Alters and Land

I talked with “Sally” today about the way God healed her 16th year.  She was still in awe of the experience.  The year had been awful when she first lived it, and she had no idea that it was even possible to redeem such a mess.

The awe that was felt yesterday had grown overnight as the immensity of the experience settled more and more deeply in her.

In addition, the nine 16 year old parts in the safe place were all 100% cleansed, restored and ebullient about their place in life and about their God.  Quite an abrupt change from the hopeless, passive aggressive stance of the previous day.

I pondered the fact that the nine were not integrated and wondered if God left them there to sanctify the land with awe.  I proposed to the male Original Self who is in charge of that area, that he consider leveraging the awe.  I suggested he use his discernment to check the land and see how far out the awe in the land radiates, then plan an awe party once a week on the edge of the existing pool of awe, to expand it, week after week.

He and his team are over the top excited about the vision and their plans for a robust party of parts on Saturday are well underway.

After the survey of yesterday’s masterpiece, we turned our eyes to the rest of the teen years.  Before I could even ask God anything, the Holy Spirit interjected that it would not be anything like the 16 year old patch.

Fine with me.  We are, after all, SLG!

Our pursuit is of new flavors of the poly-variegated wisdom of God.  So I prepared to be very nimble and to follow the leading of the Lord.

I asked where He wanted to go, and He said, “17 years old.”

I spoke to the parts in that sector, introduced myself and said that God needed to do some work there, and therefore I needed to help relocate them.  I designated a staging area by the river and asked them to come.

One responded, said there were five.  It took a bit of negotiation, but eventually all came to the staging area.  The Holy Spirit said there were four more who were in caves and had not seen light or had fresh air for a long time.  New dynamic to me, but hey!  New colors of His wisdom, right?

I asked the Holy Spirit to open the caves, then negotiated with the parts.  One was particularly recalcitrant, preferring to die than try to change.  I appealed to her to give me one day.  Just come out, go to where the others are, sit silently on the periphery and watch for one day, then make her choice.  She was quite unwilling, but yielded in action, while obviously making a lot of inner vows about not believing a thing she would see.

I asked the male Original Self to come gather up the nine from the staging area and take them to his safe place.

Then, with huge expectancy, I asked the Trinity what they wanted to do with this time frame.

I heard over the phone as Sally gasped in surprise.  It took a while for her to be able to articulate what was happening, but God was cleansing the land, not time, and did it in a way so thorough, He even changed out a lot of the vegetation, so there would not be trees that had absorbed the toxicity of the land.

It was a process.  We waited and Sally occasionally commented on it.

The theme was abundant life, not awe.

When He was done, I asked Him one step at a time, to release that life to her spirit, soul, body, birthright and offices.  Then we asked Him to weave the two years of superbly healed time together, as they should be.

Sally was more than overwhelmed by the intensity of the redemption of that time.  She had no idea it could be so.

Later in the day, the OS brought some of the 17 year olds back to that patch so they could see the magnitude of the transformation that had taken place from the hand of God.  They had felt His work in them, when we released the LIFE of God into the soul, including those parts, but nothing could have prepared them for the visual impact of the transformation.

There was no sense of needing to talk about integration today, but the party on Saturday just doubled in size and increased in flavor as the LIFE of God was added to AWE of God.

There is a mixture of anticipation and reticence in going forward.  Eighteen was one ugly year.  The soul cringes at dealing with some very hostile parts in that sector.  The spirit is sure this will become a new revelation of the poly-variegated wisdom of God.

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk


  1. Janis Leal says


    Said loudly, in rhythm:

    “P…A-R-T-Y, Party-Hearty at Holy Spirit High!
    P…A-R-T-Y, Party!”

    (This is a high school cheer from many years ago, only slightly modified, in the spirit of celebration and Saturday’s party. In honor of Sally’s 17-year-olds today, and the 16’s, and all those to come!).

    Yay, God! Joining in spirit in the joy of abundance, awe, life, and all!

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  2. says! That’s all I can say. My spirit is weeping with joy… the possibilities. The awe of God has sent rippling waves through my spirit. New tools for a survivor friend of mine I’ve been working with. I read the previous post.
    Thank you Father for your gifts!
    Thank you Arthur for your undaunted and relentless search for answers and willingness to share selflessly.


  3. Nichols Web Management says

    My first thought reading this was ‘Yay God!’ My second thought was ‘what a great movie this would make’.
    I keep trying to explain to people how living in/by/through the Spirit is SO much more exciting/amazing/adventurous than any book or movie (or digital activity) will EVER be!
    And with the challenges of life, I’m sure we are all dealing with, these accounts bring great encouragement.

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  4. Kristan Matoska says

    Wow! Our God is soooo good! So happy for Sally and celebrating the awe and life of God.

    Question for you, Arthur: why did you ask male OS to gather up the 9 and take them to his safe place? I haven’t walked this way before so I’m curious. Was it because God came and worked on the land where the 9 were?



    • says

      Kristan, that is indeed an interesting problem. Female OS, we will call Suzie. Male, Sam. Suzie has a house on the north side, Sam a “camp” in the trees on the south side.

      Every time I end up with a new part, there is a question as to where to take them. Broadly, if they are little, they would go to Suzie for mothering and usually integration into her. If they are older, then it depends on how skittish they are.

      For the really uptight ones, there is a large tree with some grass that is by the healing pool in the river. That allows them to be near their familiar turf, away from other parts, but in a safe, light place. Many will spend a couple of days there before they would consider community.

      For the older ones who have a deep antipathy to bondage, I will generally send them to Sam’s camp because it is outdoors and has less sense of enclosure than a house does.

      Since he already had a group of sixteen year olds who had been freshly zapped by God, and were clean and hyper, I figured they would be a good source of community energy for the nine who were very unimpressed with being “rescued.” So the open camp in the trees would allow them to be close to the other nine, but not smothered by them, and would allow them the freedom to wander a bit if they wanted to test whether they really were free.

      But at the end of the day, it is pretty subjective on my part. Whenever possible, I give them choices. When we are in a bit of a rush, or they are really fragile, like a couple were this time, I choose for them, but then soften it by telling them they can come and go any time they like, regardless of where I put them.

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      • Kristan Matoska says

        How cool! I have brought many to the meadow and given them choices as to where they want to camp out but never thought further about creating a “community” for them by grouping together by age, fragility, etc. What a fantastic ecosystem you’ve created. Love it!