Are You Missing A Permission?

I have been working intermittently with someone who has a huge amount of wholeness, follows directions impeccably, but simply has very little initiative in life.

We have talked through the fact that slaves obey and sons create, but there has been no movement.  Seems to be more than a spirit of slavery.

Today I realized that she came out of a home and a religious stream that withheld permissions.  Specifically, her father absolutely dominated every facet of the home.  He did the grocery shopping, defined the food they ate, determined who their friends were, what they did for holidays and everything else in between.

Her mother was compliant and executed as directed.  She had no permission to be a person, much less a woman or a wife.

The religious stream “Sally” went into was equally as repressive, with the leader having all permission, and any initiative on the part of the people being deemed rebellion or an independent spirit.

I asked Father to come to Sally’s spirit and to give her the appropriate permissions to be who she was made to be at this point in her life.  There was a very tender moment.

I pondered that for a while.  Sally’s father was extreme in his predatory, smothering control.  BUT, almost every spouse and every parent has denied permission to someone.  It might be worth your time to look at that picture.

As I looked at my childhood, the biggest withholding of permission from Dad was permission to risk in relationships.  We could risk with tarantulas, snakes, and sting rays, but people were deemed horrendously dangerous and we were to walk very conservatively in regards to our associates.

I am not sure where it happened, but somewhere along the way I was given (or took!) permission to associate with rabble, road kill and assorted dangerous bipeds.  I might be better off with a tad bit of Dad’s caution these days, but the horse is out of the barn on this issue.

I looked at Mom.  Couldn’t find a single area where she withheld a permission that would be useful for me as an adult.  All of the withholdings were quite useful for keeping this black sheep alive during a turbulent childhood.

Then I looked at their marriage.  Dad DEFINITELY withheld permission for Mom to have her own theological ideas.  He was the sole arbiter of theological orthodoxy for his entire family.  On that one, I distinctly remember when and where God gave me permission to be my own man in terms of my beliefs.

Then I looked at Mom and permissions given to Dad.  I hit a black hole there.  I couldn’t think of any single permission that she could have given him!  Not sure what that means.

Anyway, it was a worthwhile exercise for me, just to see how nuanced permissions could be.  Dad might have been considered guilty of child endangering for all of the permissions he gave us to work with power tools and to roam the jungle and the river with all of its pests.  He was a highly permissive father in that regard, but in one other niche, not so much.

For those of you coaching people on a journey, you might add this to your tool box and see if you can easily release some people who are still walking in the shadow of parental lack of permission.

Copyright June 2017 by Arthur Burk


Geo Brain Project Report #1


We certainly got a massive reaction to the last blog.  It has been out less than 18 hours and there has been a flood of response.  I have chosen a team of five people from five nations for our guinea pig test run.

My view of the brain is a bit primitive.  I see a whole bunch of micro computers all networked together.  There are only three questions, ever.

Is the data coming in bad?  Is the computer crunching the data ineffectively?  Is the data going out compromised before it gets to the next station in the network?

So the incoming data can be bad because the computer module before the one we are looking at is giving bad data, or because the neurological pathway is flawed on an organic level, or because there is a spiritual structure there impairing communication, or because there is a sentient creature.

Same goes for the transfer of data to the next module.

And a local module can be genetically defined around different parameters than we wish it were, or it could be shaped through nurture to be sub par in an area where God designed it to operate robustly, or there could be emotional wounds or critters or structures impairing it.

We will start with deliverance in case there are critters or structures impairing one of the three functions.  Critters are easy, so we want to get them out of the way.

For this one, I am working with three different seers who have specialty skills.  I will meet with each one of the seers, one at a time, by phone and go down the list of the five players looking at the two salient parts of the brain, and the feedback loop to see what they see in terms of critters and structures.

Once we feel there is a clean field, I will ping each of the five and ask them whether anything changed.  I doubt this is primarily a deliverance issue.

I am skeptical that there are issues of woundedness causing damage here, so we will broadly ignore that.

Then I will ask the three seers to take a baseline “picture” of the components in question.

I will develop some strategies to speak to their spirit about how to nurture those three components and start coaching them from a distance, with possibly an occasional call.

Periodically I will check with the seers to see if the brains in question look any different, and I will check with the test group to see if they are functioning differently, and report the results here.

The premise of the standard brain researchers is that this is an organic design dynamic.  Either you were wired up right or you weren’t and you should just deal with it if you weren’t.

And that MAY be true.  This whole exercise might be a total dud.  BUT, we won’t know until we try to see if we can retroactively nurture that feedback loop.

If we get some decent results, then we will record some material and run a larger test group.  If results still hold, we will mainstream it.

So that is the game plan.

For purposes of discussion with privacy, I have renamed all of the players in our test group with D names.

Deana in the US.

Debbie in Germany.

Dolores in Canada.

Dorothy in the Philippines.

Danielle in South Africa.

Since I am currently in Europe on a three nation speaking tour, it will probably be at least two weeks before we have our first report.

For those of you tracking with us, prayer would be highly valued.

Copyright June 2017 by Arthur Burk

Experimenting with Causes of Geographic Disorientation

In the last few days I read a book on how the brain functions.  This author has a contrarian view which he defends passionately.  However, at the end of the day, his model is strictly nature vs. nurture + woundedness.  Old, old stuff.

I alternated between irritation and sadness over the inadequate frame for explaining what causes the brain to do things they don’t understand.  There is no room in most models for the human spirit, alien human spirits, demons, spiritual structures, trauma bonds to time or land, soul ties, curses and covenants, yet all of those things are going to impact brain function for better or for worse (usually the later).

In the midst of the same-old-same-old, there was a nugget that intrigued me.  He identified with significant precision the feedback loop that is responsible for someone being well oriented geographically vs. those who easily get lost in a new city, or who historically are disoriented in any place but their most familiar turf.

I have some theories about what might be going on there beyond the organic component and am interested in testing my theories.

The problem is, I am quite busy now with sundry other worthy projects, so I can’t really justify the time to go deep.  The dream scenario is that you come here, we do a battery of tests, then do follow up ministry to your spirit and confrontation of anything else that does not belong there.  Then in addition to tracking the anecdotal reports of change, you would come back for another battery of tests to compare hard data before and after so as to have something to present to the skeptics.

I simply cannot afford that kind of time.

So here is the skinny version. We will skip all the before and after testing and simply go with discernment and your reporting.  AND in the interest of efficiency, instead of trying to synchronize schedules for repeated ministry calls, I am simply going to ask for a spiritual “power of attorney” for me and my team to poke around on our schedule, without your being in on the calls.  That also eliminates the “placebo effect.”

Clearly we would deal with any sentient creatures and structures first as well as coaching your spirit on redoing some of the wiring in the feedback loop we are looking at.

You would send an email once a month or so reporting change or lack thereof.

So . . . if you have a very high trust level in me and my team, are willing to let us explore the sanctuary of your brain, and if you have a long standing significant problem with not being able to even follow a GPS effectively, I would love to hear from you.  We are only going to work with five people since that is a large enough pool to test my idea.

If it turns out to be significantly transformational, we will write up the protocol here, and everyone else can work on it themselves.

We are now officially open for volunteers.  Write me at

UPDATE:  As of Monday  night, the test group has been formed.  We had a very large number of applicants. 

Watch this blog as we share result — if there are any.

Copyright June 2017 by Arthur Burk