Experimenting with Causes of Geographic Disorientation

In the last few days I read a book on how the brain functions.  This author has a contrarian view which he defends passionately.  However, at the end of the day, his model is strictly nature vs. nurture + woundedness.  Old, old stuff.

I alternated between irritation and sadness over the inadequate frame for explaining what causes the brain to do things they don’t understand.  There is no room in most models for the human spirit, alien human spirits, demons, spiritual structures, trauma bonds to time or land, soul ties, curses and covenants, yet all of those things are going to impact brain function for better or for worse (usually the later).

In the midst of the same-old-same-old, there was a nugget that intrigued me.  He identified with significant precision the feedback loop that is responsible for someone being well oriented geographically vs. those who easily get lost in a new city, or who historically are disoriented in any place but their most familiar turf.

I have some theories about what might be going on there beyond the organic component and am interested in testing my theories.

The problem is, I am quite busy now with sundry other worthy projects, so I can’t really justify the time to go deep.  The dream scenario is that you come here, we do a battery of tests, then do follow up ministry to your spirit and confrontation of anything else that does not belong there.  Then in addition to tracking the anecdotal reports of change, you would come back for another battery of tests to compare hard data before and after so as to have something to present to the skeptics.

I simply cannot afford that kind of time.

So here is the skinny version. We will skip all the before and after testing and simply go with discernment and your reporting.  AND in the interest of efficiency, instead of trying to synchronize schedules for repeated ministry calls, I am simply going to ask for a spiritual “power of attorney” for me and my team to poke around on our schedule, without your being in on the calls.  That also eliminates the “placebo effect.”

Clearly we would deal with any sentient creatures and structures first as well as coaching your spirit on redoing some of the wiring in the feedback loop we are looking at.

You would send an email once a month or so reporting change or lack thereof.

So . . . if you have a very high trust level in me and my team, are willing to let us explore the sanctuary of your brain, and if you have a long standing significant problem with not being able to even follow a GPS effectively, I would love to hear from you.  We are only going to work with five people since that is a large enough pool to test my idea.

If it turns out to be significantly transformational, we will write up the protocol here, and everyone else can work on it themselves.

We are now officially open for volunteers.  Write me at Friends@TheSLG.com.

UPDATE:  As of Monday  night, the test group has been formed.  We had a very large number of applicants. 

Watch this blog as we share result — if there are any.

Copyright June 2017 by Arthur Burk