1. Heart Cleansing: A Shield Around Time

Last week we learned a lot about the heart and the ability to discover issues with time when we look through that grid.

I use the illustration of looking at you with my eyes.  All I see is your skin — nothing beyond.  With an X-ray, we can see the bones that were there all along, but not visible at the skin level.

In the same way, conventional deliverance finds a lot of stuff that is actionable, but it seems that the issues with time are most visible when seen through the grid of the heart.

Our current model suggests that there are three strands of time — Father, Son and Spirit.  Any one of the three can be compromised.  Also, we see the four chambers of the heart as representing Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom in the order of the blood flow.

With the new insights from the EKG process last week, we have been fumbling our way along, experimenting with real life application.

I worked with “Sally” yesterday and found some stuff related to God the Father in the right atrium.  We dealt with it fairly easily, using standard tools.  I felt something was lacking and it was not time to ask Father to come and imprint whatever it is about Him that belongs in the right atrium, so we let it ride overnight.

Today her spirit said all the work was done in the right atrium.  I asked for Father to do whatever needed to be done and nothing at all happened.


Wondered if we needed to clean the whole heart, and then install the Trinity all at one time.  Don’t know.  Have never walked this way before.

We decided to go on to the right ventricle to see what could be done there.  When we moved that direction, there was a problem I had not seen before and I felt all the motivation drain out of me.  All I wanted was to get off the phone and go do something worthwhile.


Most of the time, seeing a new problem gets my juices flowing big time.  I love revealing some new facet of the polyvariegated wisdom of God.

But this time, all the air was gone from my balloon.

Really odd.

I reached deep and kept pushing.

I asked God to show her spirit what the three strands of time looked like in her life.

The short version is that there was “insulation” over all three strands of time for a period of a number of years.  That was the exact period of time that she was under an apostolic leader who insisted that only the apostle could hear from God for the people.

The apostle built a powerful culture of control, and established a norm that anyone who questioned the apostle was in fact rebelling against God Most High.  And, of course, in that situation the apostle could not allow anyone to hear from God directly.  Hence the tube of insulation around all three strands of time.

This was partly because of the apostle’s heavy hand.  And partly because Sally had wholeheartedly submitted to that teaching back in the day, as she sought to be fully pleasing to God with her submission.

Now here is what is sad about that picture.  Sally has revisited that season of her life in ministry sessions at least a couple dozen times, doing everything that she knew to clean it up, make things right inside herself and in her relationship with God.

But, everything she had seen so far was on the level of the skin.  When we went to the heart, it allowed her spirit to see an X-ray of the time line and find the root problem.

Clean up was pretty simple.  We simply did an addendum to the previous renunciations, applying them to the insulation over the time line and asked God to remove it.  It took about five minutes to melt away.

We just waited.

Then I simply asked Father to restore the Father strand of that time line to “factory specs.”

That took a while.

We waited.

Then I invited Father to avenge himself on His ancient enemy by enlarging and enhancing that strand of her time so that she could have a deeper relationship with Him than was originally designed.

There was no immediate action indicating any desire on His part to move in that direction, at least not now.

We were out of time by then.  Sally had a mixture of elation over the restoration and of tenderness inside over the immensity of the repair work done.

One side note that I can’t figure out how to fit neatly in the story above:  when she first saw the insulating tube, she became furious.  Angry enough that tears came.

I smiled.  So much for the devil’s emotional shut down from the right ventricle.  When we go back there in a few days, I don’t think it, she or I will feel blank any more.

So the adventure continues.  Feeling our way along.  Discovering new things.  But it is quite clear that if you want to get a handle on your time line, looking at it through the grid of the human heart certainly brings some things in to perspective.

She had invested a lot in cleaning up that specific issue.  But none of the previous work had gotten to the heart of the matter — some human in authority, blocking her from experiencing the Trinity in her life, through a device on her time line.

THAT is sickening.

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk



  1. Maggie says

    Wow this is very helpful, re the submission to authority to apostolic , I see where I need to clean up my heart, I can identify with tis a little. I was accused of being independent because I heard from God as a young Christian….have found it hard to shake off from previous Catholic upbringing also. May have some parts there. Thanks for not giving up on ‘Sally’, Arthur. Amazing.


  2. Rebecca W says

    I have a thought about why there was no motivation when moving on to the right ventricle. I’ll put it out here in case it’s applicable. Jesus said He only does what He sees the Father doing. If it’s important that the work in the heart go in order, and the work or will of the Father is not clearly established, then pehaps the work and will of Jesus has nothing to reflect. Perhaps the will or motivation in that area is empty, even draining.
    Separately, I’m wondering if/how birthright fits in here.


  3. Rita Fodor says

    Wow!! I was only a couple of hours ago going over my timeline and working to recover my lost crowns. I felt better,
    but still unfinished due to a stronghold device that I’ve battled against for decades! This helps. I will go at it again.
    Thank you, Rita


  4. Sherry says

    Very interesting how you come up with different
    ways of doing things. My husband grew up in a family that seems to have been under this type of control. The father did everything the pastors told him to, at the expense of his own ministry. His wife couldn’t take the control anymore and had church at home alone with Jesus, and He surely met her there. But the father took the 4 children with him to church. The father, and two of the children, have had major heart issues when they got older. My father in law has heart issues, his oldest son passed away several years ago because of a heart attack, and the daughter had open heart surgery 2 years ago.
    The things that make you go, hmmm.


  5. Lavonne says

    So glad you shared this, I hope to see something change for me, as I go to the father relating to this also. Will there be any prayers concerning this to pray? Just wondering as it might help.
    Thanks, LaVonne