Curse of Cain Insight

Last week in our Worship and Warfare series, we did a live stream called “Vicarious Bondage” which explores how we get sucked into carrying the pain of a community, when it is not our pain.

Sometimes it is as simple as a social contract in community, such as the unwritten expectation that the whole family is supposed to be outraged at the “unfair” treatment of Johnny by one of his teachers.  Sometimes it is a sophisticated act of SRA to covenant someone into a group that carries high pain, so that the perps can shift their pain to the victim.

Here is the link to that foundational teaching which is in the archives.  It will help you understand this article if you have heard the larger teaching and experienced the deliverance prayer.

Today we unexpectedly saw a very specific application for survivors.  But first the backstory.

Sally is a survivor and has been on her healing journey for many years, with sundry counselors and good success.  All seven portions of her spirit are back, in the Seat of Dominion.  She has a few parts left, but she does not switch unexpectedly anymore, has a solid job, experiences a lot of joy, etc.

The one soft spot is that one portion of her spirit seems “less than.”  She pinged me a year ago to see if I had any ideas and I came up with nothing.  Everything looked healed, solid, clean and safe.  So she carried on with life, expecting that portion of the spirit to come around in time.  She didn’t know what was wrong, since nothing seemed to be overtly wrong, but something sure wasn’t right.

Now, a year later, she asked me to take another look.  I chatted with her spirit, and nothing was wrong, but something wasn’t right and a year of growth in all sorts of other areas had not solved anything!

So I sat with the Lord and waited to see what would bubble up.  The vague sense was that this portion of the spirit could not receive the life that was benefiting all the other portions.  So in my mind, that translated into “No functional receptors.”

Suddenly I got The Elbow!  The Holy Spirit said “The Curse of Cain.”

That was interesting because it inverted the story.  I knew well the fact that fratricide (or any murder in the family) causes the earth to not release its strength to us.  I had always seen that as the earth being affected.  It withheld its treasures.

But, considering the fact that Cain was in theory quite mobile, that would require God to ding every piece of land he tried to farm. We know the curse was so emphatic he had to get out of farming and become a contractor, working with non-living things, because his living plant world didn’t work anymore.

If we flip it, and envision the curse manifesting in him, blocking him from receiving, then it would be fully portable, wherever he went.

It was an interesting conundrum which I only pondered less than a minute.  I have no qualms about trying my half baked potatoes before the Throne of God, knowing He is quite accustomed to rejecting my ideas when they are not valid, and He doesn’t fuss at me for trying.

So, my priestly lawyer took a deep breath and went for it.  The logic was somewhat along these lines.

-When SRA is generational, it means a family member is doing it to another family member, knowingly, deliberately, viciously, with malice aforethought.

-There is some murder in some streams of SRA.  Often the person is resuscitated, but that does not change the fact that it is premeditated murder.  And there are times when children are forced to do the deed to others.

-These two things together would cause the Curse of Cain to be on lots of perps.

-The perps try to position themselves so that the curses that are due them land on the victims instead.

-So Sally could theoretically be tied into the whole “class” of survivors of SRA who have the Curse of Cain applied to them (illegally) so that they COULD NOT receive the life of God from the environment they are in.

-Then I theorized that the curse could become a lot larger than just land, per se.  I ran down a list of different areas where Sally – as a whole – is not yet able to receive, then zeroed in on that portion of the spirit and listed things it did not appear to be able to receive from the robust spiritual life floating around her.  I figured if you are going to court, you may as well swing for the fences and blame the devil for everything!

-That said, I asked God to sit in judgment on that diversion of blame.  The perps should get the blame for murder, not the victims.  The perps should be blocked from receiving, not the victims. And I asked God to annul the covenants with Death and cancel the agreements with Sheol (Is. 28) so that the Curse of Cain would be lifted off Sally, especially the portion of her spirit that was affected, and would be placed back solidly on her father who deserved it.

-Then I asked God to rebuild all the receptors in her spirit, soul and body that had been blocked or sealed off by the Curse of Cain, not just in this generation, but in all the previous ones.  I was quite expansive and inclusive in asking for the restoration – more than she could ask or imagine.

When I finally stopped the river of words (tinged by more than a little anger as I thought about it), she reported that she had been having significant manifestations, almost throwing up repeatedly, AND there was an unprecedented about of movement in her brain.

I took that as a good sign, even though we have never walked this way before.  We sat together on the phone, in silence while the process was going on.  Eventually she felt overwhelmed by it and asked to go to sleep.  We parted ways; she slept for an hour and a half during the middle of the day, a deep sleep, like when God did surgery on Adam.

When she surfaced, there was still a lot of activity in her brain and it has shown no sign of abating two hours later!  So I guess rebuilding receptors where there have not been any for generations is a really big deal!

At present, we only have a whole lot of feelings to report.  It will take a while before we know whether there is “measurable, verifiable, sustained change.”  And it will be quite interesting to find out whether there is an immediate bounce for that portion of the spirit, or whether it takes a few weeks or months of it being able to receive, before it is robust and fully in the game again.

For now, this is solidly framed as a half-baked potato, but I am putting it out there for all of you therapists who have some willing (or desperate) guinea pigs.  So many of your survivors lament that although they are getting healed of their pain, and are becoming more stable, they lack the connection with God that they crave.

So kindly Beta test this for me, since you have a much larger lab than I do, and let’s see what kind of consistent results we do or don’t get.

Thanks for the partnership.  This Trailblazer is pretty pointless without my large group of Pioneers who build out the concepts.

Copyright April 2017 by Arthur Burk





  1. Bonnie Meyer says

    I was thinking not of Cain, but of who took care of Abel’s sheep, or did they just wander being exposed to the enemies of the land, searching for food, water safety . It seemed later women were mentioned caring as shepherdess –Rachel. Is that one reason Jesus is the Good Shepherd replacing what is lost. So we are able to go from the curse of Cain to the leading of the Lord Jesus. Abel was a shepherd, and the Passover Lamb was sacrificed, and so now can we rely on the Spirit to lead and guide us. Even if through the curse of Cain we are wandering, lack of the earth yielding its fruit, with lack of fellowship wandering looking for a place of rest, safety and fellowship or friendship. Is the curse of Cain similar to the nature of a sheep with out a shepherd? Just thinking.


  2. says

    Hi, As I read your Summary about Sally I was waiting on the Lord, and in popped into my mind that she is still fragmented and has not yet come into her executive place.. It is just a time thing, as I am sure that you have prayed up hill and down dale about her life.and that all the prayers are still flowing through her system, but she will come into peace and completeness. As we are complete in Him, more of Him into her life, will bring all the pieces together. We cannot expect to have that completeness, unless we are pressing hard in to Him, to enable the Lord to finish His work in us, and that is for all of us. Take it for what it is worth, but having prayed for numerous people over the years, a lot of people want us to do the praying, come up with answers, without doing their part, of waiting on the Lord and just loving him. Maybe, just maybe her relationship is not yet intimate enough with the Lord. What the executive place is sound like completeness, that she has not made it to the top as in a business position. Just some thoughts, so disregard them if you don’t think they are right. I love seeing people made whole, and would like to help if this fits. God Bless you, Maree Williams


  3. Maggie says

    Wow there is a lot to discover and work on here, thank you Arthur , it’s a word in season….curse of Cain very real in my situation! It was broken off me recently by a ministry of deliverance. I just couldn’t put this in therapist language, but I its a key for me. Although I don’t have the basic materials on ‘nurturing the spirit’ series as yet …my spirit is understanding the 7 parts and I feel joy up ahead…..great freedom for many is my hope. Does Australia collectively have this curse I wonder!

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  4. Donna Bianchi says

    The “curse of Cain” is what I kept hearing for myself last week…me getting blamed/receiving curses for things I did not do. So, I prayed it off, not with as much finesse as yours above, but serviceable. I just added the receptors/ receiving part. This is/was a major confirmation for me. Thanks yet again, Arthur!

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