What Happened?

Today illustrated the fragility of my connectedness with the tribe.

Almost every form of engagement went silent all at once.  All day.

Go figure.



  1. Heather says

    As I read your post today, the word SELAH came up in my spirit. Blessings to your vulnerability as we walk through this together!


  2. Kim B. says

    I would echo the thoughts of Grace who posted in the comments. The dealing with disappointment message has had me fully engaged as God has been highlighting a church I left many years ago due to disappointment. Each blog has had my spirit filled with excitement to read your journey despite the occasional flavor reaction being that of strong medicine (Buckley’s style). It has been healthy for me – challenging, forward thinking, and oddly humorous.
    When the post before this one didn’t work out, and you clarified your redirection of focus to LAC in Denver, I felt I was climbing a steep mountain I had never thought to take on and my experienced climbing instructor abruptly decided to tackle another mountain. Taking a unexpected pause made sense in my soul, as LAC is also very important for this time, but my spirit was…unsure? Not sure if I have a word for it yet.
    No matter, God is good.
    Since last week, I have been praying for LAC Denver. And for the two places you find yourself in, to meld together into a beautiful place. And for sparkling moments of God’s abundance to rain down. Denver holds some mighty treasure. And, and, and….
    Go be dangerous!!

    From Calgary – watching the leaves turn


  3. nita7932014 says

    I’m still here. The Lord’s still here. We are all still here. Keep trucking. His Eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches me.


  4. Noeleen says

    In the silence did you feel abandoned? I believe that you are deeply loved because you have such a heart that you consistently have those who have brokenness and need come in – not because they break down your boundaries but because you actually open the door to them. I think for the most part those people love you for yourself – it has got way beyond just wanting you for what you can give or what you can do. (way, way, way beyond). May the truth and light that you so earnestly seek guide you feet into the way of peace. In the same way that you would straighten up and stretch out to be able to have a deep breath, may you, in your spirit, know life and freedom from the Son. Stretch out, expand, just breathe.


  5. Engela Herbst says

    Hi Arhur.

    We are four friends from SA who consider ourselvs to be some of your most noble subjects. I wanted to let you know that we are fighting the same disconnectedness on many fronts. Coming in the opposite spirit, I wanted to reach out and connect!! You are a blessing to us and we value you. This to will pass

    Be dangerous Engela, Nadine, Johannita and Petro Sent from my iPhone



  6. says

    I was waiting for the next post and also realised how inadequate my skills are in comforting others in disappointment as well as lacking hugely in dealing with disappointment in my own life. I seem to mourn about disappointments for far too long and I let them over-ride any joy of the now and the future. My upbringing didn’t help me or encouragement me to deal with them in a healthy way at all.
    I find it hard and difficult to deal with and express how I feel about someone else’s disappointment. I feel the emotions an compassion ok but getting that feeling across to the person in a healthy way doesn’t always happen right at all.
    Been vulnerable meant that I got hurt and punished, now its better because I protect myself but its still hard in a healing and different kind of community to be vulnerable even though its highly valued – therein lies the contradiction. Its valued but not always understood or accepted.

    Taking the risk to share your disappointment with us is so admirable and helpful to me because it shows me that a leader is willing to take the risk to help us also learn and show compassion at the same time.

    I am one of the guilty ones always looking for answers and not knowing how to act on the advice already given to me. It pains me to admit it because I want to move through and past things but I have to go through the real pain of the journey and accepting things as they are and not as I wish them to be.

    Thank you for your honesty in this journey so far.


  7. Jane says

    I have been silent over the past week on SLG. I pondered this. Partly I was overwhelmed with a challenge, so as I was processing this, your disappointment posts are waiting for a better ‘time’.

    But I read this this morning and decided to jump in. A question. As a Prophet, do you savour the quiet times when your tribe gives you a break? Even tho’ you were pressing into community? Or was this a time meant for community and the enemy put its muddy footprints over it. Or are you just surprised at how quickly a light switch works. No more or less.

    Decided to share my morning ponder. Broadening my perspective too. How I see a situation can be very different from others.

    May your preparation time for Denver be filled with the hugeness of Almighty God, His light smiling on you (no matter if you read this afterwards).


  8. Tanya Joubert says

    Could be because Yesterday was a day for drawing close and intimacy,a slot of time devoid of distraction.Appointment with Him. He did that with me yesterday.My kids suddenly dissapeared to the neighbours house and stayed there while I was having a moment with Him.That almost never happens that everything just moves out of the way so I can just sit with Him. I teally needed it yesterday.

    Tanya Joubert Dew From Heaven Dance Ministry and Training


    • sandra says

      How wonderful! The same thing happened to me and I had an hour of complete dance and worship, something I have been unable to do for awhile. The connection was sooooo strong with Him, and I felt like I was in a waterfall of pure, clean water!

      I felt a shift in the spirit, and that hope was flowing down to the body of Christ, washing away our fears and disconnect.


  9. Devorah R.G says

    As Sapphire synergy stirs significant strength in seasonal streams, may God pour out His protective perfume over this priceless process, maximizing the bonding effect of your invaluable international incalculable vulnerability. ❤ Be blessed as you inhale the incense fragrances rising from the prayers of many faithful friends and breathe the collective hope for God's redemption to irradiate your every step into the future of fabulous connectivity.


  10. Rosemary Williamson says

    Welcome to our world!! Not being able to open your post was like having a chapter torn out of a book … We shall wait with bated breath for it to find its way home!


  11. says

    Your last post made me stop and look at how I deal… or rather don’t deal with sadness. I don’t allow myself to experience the sadness when the bruises are bumped but rather stuff it because I believe some lie that I should be “over it” by now.
    Processing permission to process… privately (oops, there goes the community)

    Since PD#6 has gotten lost in cyberspace, along with your/Megan’s notes on the timeline, I’ll wait for it to return to revisit processing that – my timeline has probably got craters all over it.

    Plus there was some mention in the last post (if I remember correctly) that you would not be on here til after Denver ?… so, maybe out of respect of your prep time, silence happened?
    Still praying and standing with you. I’m trying to learn this whole ‘being connected’ thing but I still have moments when retreating is more comfortable.
    Blessings on your trip, the sessions, and all the divine appointments God has planned to lavish His love and grace on you with.


  12. Carol Brown says

    Don¹t know what happened! Our server went down yesterdayŠmaybe that? I¹ve been following this discussion closely and sharing with my little group‹all of whom honor you for your determination to become all God had/has in mind for you to be. Carol A. Brown in zMichigan

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    WordPress.com SLG posted: “Today illustrated the fragility of my connectedness with the tribe. Almost every form of engagement went silent all at once. All day. Go figure. Arthur”


  13. Grace says

    Hi Arthur, I had been tracking your posts closely, I kept wishing to reach out via email or responding in the comment section but somehow kept feeling like I did not have “just the right words” to say. I felt very engaged with your journey the entire time and wanted to stand with you in some way or another ,and hoped that at least my engagement in my spirit would somehow add to the overall connection that you feel from the tribe in this process. When I saw this most recent post, something in me jumped up and said “I must ping back!”. Hope that this act of pinging back will in some way be life-giving to you. Blessings!


    • Grace says

      I also realised that I was insecure and afraid of saying something insensitive/hurtful/”stupid” (and “risk” rejection from you) so the easy way was to stay silent. Totally legitimacy stuff/issues on my end!


  14. angiekrogman says

    Arthur my thoughts turned to you often today. Bless you oh one in whom there is found no guile