actually THE Ancient of Days.

I explained that Ancient trumps old and told him he was out of his league arguing time as a justification for being there.

He left.  AHS 3 SLG Coaching blog

Copyright August 2016 by Arthur Burk

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  1. Cynthia Julius says

    I soooo loved this…

    I have another warfare counselor that I touch bases with periodically and he also mentioned that THE ANCIENT OF DAYS is a title of God’s that distinctively points to HIM and not some demon trying to copy a title or name.

    I am curious why you mentioned Adam instead of the New Adam – Jesus…. But from both directions, this person would be covered…. If they were born into the Kingdom of God

    Thanks again



  2. Nico Hougaard says

    Reminded me of what you said in Walking in Sonship:

    A Ruler deliverance model, basically a power encounter…

    “Out!” – and that’s the end of it ^.^


  3. Sonia says

    So funny! This atitude in you is what I enjoy reading in your blogs! Your reverence has increased my reverence!
    My life has changed since the Calgary Practicum because of being present with you while addressing them!

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