Speeding Up Integration

Our passion is to see the entire journey of healing SRA/DID reduced to a five minute process, like physical healing from cancer or regenerative miracles is usually done in less than five minutes.  Quite obviously, we have a few thousand things yet to learn, but we are making progress.

Here is some good news.

“Sally” is a survivor who has been on her journey for over a decade.  She has done a lot of work on her time line, using the imagery of the river of time/life that we discuss in the “Tools for Freedom” series.  We thought things were in pretty good shape there.

However, recently some stuff wobbled in the teenage section of her time line, so she decided to take another pass through that area.  She asked God to show her what the time line looked like at age 14 (a known unstable time in her life) and absolutely nothing came up on the screen.

So she took a step back and asked what He did want to show her since He obviously didn’t like her idea!  Immediately the 16th year came into focus.  That was interesting since she had a cluster of 15 parts who had come out of that zone recently and were in the safe place, detoxing.

The visual of the time line was ambiguous, so we decided to go with a very ambiguous prayer!  I simply asked whichever portion of the Trinity wished to, to act upon that section of the time line.

She saw nothing through the process, but felt a huge amount of activity.  I sat silently for ten or fifteen minutes while the sixteenth year of time was being cleansed, repaired and refurbished by Father.  (Note:  those are three separate activities.  For her, the refurbishing, putting back in things that had been lost, was enormous).

When the action stopped, she had a sense of amazement over how appealing the 16th year felt to her. Previously that was a year defined by broken dreams and was seen as the place where she stopped living and began to simply exist.

She still could not describe what had happened during those 15 minutes since there was no visual, but there was immense change and this year was inviting, exciting, alive and sparkly.  Quite a shift.

I asked Jesus Christ if there was anything He wanted to do, now that the Father’s work was done, and there was silence.

I asked very cautiously whether the vitality of the 16th year be extended to the 15 parts – all 16 years old – who were in the safe place.  Again, a strong sense of movement, although nothing was visible.

When there was quiet once again, I had a sense to move toward integration.

Normally I am hugely interactive with integration.  I want the parts to want it.  Some are ready immediately as soon as the topic is broached.  Some want to stay apart and watch for a few weeks.  Regardless, I never try to talk a part into integration.  Waiting is my default.

So this urgency to move toward integration without any discussion or any permission from the parts is UTTERLY counter-intuitive to me, but the presence of God was so strong I went with it.

I called for the male and the female Original Selves to come to the gathering, and asked Father and Jesus what they wanted to do.  Instantly three parts were integrated into each one.

I paused and asked if there was any more, and there was silence.

So I reached out for the first time in this process and asked the nine who were left if anyone wanted to talk.

One of the remaining 16 year olds immediately asked, “WHAT just happened?”

I talked lightly about the cleansing of time.  She was simply in awe that she could feel so clean.  She had no frame of reference for this kind of clean existing, much less that it could be hers.  I sat and helped her savor the awe for a while, then detached from the group.

Three lessons to be learned from this process.

-CLEANSING, REPAIRING AND REFURBISHING TIME is a powerful tool for speeding up the process.  We talk about this at length in “Tools for Freedom” and in “Accessing Intimacy with God.”  Even though we “knew” those truths years ago, they are becoming more and more validated these days.  Spending 15 minutes in silence while God systematically rebuilt an entire year of her life, resulted in His dealing with the toxicity of 15 parts all at once!

I could get used to this.  A great compression of the process.

-GROUP INTEGRATIONS ARE POSSIBLE!  Historically, everyone’s Original Self has had limited capacity for integration, so we do one at a time, or two in a day, then have to wait a couple of days for assimilation to take place before the next integration.

Clearly God can suspend the Laws of Nature that govern capacity in Original Self and effortlessly integrate more, without violence.  When the time is right, it will be no difficulty for Him to integrate all the parts in a person in five minutes!

-AWE is a healing tool.  I have never noticed it before, but awe is not an emotion that I have seen parts evidence.  I enjoy seeing them find peace, comfort, joy and community.  But now we have nine parts who were deliberately not integrated by God, because He wanted them to marinate in awe for a while.

I have no idea how that will change the environment of Sally’s inner world to have such a significant deposit of awe in the safe zone, or what it will be like to integrate parts that bring with them a one dimensional perspective of God – awe.

We will be watching Sally’s inner world closely to see what transpires.  It makes sense on so many levels because SRA is designed to counter anything that even vaguely resembles awe!  So for God to unilaterally re-introduce awe into the culture and environment of a survivor on a journey is an utterly fascinating development.

We are not at the five minute mark yet, but we took a few weeks off the process today with the work on one year of time impacting a whole group of parts.  Needless to say, she will be looking at the other turbulent years very soon.

We keep marching!

“And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”  Romans 5:5 NIV

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk







  1. Becky Dymond says

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsAbsolutely BRILLIANT!!! We haven’t done time-line work in a while because my “Sally” wouldn’t go there… But there have been some significant shifts over the last month – so gonna review the material and see if there are some open doors we can visit again. Thanks for sharing…


  2. Peter says

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsWhich “Tools for freedom” set.1,2,or 3?And how is there two Original selves?!?!.And is original self by definition soul not spirit? I’m trying to help uncover what happened with someone’s ruler portion but have no experience dealing with soul alters.A y advice?Do you ever deal with integration in the courts?


    • says

      Peter, you need all three albums. And the two Original Selves are male and female core of the soul. I can’t re-teach the albums here. You will have to listen to the teachings. We don’t integrate in the courts of heaven.


      • Peter says

        Well it must be on #1 cuz I got 2 and 3 and have THE most amazing testimony of my life because of memorizing the teaching on 3 about asking servant to taking the pain part to the valley up in the mountain.And you are such a surgeon of compassion.But..i get a bit overwhelmed with how the testimonies over at Dan duval are so look different model wise.!!But I have started safely with blessing the portions of my friend’s spirit and will stay there for awhile.


  3. LisaMarie says

    Excellent!!! The word Awe is an exemplary word after reading this. It has left me with much joy!! So beautiful, in such a time as this..
    To see how much progress is being made in this subject matter. (SRA)
    Thank God for his Mercies


  4. Janis Leal says

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThis, in itself, brings me into awe… and is so deeply moving, to tears, in the beauty blended with power and movement…. .

    The Romans 5 Scripture is a special one. And the “marinating in awe” is actually tangible to me, feeling a “depth of power” inside that I’ve rarely experienced… and this just from reading about it, and savoring it this way. A wonderful flavor of the power of the Lord…

    Still in the awe, marveling at the beauty, power, and movement, I celebrate with all involved, blessing Sally in this newness and facet of life, thanking our amazing God who knows all and brings us ever deeper into Him and His life.

    In worship and celebration…. joyful with you!


  5. JoAnne says

    So much of this resonates with me. I feel there are literal years of blocks of time that I have no memory of from childhood all way to date. I am so glad to see someone forging into uncharted territory for God’s people.