2. Heart Cleansing: A Covenant in the Dimensions

I spoke with Sally again today about her heart journey.

She shared both a floating feeling of being connected to God in a way she had never experienced before (even though she has been a Christian for many years), as well as a specific, measurable, verifiable incident of God communicating with her precisely, in a situation where she had asked specifically for an answer.

That was an encouraging firstfruit.

There was no push back for me to the right ventricle work like there was yesterday.  The inside of the ventricle looked clean, clear and comfortable.  But there was still the nagging sense of something being missing, probably dominion.

I asked God what He wanted to show her.


I asked Him to show her the section of her time line where stuff was not right.


So I assumed that we were dealing with a shield of invisibility that the enemy had created to block freedom and healing from coming.  We know that we deal with this through the sound of God.

I calmly called the critters to attention and read Job 38 to them for a bit of remedial education.  There was no reaction inside.  That was a bit surprising, since normally when you take down a shield, the cockroaches go running for a dark corner.  I had no idea whether we had succeeded or not, but moved ahead.

I asked God to take down the wall and to show her whatever He wanted her to see.

There was instantly the picture of a pocket watch, and the sense that she was looking at horse and buggy days.

The watch suggested to me a covenant dealing with time in some way.  Her spirit concurred, but said seasons.

I asked God to show the affected time line.  It instantly came into view with some occult time off to the side. That was very encouraging.  It means the work she had done with various practitioners over the years, cleansing her generational lines had already separated out that occult stuff from her time line.  Just hadn’t quite destroyed it.

Whenever I see signs of a covenant, a core part of the protocol is to reject any gifts or power or rights that were received from darkness and to proclaim that she is not impoverished by the rejection of those assets.  God is able to provide everything she needs to achieve everything she is called to do.  I did that proclamation and asked for the destruction of occult time and assets from this incident all the way to the present.

We waited while she watched it all fade away without drama.

Asked about the three strands of time — Father, Son and Spirit — and she said they came into the picture rightly aligned, then got really tangled and knotted up.  No surprise.

I asked God to clean up the mess.

Waited and watched.

Eventually all three were right, lying near each other, but not laying tightly next to each other like a normal rope.  I have seen this several times and have no clue what it means.  I invoked the Trinity.  There is no distance or division among the Trinity, so I asked that the three strands of the cord of time would lie tightly and closely to each other, as in the Trinity.

Easy fix.

So, in my opinion, the occult dynamics of the covenant had been taken care of.  And time was cleaned up.  Sally felt that she had lost an essence that belonged in the right ventricle, and that it might be dominion.  It was time to go fishing to find out.

I asked God whether there was an essence that had been extracted from her life back then and whether He wanted to show it to her.

She immediately saw a bonfire and beyond the bonfire was a cage and in the cage was an essence — looked like a person.

A bonfire is one of the three common symbols for a covenant.  I did the usual Isaiah 28 call for judgment and the annulling of the covenant and the removal of the iron cage which symbolized the “taxes” which she (or in this case the essence) needed to pay because of the covenant.

Absolutely nothing changed at all.

That could mean several things.  I guessed that the covenant was being maintained in the dimensions.  I know that authority, law, confession and all those things apply in time and space, but not in the dimensions.  There you need power, which, fortunately, God has an absolute abundance of.

This was driven home in Genesis 1:2.  Before there was time and space, God came and moved with the dominion and precision of an eagle, flying through the dimensions that “were without form and void.”  He established for us the rock solid reality that He has NO limitations at all in the dimensions, ever.  Just utter power.

So I reminded Jesus that He had a vested interest in Sally being free, and asked Him to move with power in that dimension to destroy the covenant and the cage and to bring the essence into this spot of time and space.

He did.  With zeal, efficiency and joy.

The essence seemed utterly disoriented, which would be rather understandable since it had been caged for centuries and woke up abruptly without any preamble.

I asked the Lord to send angels to minister to it, and they came.  Interestingly, the Servant portion of Sally’s spirit came running from the Seat of Dominion, which I thought was quite special.

Sally had the sense that the clean up and upfit could take a few hours, so we stood down for today.

To be continued.

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk



  1. Cynthia says

    This is so mind-boggling. Watching a whole lifetime shift in the space of an hour or two. Glory to God! And . . . wow, how do we learn how to do this?


    • says

      I will be having another Facebook Live chat soon to explore the heart stuff, but the blogs are intended to be a jumping off point.