Pondering about Thursday

Yesterday was quite odd.  The silence was remarkable, but it wasn’t just the lack of ordinary traffic, or the graciousness of the tribe in respecting my study day.  There was a lifelessness to community during the day.

It was quite different from the days when Death is in the air.  Sometimes I feel the desire of Death to take me out on the freeway or any way it can.  Some days, every business deal seems to die in the first two minutes of discussion.  Well meaning e-mails go out and come back with death attached.

Old stuff.  Seen it many times.

This was not the spirit of Death.  It was a lifelessness.  And I am guessing that this was a gift from God designed to teach us something.  My hunch is that we experienced the Shadow of Death in a loud enough, intense enough manner, that we could recognize it and label it.

So what?

I wonder what would happen if I focused on the emotions of Jesus and those around Him immediately after the resurrection?  Jesus was certainly vibrant after the resurrection!

So you have Jesus and Mary of Magdala first of all.  Dripping with emotions.

The women and the angel.

Peter and John and the angel in the tomb.

The two on the road to Emmaus whose “hearts were burning” as Jesus taught them.  Jesus’ emotions as He did a stunning exposition of Old Testament prophecies about Himself.

The 10 the first time Jesus met them.

Thomas on the second encounter.

Jesus by Galilee when he restored Peter publicly.

Jesus was FREE of the Shadow of Death after the resurrection.  I wonder if we could pierce the Shadow with a celebration of His emotions and the emotions of everyone around Him.

If you know of someone who still has a “hangover” today from the Shadow of Death yesterday, why don’t you call the ungodly spirits around them to attention and give them an ear banging about Jesus’ emotions and the trail of human emotions after the resurrection, and see if your friends abruptly get traction with life again.

This is a trial run.  Not sure this is the best tool against the Shadow of Death, but since we have a large pool of warriors, let’s give it a run and see what happens.

Copyright August 2016 by Arthur Burk  Blessing of Job

From the Hub, early morning before flying out to Denver


  1. Arthur says

    I received an email with this gem in it. “When God redeems my disappointments, my trust grows. As does my healing, and my love and respect.”

    Absolutely agree. Every disappointment sets the stage for an adjustment in our relationship with God. Our response determines whether the relationship grows deeper or is reduced.


  2. Susan Reeve says

    I have seen the shadow of death hang over my family and myself for a long time. We didn’t call it that but that was what it was. It was called procrastinating or laziness or lack of gumption but it was death. I saw my Mother always talking about all the things she was going to make but never did. If she took a class or made a promise to someone it usually got done but not her hopes and dreams. This is such a problem in the artist community they wrote a book about it (Art and Fear by Bayles & Orland). Artists who have a clear vision of something but never produce it because of fear they might not have the talent to make it the way they see it.
    I grew up thinking I would die young (so my generation told me). So now that I am old(er), I can look at Death’s face and know what I know in God and be so much more bold and dangerous. Thanks for this forum so Truth can dispel the fog of this entity.


    • Maggie says

      Susan…you have no idea how this has helped me . Thank you for the book reference. I appreciate your writing this. You are absolutely right… death is the huge monster over the art industry, but the beauty of the Creator of Light is booming forth over all His creation and declaring “enough is enough”.


      • Susan Reeve says

        I am glad it helped. Know that the book is not written by Christians but by artists who experience this problem. I have come to terms with this demon by seeing it as the roadblock that it is and seeing beyond it to Father who has given me this gift. Determining to go forward despite the enemy, seeing him in the right perspective, and blessing the gift of artistry from Father helps push me forward. Somedays it may be only accomplishing putting one or two pieces or brushstokes on a project but I have determined that I will do something and not nothing. May you find joy in your victories.


    • Melissa says

      Thank you for sharing your insight. I don’t think I ever made the connection between the artistic desire to create and do more than there ever seems to be time to do with the shadow of death. A powerful connecting thought to bring to Father. I have in recent years just chalked it up
      To an over active imagination and tried to set my expectations of myself lower to try and compensate for the pain of disappointment that I never seem able to accomplish all the creative things I can imagine and desire to do. I recognize there is some procrastination at work in there as well as an unrealistic expectation of what I can do in a given time frame. I still grieve inside over not having the time to do the creative things I had imagined doing for my wedding (which I planned and executed in a 3 month timeframe). Sounds like I may need to do some processing of disappointment as well as battling the shadow of death. Interestingly, your comment really opened up the below comments for me and helped me “feel” and connect with the emotions of the commenters below as they shared their visions of family members transitioning through death. I had read the comments previously and not connected with them before.


  3. says

    Wow! – the overwhelming Presence when I click on this post. The Awe and Majesty of our Resurrected King is so powerful. As I re-read and savor each line I feel more and more energized and joyful (so I keep coming back). I didn’t think I was in the “hangover” category but enjoying the effects of giving anything and everything an ear full.

    Honored to be praying over and into and blessing tomorrow’s event and everyone involved, I know it will be extraordinary!


    • Denise says

      The overwhelming depth of the pain, agony, abandonment, sadness, disappointment, confusion, unimaginable loss, loneliness and totally shredded Hearts grieving the brutal and savage death of the Lover of their souls… VANISHED! ALL HEALED! HOPE RESTORED with one millisecond in His Glorious Presence. All that trauma suddenly vanquished and totally replaced with unprecedented JOY!

      Oh the totality of the rescue, restoration and redemption that was unleashed with the Resurrection.

      Don’t think I can put language to it but … Yes… Or just wow… A deep stirring inside of increasing hope, joy, freedom… Like my spirit has been sitting down but now it just wants to run and frolic joyfully.

      What’s the next level of savoring? I think I past that and went to indulging.


  4. says

    Yesterday was certainly a foggy funk kind of day for my family and I. Speaking out against the critters in ear shot about Christ and his FULLNESS OF LIFE after the resurrection felt like it resounded. Thank you for the timely suggestion.


  5. Janis Leal says

    My mother, who I deeply love, died on Wednesday. In cultural vernacular the word “death” is used, yet for the believer in Jesus’ resurrection the word “transition” is correct. Not knowing my mother would “die” that day, I awoke in the night with a picture of her walking down the hospital hallway wearing a black and white top, then she transitioned to running, and as she ran her garment turned white, like light. She ran to where there was no more passageway but only light, true Life. I share this for a reason here, and I’ll most certainly give the ungodly creatures an ear-banging, not only in this very long comment as a declaration, but for a long time afterwards.

    I ponder the black and white garment, the dark and light. Whatever else it means, I do know that the shadow of Death (the dark) lingers in this world attempting to dilute and overtake the Life (the light) yet will never overcome it (John 1). The fact is, this Death we call the shadow was already dealt with in eternity even before Jesus’ resurrection in time. “For I know that my redeemer lives, and at the last He will take His stand on the earth. And even after my skin is destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God.” (Job 19:25-26)

    “… He will swallow up the covering which is over all peoples, even the veil which is stretched over all nations. He will swallow up death for all time…” (Is. 25:7-8)
    “Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” (1 Cor. 15:54-55)

    Whatever part of Death the Shadow of Death is, I know it’s nothing compared to our God who not only declared but proved, ““I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies. And everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die.” (John 11:25)

    As for the emotions of this reality for any of us, they’ll come and go in grieving processes. And as we continue to blast Death with the Truth, I begin with pondering the Sound of Light that may have been the loudest crash since “in the beginning” at creation, that same sound-light that shook the earth, blasted away the rock blocking the Jesus’ tomb, and knocked the guards senseless to their feet.

    Surely that was a flavor of our Lord’s emotion that is beyond language – His “Shout of Glory,” a deeper-than-deep expression of Joy, louder than human ears can comprehend – powerful emotion. My mother, along with others who receive the Resurrection and the Life, surely knows the fullness of that joy and every other color of His emotions. And even in the deepest sorrow of my life, I join in spirit with her and our Lord in that celebration, and with all the rest of this tribe-family engaging with this post. Death is simply a non-reality for us, for “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.” (Ps. 16:11). I wholeheartedly, passionately rejoice in that.

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    • says

      Janis, how magnificent of the Lord to allow you to see the transition — especially the fact that she was running toward the LIGHT of her Lord. What a rich, rich experience. Meanwhile I respect the fact that your soul is not going to always share the exultation of your spirit. We will walk gently together.

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    • says

      Janis, I am flying to Denver as I write, with a high focus on my notes for tomorrow, but running in the background all the time is the picture of your mother, walking down the hall, then running toward the light as she became light. Such a stunning, compelling picture.

      I have informed my staff long ago that if any one of them tries to raise me from the dead and is successful, the first thing I will do is punch them in the nose — in Christian love of course. I want no round trip tickets to heaven.

      I am savoring her joy at being welcomed by Father into her new season of vibrant life.

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    • maggie says

      When my parents passed away (32 years apart) I was privileged to see their faces after death. My father’s face struck me with a look of eternal strength ( WW2 veteran) : my mother’s face was beautiful as all the anxiety and pain of having to deal with her husbands PTSD in an age that stuffed emotions, was lifted ,totally gone! He is indeed risen! Death will not hold Him down. He has triumphed over Death and Hell. Keep us Jesus as the apple of your eye , as we learn the strategies of battle in these days .


      • says

        Maggie, awesome job of being a comforter. Instead of going to the pain, you have gone to the strength of the story and celebrated it. Strong people appreciate the strength being seen and honored. Well done!

        (Of course, ultimately it is up to Janis to comment on whether that approach works for her, since each of us is different.)


        • maggie says

          I am weeping now, feeling it. Loosing a parent is pain that can be pushed away, but it is there to share one day. What a powerful experience Janis. Thank you both….there is communion here today as I go through a deep grief myself which I cannot share here in any other way. It’s tears of great release. He will put them in a bottle He said.


          • Janis Leal says

            Yes, Maggie — Grief beyond words, and the lovingkindness of the Lord to keep our tears stored up. I’ve pondered that before, wondering how He will show us that one day when we’ve entered into glory ourselves. So beautiful, and such deep, sweet healing in your tears of release….


    • Bev says

      Although I have not had any time or internet connection to get myself more knowledgeable about the Shadow of Death that Arthur has made available, I saved the audio he sent this morning so I can hear it later. All summer up until Wed. I’ve been practically living at the hospital and rehab/nursing home with my Mother. On Wed. we brought her to her home with Hospice. We do not know how long she has, but she definitely has begun the transition. My Mercy and Teacher self longs to delve into this as I was intrigued in the past by the moment the women went to the tomb. I illustrated it in a little hand made book because I was so impressed that the scriptures say the angels were “dressed in lightening.” But alas, God is forcing my Servant self to mature as I learn to care for her as she transitions, as I did for my Dad, a WWII Veteran, who died 5 years ago. I would like to share a few experiences that I’m really not sure what God was doing, but I know He is helping me by way of my spirit.
      I cared for Dad his last 45 days. 40 has been said to represent a fiery trial (and it was a fiery trial) but it also has been said to represent a generation. 5 has been said to represent grace. The day before the 45 days started, I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and saw a fiery angel with a fiery sword standing at the foot of my bed, holding the sword out in front of him, straight up. I shared it with my husband at breakfast and said I did not know what it was about, but I felt an incredible peace. The next day, the 45 days started. After his death I shared it with a trusted elder. He heard the Lord saying about me and my family, “A generation and then grace.”
      Now that I am doing this again for my Mom, there was a major surgery day early this summer that I was not even able to connect to God (I thought.) I was super concerned that she would be unable to handle recovery.He kept sending me people thoughout the day to encourage and protect me. There was one point I was walking through an empty parking lot with someone walking parallel to me. Then they went slower and walked behind me. I perceived I was about to be mugged. I walked faster trying to reach the farthest parking lot where my car was. As soon as I entered it and walked around the first few cars, I saw that there was a security guard, guns at his side, standing 2 cars away from mine. At that point I heard the footsteps behind me drop off. I’ve never been so thankful to Father God!!!
      I was having to do business on my phone through all of this, and while she was in surgery, I had to mail an item to a customer at the P.O. When I walked in, this plainly dressed woman, full of so much joy, it was impossible that she was human, made a bee line for me and told me I looked familiar, asked my name, said her name was Janet. She reluctantly went to the postmaster when called but kept looking back at me and smiling, almost bouncing with joy. She seemed on mission to speak to me The postmaster had to go to the back, and while gone, she cupped her hands around her mouth and whisper-yelled something to me. I tried to read her lips but couldn’t. Before leaving the building she yelled out loud, “GOD BLESS EVERYBODY IN HERE!!!” After my transaction I could see her through the glass doors and wanted to thank her in the parking lot. I went through the doors myself and alas, she was gone. I’m wondering if the P.O. is a portal for messages? Makes sense to me.
      I had a dream while Mom was in the nursing home that a man with books, papers, clipboards, and ledgers was sitting in her room. I took this to mean that there were many unresolved things from her life that needed resolving, and I quickly took her to the courts of heaven to resolve anything that might be unforgiven in her or her ancestry. Then I had a dream she and I were running together on a grassy hill. Except she was young and vibrant, not in her nineties any more!!
      Just had to share.
      The grieving has already started in me, but also am eager for my own transition into God’s next purpose for me.
      May yours (your next transition) be sweet as you grieve and begin new things too.


  6. says

    Thank you for sharing. I often forget that I might be experiencing something that others are feeling. I’m too familiar with bad times. Thank you for help with new approaches to these types of days.


  7. Devorah R.G says

    As I just skimmed through the four resurrection accounts, I experienced an unexpected disappointment detox. I’ve had some vague awareness that my emotional engagement with those portrayals is on the minimalistic side. Yet so far I always chalked it up to my storyteller’s irritation with the narrative variations. And I’ve “forgiven” the writers because highly emotional experiences are usually the least well recorded.

    This time I was deliberately looking for the point of joy that most resonated with me. Trying to tune in with precision, the only reaction I got was one of anger. Thankfully clarity came pretty quickly, so I didn’t have to say weirded out for too long. My primary response to Yeshua’s actions after His resurrection was disappointment that he didn’t stick around. Probably nothing new, just not something I ever expected myself to be carrying. Rationally I’ve always accepted it as a necessary plot point in God’s long-term development process. But the mind and the heart can be worlds apart on some issues!

    Having identified this layer of my emotional reality, I choose to release every fragment of instinctive offense and thoroughly embrace Yeshua’s righteous choice to move on to His next assignment. I honor the Redeemer’s dedication to the whole of His glory saga. Just as it was necessary that the Anointed One should suffer the sacrifice, so it was also necessary for Him to ascend to Heaven to be “seated at the right hand of Power.” Even though we don’t get to see Yeshua as clearly as Peter did when he jumped out of the boat, we do get to experience His presence with us every day in every corner of this world!


  8. Louise says

    Yes indeed it was an odd thursday! My daughter did everything “wrong” and out of order and spun off the highway rolled 3 times and stopped upside down in a wall. She got out the car without breaking anything in her body and not one cut even tho there was plenty of glass flying around.
    We are celebrating with resurrection gusto and emotion now! And telling those spirits who tried but FAILED to take her out who we serve….the Resurrected King of Life who defeated death.


  9. Sue Benz says

    I have a hunger to know what you know so I can do what you do! Thank you.

    As the Day approaches…