A Fishhook Covenant

Sally had a highly durable critter.  From time to time over the years, it has manifested and given me an earful about my incompetence.

Today was one of those days.

I broadly consider any discussion of me to be hugely irrelevant in any deliverance setting, so I bypassed the insults and did a little “back-to-the-future” vignette about him on his knees before my King making some acknowledgements.

He had no comment to make on that guaranteed eventuality, so I did as I have many times before and asked if the Holy Spirit would show me or Sally what the access point was that allowed this critter to stay in her life for so long.

This time, I immediately saw a fish hook in her left calf, with a fishing line leading away from it.

I asked if she had ever had any physical damage to her left calf in childhood.  As I looked at the leg in the picture, it was of a girl somewhere between 10 and 15 years old, I thought.

She assured me that there was no injury ever, to either leg.

So, I pondered.  Not a physical event.  Must be a spiritual event.  What does the left calf muscle represent?

I had no clue.

While I was pondering that silently, she suddenly said, “Oh yes!  I just remember there was an incident.”

When she was around 12 or 13, her school took the whole class to a swimming pool at a local hotel.  While in the pool, she got a leg cramp in her left calf that was so severe it damaged a tendon and she was on crutches for months.


-She forgot she had that incident?  Odd.

-A muscle cramp in the CALF in a swimming pool?  Odd.

-A muscle cramp so severe she end up on crutches for months?  REALLY odd.

-Right age for the fishhook picture I saw.  Hmm . . .

I explored.

She grew up, left home – and that town.

Hit the wall as a young adult and came home.  Broke.  Really broke.

Went to the bar at that hotel.  They charged twice as much as anyone in town.

-Where did she get the money to pay high prices for booze every night?  She didn’t know.  Odd.

-The bar was always full of patrons, in spite of the prices.  Odd.

-They got really big name, mostly raunchy, bands in there with regularity.

-She would go, get terribly drunk, hate herself, go home and vow it was the last time.

-The next night she was back there.  BINGO!  Fishhook and line, reeling her in night after night.

So here is my theory.

Owner of the hotel/swimming pool/bar has a covenant with darkness.  A covenant inside the contract – one no one knows about.

The dark side will bring a lot of money to the hotel, in spite of the extreme pricing that should keep people away.  In return, a lot of people pay taxes to darkness, so the owner does not have to pay for what he gets.

Under certain conditions, an innocent person coming into this facility can be “owned” by the dark side in order to pay the dues on behalf of the owner.  We don’t know the exact terms of the secret covenant, but this is what the functionality looks like, in retrospect.

When Sally went swimming, she was picked out by the critters, through no fault of her own.  The damage to her leg was the enemy’s “brand” on her, specifying ownership.

After that, her life went sour because she was not voluntarily paying “taxes” to the critters.  When she was not voluntarily paying taxes for the covenant she did not know about and did not agree to support, they collected the taxes involuntarily.

Hence her life falling apart so badly in the season when it should have been soaring.  The tax collector was devouring her life, one trauma at a time.

She came home, as a default place to be, because of her financial issues.  And there, the taxation just increased.

She hated the evenings, saw the stupidity and the danger of them, and was reeled back in night after night.

She was paying taxes on a covenant that was none of her doing.

Every time she was exploited by the covenant, she became more deeply enmeshed with the covenant.  A wicked lose/lose proposition.

The season in the bar is long over.  She became a Christian and has been walking in vigorous pursuit of the King for years, still with mysterious devourings along the way.

So, we went to court (with an attitude), did the usual of proclaiming the illegality of the secret covenant, the fact that her sins from the boozy period of her life had long been under the blood, and we asked God to disconnect the fishhook from her spirit, soul, body, birthrights and offices.

She had such a burst of energy after that, she had to get outside and burn off some of the surplus.

Of course, that is subjective at this point.

She has long had utter revulsion for that hotel and wonders how she could ever have been drawn in.  We don’t really know what other facets of her life were being controlled by the fishhook critter with a big mouth.  And we don’t know that the fishhook is for sure gone, and the devouring erased.

She will be watching carefully in the weeks to come to see what else broke free in her life, and I will be watching over the next few months to see if my nemesis returns.

My point in this blog is to watch for those areas where we return some place even though we don’t like it.  It might be a non-sinful place like a dry cleaner or a mechanic or a doctor.  If you come home from a certain place, complain angrily about how it doesn’t work for you, and then you go back time after time, to the same place, there might be some kind of fishhook in you, reeling you in, because of a covenant within a contract that is attached to you – illegally.

Copyright October 2017 by Arthur Burk