Return of Desire for Suicide

I have a friend who had battled with suicide some years ago.  She healed, grew and was moving toward a dynamic life.

Two weeks ago, she started having random headaches and nausea which escalated to full blown desire for suicide.

It was clear from the onset that this was a demonic intrusion.  She had just received a rather clear indication from the Lord that she was getting a promotion in her spiritual journey and was entering into a new season of her life.  But the new season was fiercely contested by the enemy.

But suicide?  How could that be, when this was so far behind her, and she had so much to live for at the present?

We began to pursue our standard diagnostic question.  What changed?

There is a vast amount of normal and stable things in her life right now, so that made the one thing that changed stand out even more.


For a few weeks, there had been intermittent smells of smoke from the upstairs apartment.  From the beginning, it had been illogical.  Smoke generally goes up, not down!  And for the smoke of a cigarette to be so strong as to carry from the neighbor’s apartment to hers was quite bizarre.

As we looked in that direction for a couple of weeks, the evidence mounted that the residents of that unit were on assignment against her and knew exactly what they were doing.  Apparently the local critters were not overly appreciative of her spiritual promotion and the word went out to kill her.

We were still stuck figuring out how smoke could open the door for that strong of a demonic attack.

God ended up exposing the second head of Leviathan in the brain.  We broadly think of the second head as dealing with weather, but I realized we could ratchet down from the macro of weather to the micro of the air we breathe.

So I engaged the critter briefly and asked what his point of entry was.  Silence.  Then the Holy Spirit said “bone.”  That was an interesting new concept to me.  I asked Leviathan whether his point of access was a bone, and he fled rather than answer me, which is a rather resounding “Yes!”

I mulled that for a bit.  I know there are eight cranial bones and 14 facial bones.  I held that up to “Sally” and she picked cranial.  I put the first letter of each one of the eight out there, and she chose “E.”  She is not overly knowledgeable about human anatomy, so this was a spiritual discernment answer, not a soul guess.

Ethmoid bone.  Off to Wikipedia to learn about it.  Hmm . . . the bone behind the nose, between the two eye sockets where the olfactory nerve goes.  Olfactory.  Smell.  Looks like we are onto something.

And the ethmoid bone is made up of three parts, which suggests the fractal of three.

I asked Sally to put a bit of anointing oil on her upper lip to see if it would help cleanse her ethmoid bone now that Leviathan was gone.  She did and promptly threw up.  I remembered that nausea was a recent – and non-familiar – part of the battle.  I circled back around and found another Leviathan in her gut who went much more obediently than Lot’s wife.

Did a general cleanup and all was good . . . until a day or two later, when the neighbors sent smoke to her.

That night, suicide was strong.  In the morning, I kicked the same two critters out again and then pondered what else to do.  The Holy Spirit said the Spirit of Death was still there, and directed me to look at smell in Scripture.

Took me a bit.  First hit was 2 Corinthians 2:14-17  NIV.

“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.  For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.  To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life.  And who is equal to such a task?  Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit.  On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God.”

Sounded solid, but I knew I wasn’t there yet.

Suddenly the Spirit brought to mind the King James term “sweet savor” that is used to describe the Levitical sacrifices which sure didn’t smell sweet to the human nose.  Ever smelled meat, leather and hair burning?  Not quite Chanel #5.

Now I was loaded.  My Exhorter rose up with eloquence all over him and called the Spirit of Death to attention.

He pointed out that Sally had been baptized into the death of Christ and Christ was the fulfillment of millions of Old Testament offerings, the ultimate sweet savor to God, and therefore . . .

Death left so fast he forgot to take his American Express card.  Unspeakably rude to leave before the Exhorter gave the invitation.

Exhorter expounded for a while anyway, since that is what Exhorters do, asking that the perfection of the fragrance of Christ’s death would purge all the sludge that had been left behind on the ethmoid bone.

Then Sally put a strategy in place, praying that the light of God, the sound of heaven’s worship and the sweet savor of Jesus’ sacrifice would invade the apartment upstairs and cause vast consternation to the demons who had been sent to kill her before she enters into the fullness of this next season of her journey.

All told, a new chapter of weirdness for us.

Sally seems to have a strong fragrance anointing.  I don’t know if that is why breathing became such a large gateway for Leviathan and Death to come in, or whether the people upstairs are particularly skilled in this kind of warfare.

For now, she is mulling over all the verses about “sweet savor” in Scripture and the “finished work of Christ on the cross” has a new layer of meaning as she vigorously identifies with His being the fulfillment of a whole burnt offering on the cross, and her being part of that – crucified with Him.

And the people and critters upstairs should be on the defensive for a while considering her fierce intentionality.

The association of the second head of Leviathan with Death was quite new, but made sense when we looked closely at it.

Another scam learned.  Another bomb defused.


Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk



  1. says my life on and off I have struggled with migraines, nausea and vomitting related to smell. Smoke and burning smells are particularly bad for me on this, so I have to avoid restaurants with a charcoal grill. Also other natural smells like lillies and chemical smells like washing detergent and air freshener can make me sick. I have often researched on extreme smell sensitivity and wondered if there is a spiritual element to it. Thanks- this post was a helpful reminder to meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus and the fragrance of Christ. Would love to learn more on the topic of fragrance anointing too.


  2. Anonymous says

    Wow! What an encouriging story! My daughter experienced suicide coming back to her after she started smoking again. Makes you wonder now what made her smoking again….😕
    Thanks for sharing this, Arthur.


  3. says

    Weirdly, i, too, had an intense suicidal “comeback” recently after a fierce battle with death months ago. Mine also came in the midst of spiritual promotion. I have no neighbors/no smoke, but I will investigate with the idea of Christ’s sacrifice being pleasing & all sufficient.


  4. Ashley says

    Thank you! Found this really helpful. We have had lots of smoke in our area (WA state) from the fires in Canada. And when it first started getting bad I started struggling with suicide again (its been a year or so) and discerned the Spirit of Death at our house. Prayed and warred, but not sure how much progress was being made. Haven’t noticed dealing with the urge or spirit connected with it this week, but God sent a rainstorm I asked for and cleared the air.
    Something extra to think about if ever dealing with it again.


  5. Connie says

    This is specially intriguing to me as I have just come through what I believe is a warfare of some sort on my brain. It began in June of this year but I remember about 2 weeks ago, spending one whole night warring against the evil one! I never had suicide tendencies, thankfully. I have progressed again to normal however feel a need for extended prayer. Leadership in the Inner Healing dept of our church comes with challenges I never realized before!
    This story of Sally is an encouragement to me.


  6. Cynthia says

    Wow. So now we have light, sound, and the sweet savor in our weapons belt. A season of warring with our senses. Next we’ll need to “taste and see,” and maybe that will bring another level. You are faithful to war in the night for your Tribe, and we rejoice with Sally and her fierce intentionality, and bless her to soar to that new promotional level with all the joy for which God designed her.