Spring Equinox Destabilization

The spring equinox for 2017 was March 20-21.  These change of seasons are usually a bit difficult for survivors of ritual abuse, but based on the email traffic I have been getting in the last 12 hours, this one was unusually rough.

Obviously there are sundry different streams of SRA with different techniques regarding time, but here is a tool that has helped a few people today.  If you or one of your clients has been destabilized, take a look in this direction.

In the spiritual work I do, we normally see the time line of an individual’s life like a river.  Every river has a beginning at a spring.  So your conception is seen as a spring on top of a hill.  Water bubbles up from the underground aquifer, flows down the side of the hill and begins its journey toward today and beyond.

We often find that when a person is massively destabilized by modestly problematic time factors it is because the spring of conception has been compromised.  Most of the time we will find either Leviathan or Nephilim there.

There are several things I check for in terms of the spring of conception/time line.

-Is there a critter present?

-Is the water coming up from below clean or defiled?

-Is the flow the right volume?

-Is the flow going down the hill to the west?

Any one of these can be compromised, or all of them.

If you want to know the Biblical foundations for this, our album “Accessing Intimacy with God” goes into considerable detail and has some renunciations for the root issues.  Mostly, these days, I just deal with them from a power encounter perspective, but if you prefer the authority grid, there are renunciations in that album.

The open door for this kind of defilement, especially Nephilim, is any one of these things:

-Wishing you were never born.

-Wishing you could not exist.

-Wishing you could die.

-Wishing you had been born into a different time.

-Trying to access a different stream of time than the one God placed you in.

This is just a quick and rushed blog since there are too many people in crisis right now for me to respond to each one individually.

However, since this issue of critters at the spring seems to have a disproportionate impact on people’s lives – exaggerating every other time issue they have – I will be doing a couple of clips in the very near future on our “Healing Tools Podcasts.”

For those who would like a more detailed discussion of the issue before the summer solstice and the big eclipse on August 21st, you should subscribe to the podcast.

Copyright March 2017 by Arthur Burk

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