The Awe Party

After the astounding visitations from God this week over the 16th and the 17th years of Sally’s life, she decided the parts needed to party.  The intent was to take the awe from God that had imprinted the land at the camp where they were gathered with “Samuel,” the male Original Self, and extend it to the untouched area on the south side of the river.

Plans were made by Sally and the parts during the week.  Sally cleaned house on Saturday.  The Mercy portion of her spirit planned a special dinner.  There were candles and fragrance and colors and clothes.

A couple of hours before the event, anxiety in the parts began to rise.  What if Jesus did not come to the party?

Sally pushed through.   She lit the candles and proceeded to celebrate the week with her meal.

Then attention turned inside.  There were a total of 25 parts ready and waiting.  And Jesus was not there. Anxiety was arm wrestling with despair for the lead role in her emotional palette when one of the parts screamed, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming!”

And indeed, He came.

He greeted each one of the parts individually with a caress or kiss and a word of personalized acknowledgement of their design.

Anxiety and despair were vaporized and the camp was redolent with dignity.

The dance troupe performed next.  As was appropriate for being on the south, male, side of the river, the dance was strong, intense and bold.

Jesus celebrated them when they were done.

Then He took the initiative and directed them to the 13 year mark of her river/time line.  Everyone followed Him down the south side of the river, where people rarely go.

This was hugely significant for Sally since she has known for a long time that she has a cycle of time, running every 13 years.  She has scrubbed those years with immense vigor multiple times, so she was very interested in seeing what would happen next.

Upon arrival, Jesus instructed the parts to scatter and each find a stone to build a monument.  As they regathered with their stones, they were instructed to bless the year with a specific blessing as they added their stone to the monument.

Then Jesus surprised her saying He was going to establish a fragrance portal for revelation there.  He said it was not part of her original time line, but He was going to establish it there for her now as His gift to her for going forward with confidence.

Then He summoned an angel.  It was massive and came with thunder and lightning wrapped around it.  It stood with its back to the river and moved its wings intensely and intentionally, gathering up water from the river and sprinkling drops on each of the parts.  Each of the drops of water was loaded with light and color.  This went on for quite a while as the parts received something through that process.

At the time, Sally felt it was perhaps equivalent to a baptism for the parts.

Then the angel exited and Jesus explained that at 13, the dark side had taken something out of her that was vital and had placed something evil in her to set the stage for damage done at age 14.

This was fascinating.  We knew 14 was a turning point year for evil which is why we had asked God to cleanse time there on the first day.  He did nothing and went to 16 instead.  Now we understand that He needed to dismantle this junk at the 13th year before He could do what needed to be done at the 14th.

Time seemed to stop for a bit and Sally felt some deep work inside her while Jesus removed and replaced the essential resources that had been tampered with.

Eventually that settled and then the parts formed up to march.  Jesus had earlier sent four drums to them, so they had two drummers in front and two behind as they marched away from the monument to the south, toward the portals for Death and Sheol.  This was the original idea behind the event – to take the awe from the 16th year group and use it to sanctify the land south of the river and east of the camp.

And NOW the whole group had a stunningly larger deposit of awe after receiving the baptism from the angel and watching Jesus restore the essential resources in Sally.

They marched with vigor while Jesus went with them, until there was a sense that it was far enough for this venture.

They returned to the camp and sat together savoring.

There were more things planned, but Samuel had the wisdom to know that if they did them, it would simply be programs not power, and that they had achieved the objective and needed to stand down now.

Jesus drew out of the parts that facet of the day that landed deeply for each one.  And He shared some of His thoughts over the process.

Then He left.

Sally is no stranger to integrations.  Some are low impact, some extremely intense.  But as she looks forward, it is difficult to imagine what the impact will be on the two Original Selves to have parts added to them that are so loaded with awe and wisdom.  The implications to Sally are stupendous.

AND there is the wonderment about going forward.  When will He integrate them?  Will He engage with year 14 now, or go on to 18?  What will be the flavor of those years?

She is acutely aware of entering into the third phase of her Christian life.

In the first phase there was awe over Jesus being willing to forgive her for her past.

In the second phase, there was and is awe over God being willing to give her a future that is bright in spite of her past.

But nothing in her wildest imaginations could prepare her for the concept that God would go back in time to restore and repair her time line.

The years 16 and 17 still have flavor and texture and substance to her.  Time after time, day after day, she goes back and savors those two years and the dynamic implications of awe and wisdom being woven together as a continuum.

She wonders what the other years might be like.

But pulsing in and through all the other thoughts that are colliding with each other like a pinball machine on Red Bull, is the point of highest awe:  JESUS CAME!

It was not always this way.

Copyright August 2017 by Arthur Burk


  1. says

    I have wondered about the last few posts what the main purpose is in sharing the detailed experiences of Sally? If the posts are designed to coach us as healers, are we supposed to be picking up on things like identifying the gender of the original self, going through individual years on the timeline when dealing with parts, or knowing that the south side of the river is male?? I admit I am not so much skeptical, as curious as to the importance of these details in the healing story? I get it that we are celebrating Sally’s freedom & joy & the creative goodness of Jesus….. but I don’t find these posts practically helpful. No offense intended….simply curiosity & a desire to grow in understanding the ways of God in healing.


    • says

      Jennie, have you listened to our three albums on SRA/DID? These blogs are intended for those who have that framework. It enables them to see how those principles can be played out.

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  2. Nichols Web Management says

    So happy for ‘Sally’.. (and also want to see if my comment has the polldaddy link added )


  3. Janis Leal says

    Oh…my…goodness….. Beyond words….
    Tears of joy, and awe, and gratitude, and amazement, and just SO much more, beyond words….

    What Jesus did in establishing what wasn’t originally in the time line but He just gave it to her anyway…. as special love gift…wow….

    And there is just too much to say about it all — And I deeply celebrate for Sally….

    Everything about this is so powerful and beautiful.
    Thank you.

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  4. Rebekah says

    I am in awe over this expression of the God who crafts such extravagant layers of detail, and I’m celebrating the climax ……… HE CAME…… JESUS CAME…..!!!!

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  5. Cynthia says I need to experience the sense of awe and holy mystery, I will return to this post. I am celebrating with Sally, and will be praying for the third phase of her Christian life to continue to carry this stupendous gift of deep interaction with Jesus and all of heaven’s host, for all the days of her life. What an astounding visitation. Ezekiel or Isaiah would have cherished it.
    “redolent with dignity” – one of the primary fruits of SLG, which all of us experience who have walked for any length of time with this ministry. And we are grateful!
    And one lighthearted note – after your last post yesterday, I was praying for Sally’s awe party last night, and for new life to well up within her. During the night, we had four baby bunnies born to our white California rabbits. New life! Kind of like a little party favor for the cheering onlooker. 🙂
    Blessings over Sally, blessings over SLG! Celebration at its deepest point.

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  6. fiona bezuidenhout says sooo celebrate with sally the God of DIGNITY. This has so touched me at a level i cannot put in words. This is a new phase in my life as well where i get to see what the essence of dignity is as The Lord brings it into my life. I celebrate you sally as you become complete in and through Him. I bless your design in Him. I send you JOY from South Africa.