4. Heart Cleansing: Religious Spirit

In the last week, a lot of things outside of Sally have started to shift.  People have moved in and move out of her life.  Friendship and opposition have both edged upward.  There were a couple of unexpectedly harsh demonic assaults, but over all, there has been a groundedness inside that she has longed for, for decades.

Today we moved in the direction of her left atrium which has been a trouble spot for years.  This is the chamber we identify with the Holy Spirit.  In the past, her spirit has not been able to see inside the chamber and cursory warfare has not been able to clean it up.

Prophet and Exhorter left the Seat of Dominion to be eyes on the ground.

I tried a few things to clean it up and nothing even flickered.  Asked God to show where in the time line things had gone bad, and the answer was 14th century and Sally saw a book.  It was clear from that symbol that we were dealing with something in the “Old Country” not with Native American issues.

I asked God to show her the time line, and Father and Son were missing and the Holy Spirit one was frayed and broken.

After some questioning with hits and misses, the story that emerged was of the Mother Superior of an abbey who recruited vigorously, and who abhorred intimacy, and became the ultimate arbiter of everything for the nuns under her.  In other words, plain, old fashioned religious spirit stuff.  Nothing special here.

I challenged the story line since nuns are supposed to be virgins and that creates problems with their having descendants.  There were two alternatives.  One was that the denizens of the abbey were vigorous in extending their spiritual beliefs and covenants to the extended families, with or without their permission.  The other is that holiness and morality did not prevail as it was supposed to.

Regardless, there was a sense that we could run with this.

The pattern of the religious spirit was distressingly familiar, not just in the culture at large, but in Sally’s own life in past years.

-A strong leader who claims to speak for God.

-Obedience elevated and intimacy dishonored.

-The Word used as a club to dishonor and intimidate people.

-The Word interpreted only by the leader.

-Uniqueness in an individual journey assaulted as a sign of heresy, rebellion and an independent spirit.

-No provision for a graceful exit from the organization.

Some critters never innovate.  Fourteenth century; twenty-first century.  Same old, same old.

Did some renunciations, and there was considerable feeling in her heart and spiritual conflict in her whole body.

When the rumble settled, Sally reported that two lines had been erased from the book.  A good sign.  I got a nudge that some of the story needed to be rewritten, so petitioned for that too and waited a bit.

Asked for and got a good repair of the Holy Spirit strand of time.

Asked for essences or offices to be restored.

No action.

Asked where we needed to go in time for the Father and Son strands.  God gave us two different times.  Did quick, non-mysterious work at both places and saw restoration of vibrancy.

So all three strands were right and clean and bursting with vitality at the 14th century.   I asked God if there were any essence or offices to be restored into the time line here.

No answer or movement.

Tough call.

Do I go forward, or is this something I need to fight for?  I had no data that suggested that there were missing essences or offices.  Just a pervasive experience with the religious spirit that they reject those portions of a person that are most apt to engage with God in an original way, so I assumed something might be lost here.

Against my better judgment, I decided to move on.  Might have to circle back in the future.

I asked Prophet and Exhorter for a report on the left atrium.  They said it was emptied out and clean, but just plain wrong.

I poked around a bit, and “wrong” ended up being distortion of shape.

I taught on the importance of shape.  There are two prominent cubes in the Bible.  The first is the Holy of Holies which housed the Shekinah glory of God and kept it away from sinful people so that it would not destroy them.

The second is the New Jerusalem which also houses the visible glory of God, but is specifically designed to diffuse it into all the saints present.  I proclaimed that there is a right shape for everything, and a profound spiritual meaning for every shape.

I asked that God would restore the spiritual and physical shape of the LA to match the original, holy template that still exists.

Fair amount of drama for a few minutes.

There was awe for Prophet and Exhorter when they saw the restored LA.

We asked God to bring the repair work on time from the 14th century through to the present and imprint it on the first three chambers of her heart.

A great joy came over Sally, and an exuberance.  The joy of the other day was more like an awe – stand back and worship.  This one carried energy!

I left her there soaking in the presence of God (or in non-religious language, bouncing off the wall with excitement), but a half hour later, the one part, who we will call Judy, who had not integrated with the last wave of joy, sent me an IM.

We went back and forth a bit.  I asked what the difference was between that joy and this one, and she commented with surprise that the joy had reached her, even though she was far from the two Original Selves.

I wrote back the following:  “The Jesus joy went into the two people.  I think the Holy Spirit joy has gone into nature and will affect the land, trees, birds, color, sound and smell.  All of the parts still in darkness will experience a pleasant taste intruding into their prisons.”

She acknowledged that this fit her experience.  Then wrote, “Can I help to get others out of darkness?”

That is the first time I have had a PART indicate an interest in the freedom of others.  Normally I have to send a portion of the spirit to do that, so this was remarkable, especially since this was the part that a few days ago, held back from integration because it was too new!

I asked what she would do.  She said, ” Going there to ask if somebody likes to come to the light and get hope and life.”

So I got on the phone with Sally.  Judy said there was a 16 year old she knew about.  I waited while she tried to get her, but she was in a cage and Judy could not do anything at all with the lock.

I told her to stand back.  I referenced Rev. 3 where Jesus has the ultimate set of keys.  I asked him to open the cage and heard a shout of shock and awe from Judy.  “Did you see THAT?  It just flew open.  I couldn’t do a single thing and it just flew open.”

I assured her that Jesus was pretty much an over the top specialist in cages, locks and doors.

Judy went in, got the 16 year old and took her to the staging area.  She decided some clean up was in order, so took her into the cleansing pool then back to the sunlight on the grass for continued detox.

I thought we were done, but Judy suddenly asked, “What is my purpose?”  I said I didn’t know, but Jesus did.  I asked Him to come and explore the topic.

Long silence.  No evidence of Jesus.  Judy said He must be busy with other things.  She was crushed.

Since that is fairly non-representative of the nature of Jesus, I pondered what the problem could be.

I knew a bit of Sally’s story and know that in her childhood, she was in a fairly anti-God environment.  I wondered if there was a trauma bond to time affecting the parts that were still that age, even though Sally is an adult now.

I floated a trial prayer asking God to release all of the parts from the spiritual dynamics of the age that they were locked into, and to bring them into the full blessings of the present that Sally lives in.  I have never done that before, since integration solves the disconnect-with-Jesus problem.

But, it seemed reasonable to facilitate all parts who want to connect with Jesus to be able to do so.  Hence the trial balloon.

We will try anything here, since God is quite faithful at ignoring me when my imagination runs away with me.

In this case, we scored.  I heard Judy’s excited comment, “He is coming!”

In answer to her query about what her purpose is, He told her to do something with land.  She was a bit disappointed with the answer and asked me what to do with that.

I illustrated it this way.

I tell Mom, “I’m bored.”

She says, “Go read a book.”

I go to the bookcase and pull off the book I want to read – my choice is an expression of my design.

I encouraged her to go back to the spring of conception, walk the whole length of the River of Time on the north side, then to cross and explore the south side.

Somewhere in there, she would see something she wanted to engage with, and that would be the revelation of her design.

She got it!

And I sat back smiling at yet another brilliant example of Jesus’ fathering skills.  Never the easy answer.  Always the challenge to use the resources we have (time, feet and eyes in her case) to discover and unpack who we are.

So, we parked the saga there.

One more chamber of the heart to go.

But today, Sally is simply buzzing with joy, hope and energy.  She left the house to go burn off some of her spiritual and emotional exuberance with some physical exuberance!

Copyright August, 2017 by Arthur Burk




  1. Cynthia says

    So beautiful.
    That was brilliant about Mom & the bookshelf. Such a simple and profound way of explaining why the Lord doesn’t choose FOR us. I need that one!

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    • says

      Thanks Cynthia. It has been a good discipline to learn to drill down and simplify my theology for the little ones.


  2. says

    Hi Arthur,

    All I can say is wow, God is amazing, thanks for sharing this with us.

    I thought I should give you a bit of feedback, nothing close to what you have done, but I’m grateful for what God has done for us.

    We moved into a different house end of August last year, from the beginning I was like a wild stallion in a very small stall. I thought I was losing my mind. Contemplated getting and apartment closer to my work so I don’t have to go. I reached out to Megan about thing I have discerned on the land and how to clean up the portals that I believed to be there. There was also a foul stench in one of the cupboards in the kitchen that both my wife and I discerned as demonic. We prayed over it, chased demons out used all kinds of air freshener, scrubbed the cupboard but to no avail.

    We started playing worship music beneath it and continued to repent for the iniquities that were done on the land and the house. I kept hearing that there is a well of sorrow next to the house and could see (in the spirit) I prayed over it cleaned it anointed it. But still struggled with the house and experienced serious attacks on emotions and relationships in the house. We cleansed both house and land twice with Wine, Salt and oil.

    One day praying over the well I had an impression that it is the lowest place in the area that all the sorrows from the neighborhood for centuries has flowed to this well. I started praying for the joy of god to fill the well but not only to fill but to overflow and rise until the house and the neighborhood is covered in the joy of the Lord. I also received a scripture Jer33:6-7 Declaring that God will bring health and healing, that He will cure the land ……..About three weeks ago noticed that I was praying the scripture in the past tense. That God has healed the land and cured her He has revealed his abundance of truth and peace and that the land is free and that God has reversed her captivity.

    I can report that the smell is gone from the cupboard in the kitchen, I sleep well, there is enormous peace in my house, I no longer want to flee when I think of going home. People coming into our house have commented on it the past week, we had groups of people (our children’s friends) come for dinner or lunch and just lingered, commenting on the atmosphere in our house and how welcoming it is, we prayed for a girl with a herniated disk in her neck and God healed her. I did deliverance of the brain on a guy on Sunday (in my house)and it was amazingly gentle and Holy Spirit was so faithful one portion of his spirit was missing and I did not know what to do or how to handle it, but we found it and God totally released him. I was also able to help him get rid of an AHS behind his lungs.

    Lastly after your session on Teflon critters, I really felt a release after the three ring were addressed and destroyed in my life. I have been confessing daily a release of fruitfulness, intimacy with Jesus and a real sense (emotionally) of my belonging as a legitimate son/child of God. I have always struggled with intimacy with Jesus and experiencing belonging to God’s family. I know this is but the start of the journey, but I love it.

    So all I can say is praise God for His goodness and faithfulness to us and Thank you Arthur

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  3. Janis Leal says

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI can feel the Lord flowing in and about and through this. And I celebrate the richness of all that took place for all involved!
    This really landed: “I proclaimed that there is a right shape for everything, and a profound spiritual meaning for every shape. I asked that God would restore the spiritual and physical shape of the LA to match the original, holy template that still exists.” The “profound spiritual meaning” for shape in the heart has particularly moved me to ponder….
    And here’s a highlight I’m especially savoring: “The Jesus joy went into the two people. I think the Holy Spirit joy has gone into nature and will affect the land, trees, birds, color, sound and smell. All of the parts still in darkness will experience a pleasant taste intruding into their prisons.” So very beautiful….
    Oh, and this made my spirit almost leap with joyful light: “I assured her that Jesus was pretty much an over the top specialist in cages, locks and doors.” Amen! Amen….
    Thank You, Lord…. Hope, Life, Joy to all….

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  4. Lu-Ina says

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsWhen I looked at my heart the firts time you started with Sally my LA was blocked and black. We looked at a few things nothing moved but this landed well. Apart from the darkness in the LA there was this pain lodged just there. A real felt pain. Now I feel this lightness and release.


  5. Maggie says

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsAs complex as this sounds to me, having some experience with ‘mother superior’ culture, I am amazed because ” neither height nor depth not principality, things present not things to come , though the devil hate us ,he can never separate us from the wonderful love of God.” There is no end to the fathomlessness of Jesus’ passionate endeavour to save the lost and snatch the keys of death and hell from the hands and eyes of the devil..from the 14th century and its descendants in the 21st and don’t forget all those great seeds sown by the Irish church in the 8th century or there abouts…..mother spirit control will end one day as the drama plays out to the second coming. As many as the enemy has destroyed thorough SRA , so many more will be set free and healed because HE LIVES….


  6. says

    Woah this is LOADED!

    This is a new concept to me-
    “floated a trial prayer asking God to release all of the parts from the spiritual dynamics of the age that they were locked into, and to bring them into the full blessings of the present that Sally lives in”

    Way cool! Why haven’t we been praying this one all along?!? Oh the (sometimes quite obvious)things we don’t know we don’t know!

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    • says

      Well, Pamela, we just fail to extrapolate some obvious stuff, so God in His mercy backs us into a corner to make us think our way out of the corner. There is nothing that jerks my leash like minimizing Jesus, and when the parts decided He was too busy to be bothered with them, that got my engine running. So, thank you Lord for the messy situation that taught us some new stuff we should have figured out long ago.

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      • jewestaway says

        https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js‘He’s too busy’… D’uh! Now isn’t that an SRA ploy as well! Gulped at that one! Sheer audacity!
        Loved the grace of the move into that prayer “to release all of the parts from the spiritual dynamics of the age that they were locked into, and to bring them into the full blessings of the present that Sally lives in”!
        Yes, as Pamela exploded, it’s LOADED!
        … cheering from the side-lines, nearly over-balancing into the fray!