3. Heart Cleansing: A Fun Resurrection

Sally and I were able to have another session today.

We had some unfinished business with the essence called Dominion who had been newly released from its cage in the last session.

I started by asking Servant about her involvement with the restoration of Dominion.  (See previous blog).

She said that when I asked for the angels to come and clean up Dominion, she “just knew” that this one was hers.

THAT is one of the finest examples of obedience there is.  When you know your design, you don’t need to be told to act on WHO YOU ARE.

I asked about the division of labor and she said the angels did the clean up and repair while Servant was there to make sure that there was no sense of rejection or abandonment in Dominion.  In some way, she, Servant, made Dominion feel legitimate in the community of Sally’s humanity.

That was an interesting insight.  But again, all about design.  Who better to imprint inclusion on a previously excluded portion of someone’s essence than Servant?

So we segued to the integration of Dominion back into Sally’s life, looking at the spot in the time line from a few centuries ago that we had been cleansing.  I observed to God that my model of the Trinity’s involvement in us is that the Father gives life, Jesus gives dominion and the Spirit brings honor.

I asked whether in practical terms that meant that the essence of Dominion would be added to Jesus’ strand of time.

There was a light weight affirmation, but I think this topic bears more observation as we go forward.

I asked the Lord to install Dominion in her rightful place and we waited.

Nothing at all happened.  Not even a flicker.

So I asked the Holy Spirit for a cue card.  The thought that floated up gently was that there might be another essence that had also been lost here.

I wasn’t sure whether that was the Spirit answering my request, or whether that was just my over active imagination, but I have no difficulty framing the thought as a petition, since God is quite adept at ignoring my imaginative requests, and quite consistent at honoring the hints that come from the Spirit.

I asked if there was another.

Sally IMMEDIATELY saw an essence that was literally buried and she knew that it was Connectivity.  THIS was needed for her to be able to connect deeply with The Father.

Made a lot of sense.

Since her forefather had chosen to enter into a deal with darkness, it would behoove him to disconnect from God.  Failure to do that would cause him to be haunted with guilt, fear, shame, etc.  Hence the crude “backyard grave” for Connectivity.

And I could see that God would not be too excited about giving Sally dominion if she was not connected to Him so as to use dominion wisely.

And, as a side note, I wonder how many people are unable to connect with God these days because some ancestor overtly repudiated the ABILITY to connect.  And though they confess their generational iniquities, clearing the slate, they don’t necessarily get back the ability to connect, since it seems to be an essence. Methinks there is a lot of work to be done here!

But I digress.

I pondered how to proceed.  God the Father raised Jesus from the dead.  Jesus raised Lazarus.  The Holy Spirit raised Eutychus.  I decided to throw it up for grabs and asked someone in the Trinity to raise Connectivity from the dead/grave.

Suddenly Sally burst out laughing.

She explained that it was just like when Jesus was raised from the dead.  He was good to go.  Didn’t need any help with PTSD, inner healing, cleansing from the crud in the grave.  He came out ready to roll, and Connectivity likewise was not going to need any ministry like Dominion had needed.  That resurrection TOOK!

Works for me.

I asked Father to install Connectivity.  I expected her to go into the Father strand of the time line, but instead Sally reported an instant lightening strike to the top of her head and an immediate change in her sense of God.

Note to self:  assign a researcher to explore the Precentral Gyrus since that seems to be the nexus of a whole lot of good and bad supernatural experiences!

The method surprised me, but I am more focused on the product than the process.  I don’t run sausage factories over here so God is free to disrupt my models any time He wants.

When the reverberations of the lightening strike settled out, I asked if Dominion could be installed now, and immediately there was a ball of intensity that landed in the middle of her Seat of Dominion, spread over the whole spirit and kept on expanding over the rest of her being.

Not bad.

Didn’t see that one coming but I like the poetic justice.  After all, what is the point of the Seat of Dominion, if there is no essence of Dominion?  Learning new stuff is great.

Note to self:  Check for other people who have their spirit solidly established in the Seat of Dominion but nothing changed.  Maybe they are missing an essence or two as well.

Since this was Surprise-Arthur-at-Every-Turn-Day, I decide to abandon all pretense of leading, and simply asked, “God, is there anything else You would like to do today?”

Instantly, Sally reported that something deep inside her had been uncapped and she felt a spring of joy bubbling up inside unlike anything she had ever experienced in the past, no matter how positive her external environment might have been.

Love it.

I chimed in with our well traveled “More, Lord!” prayer and He responded.

She had been a free spirit wild child back in the day, and I was savoring getting all that back, with Connectivity, Dominion and Joy, all under the headship of Jesus Christ which she prizes.

Then I asked if He would specifically baptize both her male and female Original Selves with joy and it sure did happen.

This landed deeply for me.  One of the subtle markers on survivors is the patina of deep grief that tends to stay with them, adding a slight tinge of grey to every good and lovely part of their life, subsequently.  That is a cruel brand the enemy puts on those who had been his for a season.

And Sally has literally been to hell and back, as have so many other survivors.  It is a formidable trauma to put behind you.  But, as she pointed out, when Jesus came out of the grave, there was no patina of crucifixion- trauma wafting along behind Him, so why shouldn’t we be free as well?

I sat and listened while she bubbled.

Suddenly she requested a Communion service for the two Original Selves and the parts around them. I agreed and hung up the phone to prep, then called back on Skype.

Sally is at the stage of working with mostly late teen parts, many of whom have been cult loyal.  The number of parts in the staging area ebbs and flows.  I am very careful not to control parts.  When I bring them out of the dark place where they have been minions to darkness, I am crystal clear that the only issue I force is that they not serve darkness any more.  Beyond that, they are free to come and go from the staging area.  I offer a variety of tools for cleansing those who wish it.

Generally there is a process of transitioning from dirty and sullen to clean and desiring integration, and I check in with them from time to time, to answer questions and coach on the cleansing process, but it is up to them to decide when they are tired of being minimalized and want to be part of the big game of life.

At this time, there were probably around a dozen parts in the two groups at various stages in their journey from rescued to integrated.

One was just two days out of darkness, and stood far back at the edge, specifically querying whether she would be in danger by being there, watching but not participating.  I assured her she was fine.

Also, during the night, another part had been emailing me, saying she was forced to do animal sacrifices and so hated it.  I decided to pause and deal with her before the Communion service.  She had already agreed in writing to be rescued.

I pinged her.  She was willing.  We got her out of darkness, stopped by the cleansing pool to wash the blood off and assuage some of the grief, then per previous agreement, immediately integrated her into the female Original Self so she would be hidden from the dark ones and would never have to do their bidding again.  She was about four years old.

After that five minute hiatus, we convened at the male Original Self’s camp.  I spoke to all the parts explaining the seriousness of Communion as a pledge of allegiance to Jesus as King.  I was not demanding it of anyone.  They had all seen Jesus in the camp at different times, doing integrations, and could postpone commitment or make the pledge.  Complete freedom.

I went to Hebrews 12 and celebrated the joy set before Christ, and talked about how much He loved it when they came out of darkness to the freedom He had purchased.  Then we broke Bread.  All but the one at the far edge participated.

Then for the Cup, I used John 15:11.  “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”  NIV

I pointed out that they had known the two O.S. for a while but had seen just now the visitation of the Joy of the Lord and how the two were so different all of a sudden.

I said they were free to stay outside and observe the joy for a while, but if they wanted to participate in the Joy of Jesus, they could go into their respective O.S. now.  Totally their choice.

So we took the Cup and all but two opted for immediate integration.

Huge WOW.

Usually, we only do one or two parts at a time because the O.S. gets a bit overwhelmed.  But now, bathed in the Joy of the Lord, and with the power of Communion, and with Connectivity and Dominion back in play, it was effortless and beautiful.

Sally was bouncing off the wall with uncommon joy.

We decided to wrap it there for now.

An hour later she wrote:  “I am still in awe. So much!  And all the integrations!  Communion was VERY special!”

So . . . another wild and wacky ordinary day at SLG, partnering with God, discovering the power of doing deliverance through the grid of the heart, cleansing time and recapturing essences.

I could get used to this.

AND, all of this has happened just in the first two chambers of the heart.  We have battled “junk” in the left atrium for all the years she has been seeking freedom and when she did the original survey earlier in the week, the left atrium was completely obscured, so we have NO IDEA what creepy crawlies are awaiting us there.

But if the warm up exercises have been immensely transformational, we have reason to believe that cleaning out the past and the pests from THAT chamber of the heart could have a rather dramatic impact on Sally’s life!

A lovely beginning to my Friday!

Copyright July 2017 by Arthur Burk


  1. says

    Really savoring the layers here. So much to glean from reading the process. Just the sidenote piece of confident obedience coming out of design – “I KNOW this is for me to do!” is something to ponder and celebrate. There is so much force of power in knowing what we were made for. I am also in awe of the sequence. God knows the order in which things need to happen. And then connections within the fractal. One can only wonder how much the missing Connectivity would impact the Kingdom output of the fourth chamber! That is a huge piece. Looking forward to reading the next report!

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  2. Ashton Carter says

    There is definitely huge excitement in reading this story and hope that I too can experience a renewed connectivity with the Triune God. I have this continued sense that my emotions and ability to hear from God are not at all what they should be. I desperately want to be reconnected to my God and forsake anything my fore fathers thought they gained from unholy sources.


  3. DietrichP says

    AB, love Gods humor in timings in this! Spot-on! My needs answered within my current personal journey with these posts! Currently receiving lots of soul & body-heavy help in a DEU Christian clinic against PTSD, early childhood plus generational issues-wounds challenges. My deepest longing focusses on my spirit to be healed, soothed, restored, finding missing parts, seeking deliverance from unspeakable oppression, abandonement, lonelines, sense of never being heard not to mention my heart and its motivation being understood elsewhere. Has been 8 wks of roller coaster in my journey so far, BUT father-GOD!! 🙂
    Questions being answered often & @ times without me even asking while worshipping, digging and listening the WORD bigtime.
    All this positivly happening despite fierce and heavy backlash as in repeatedly, constant spiritual artillary shelling, multiple IEDs, booby traps, antipersonal mines or even the big annihilating big Antitank mines intruding, showing up, exploding around me constantly from all directions.
    BUT als true constant Psalm 91 covering as HIS soothing & protecting SHALOM.
    And now: Sally’s missing essence of dominion AND missing connectivity to GOD! Thats fatherly loving timing. Gods presents found in time, space, land, people, AB, SLG. Thanks special tribe of our KING JESUS!


  4. Anonymous says

    Joy! Joining the celebration in spirit….

    And I’ve often thought joy and dominion go hand in hand… May Sally continue to relish and grow in this newness of life.


  5. valynda says

    My spirit certainly did a big jump when I saw the word “Connectivity”! So I just asked the Father to connect me! I could picture the joy Sally was talking about. Don’t really have the language to express what is happening, but I am most appreciative of you sharing!